Exploring The Motel

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Template:Blog3 Exploring The Motel is the seventy-third video in the Lonelygirl15 video series. Bree and Daniel are going out of their minds with boredom.


(Bree and Daniel are in a motel room. Bree is sitting in a chair with a rip in it. Daniel is on one of the two beds, reading the bible.)

Bree: So, it's been a few days, and, I really miss my parents. You'd think that being in a motel wouldn't remind me of them, but actually, it does. When we first came to the U.S. we traveled cross-country, and we stayed in a lot of motels. Did you know that the word "motel" is a contraction of the words "motorist" and "hotel"? Pretty cool, huh? It's kinda fun at first, being in a new place, but eventually, you realize that every motel is basically the same. There are certain items each one must have, or else it has no business calling itself a motel. (Bree is now wearing her safari hat) Today, I'm gonna explore our motel room, to see if it's up to snuff. (Sped up footage of Bree exploring the motel room is seen, while Bach Violin Concertos by Lara St John plays.) Every motel has a bathroom full of goodies. (Bree holds up a miniature bar of soap.) Miniature soap? (Bree gives a thumbs up.) Check. (Bree holds up two bottles.) Miniature shampoo and conditioner? (Bree gives a thumbs up with both hands.) Check-check. (Bree holds up another bottle.) Miniature body lotion? (Bree gives a thumbs up.) Check. (The camera is now pointed at the swimming pool.) Dirty swimming pool? (The camera is now pointed at Bree's face.) Check. (The camera is now back in the motel room. Bree grabs Owen, who is wearing a shower cap.) Shower cap? (Bree turns Owen towards the camera, and shakes him, making his head nod.) Check. (Bree runs over to Daniel on the bed, grabs the Bible, and returns to her seat.) Tattered Bible from the bedside table? Or from the hands of Danielbeast? Check. (Bree returns the bible to Daniel, who continues reading it.) And of course, the always-missing...remote control. (A sped-up montage of various parts of the motel room is seen, as Bach Violin Concertos by Lara St John plays.) Just as I suspected. No remote control. (Bree gives us another thumbs up.) Check. Well, it looks like this motel checks out. I couldn't find any cockroaches. I'm kinda happy about that one. (Bree takes the hat off.) Well, at least I feel a little better knowing that I'm staying at a... (glances at the rip in the chair) ...quality establishment. I'll try and find something more exciting to do tomorrow. (Bree waves.) Bye.


  • Daniel spends this entire episode reading a Bible. While some fans believe this to mean he is Christian, it should be noted that Bibles are usually the only thing to read in motel rooms. They were keeping him true to his roots by having him read something, and the only thing to read there would be a Bible! This does not necessarily make him religious nor Christian.
Another deacon?
  • When Bree is filming herself standing by the pool, a man in a black suit and sunglasses walks by in the background. It might mean nothing, but every member of The Order that we have seen so far has been attired in the same way. In the next video, Gemma comments on this person.