Gemma? (Part II)

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OpAphid Series Video 25
Gemma? [Part II]

Why is Gemma with Lucy?

Blogger Tachyon
Date Posted December 12th, 2006
Description Hmm. Gemma? Lucy?

The weather in London sure does look nice for December, doesn't it?

YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast bree gemma gemmers19 jonas jonastko opaphid tachyon lucy helper order
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Assistant Producer Mari Devincenzi
Director(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Camera Glenn Rubenstein
Vidplay Glenn Rubenstein
Story Glenn Rubenstein
Editor(s) Glenn Rubenstein
Gemma Jackie Jandrell
Lucy Amanda Goodfried
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(Note that the correct title of this video contains square brackets, but technical restrictions make it impossible to name the page properly.)

Gemma? [Part II] is the twenty-fifth video in the OpAphid video series.


(This video starts off showing Lucy's apartment complex. Then, a clip of Gemma's Bad Decisions video sped up. Next, we see Gemma and Lucy entering a car. As they drive off, the camera focuses on a palm tree and zooms in.)

Text: but wait, there's more.


  • This video footage of Gemma with Lucy implies that she has been working for the Order while pretending to be Bree's friend. There had been some speculation that this was so, but was little proof until this video.
  • When this video was reposted on Gemma's YouTube account, it included new text at the end. After "but wait, there's more." it said "Investigate the Order" "Fight OpAphid" and had a brief advertisement for the Web site " Explore the Breeniverse".
  • The "Gemma?" videos were originally supposed to be one larger video. However, it was broken down into segments because it was so jam-packed with information. [1]