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To add a userbox to your user page, copy the template to the left of the user box, and paste it into your userpage.

Favorite character userboxes

See LGPedia:Userboxes/Favorite Characters

Dark side userboxes

See LGPedia:Userboxes/Darkside

Episode userboxes

See LGPedia:Userboxes/Episodes

Crush userboxes

See LGPedia:Userboxes/Crush

Hookup userboxes

See LGPedia:Userboxes/Hookups

User-generated content userboxes

See LGPedia:Userboxes/UGC

Fan club userboxes

See LGPedia:Userboxes/Fan Clubs

Fan userboxes

See LGPedia:Userboxes/Fan

LGPedia userboxes

See LGPedia:Userboxes/LGPedia