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| name        = Lessons Continue
| name        = Lessons Continue
| number      = 1-33
| number      = 1-33
| image      =  
| image      = Hsaovideoimage_LessonsContinue.jpg
| caption    =  
| caption    =  
| date        = February 2nd, 2007
| date        = February 2nd, 2007

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HSAO Video 1-33
Lessons Continue

Hsaovideoimage LessonsContinue.jpg

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted February 2nd, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description In light of Ms. Kelly's absence and knowing what we do about her views on priorities and education, we will move forward in the curriculum. Students, you will need to use your critical viewing skills to examine some art work that you will find in a gallery on the assignments page at HSA. Let us work together to explore the deeper meanings within these images. Put forth your best efforts and I look forward to what you find. And I am eagerly waiting for you to bring it. Music: Funky Skunk Intro by Lars Ole Lugert.
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Lessons Continue is the thirty-third video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


HSA acknowledges
for the significant contributions to our program and the world

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Lessons Continue)

Although Ms. Kelly is currently occupied, I know that she would want her students to continue their lessons. Therefore, let us eagerly more forward together...

Art Appreciation:
A lesson in critical viewing
with Professor Boone

Students, on the assignment page of HSA, you will find a gallery of nine images to analyze. These images reflect ideas that you have been examining in your recent coursework.

To get you started, I have included only three of the images in this lesson. The images are a diverse collection, so keep an open mind as you view the gallery and my examples here.

This piece by Loren D. Adams from his series Accelerated Evolution II offers much insight into an artist's research.

(A picture of various colors in swirling designs)

This painting, "The Mosque of Delhi..." by an unknown figure shows how an artist's delicate brush can turn solid stone and a rigid Iron Pillar into a supple and soothing vision for the viewer.

(A picture of a structure consisting mostly of pillars)

This striking image is a symbol from the well-known, secret club of Yale University men. Although many of the participants of this fraternity have been well-documented, the creator of this elusive image is unknown.

(A skull and bones with the number 322 underneath)

Now that you have previewed the images, view all nine to consider what you see and what the pieces can tell us. Apply your findings to our current work when you bring it. I'll be waiting for you.

In the words of Ms. Kelly, still at the funding seminar:
Study up, students!

And as for your peer Bree...

We can only imagine Ms. Kelly's reaction to the "convenient," coed, overnight venture into yet another unseemly motor lodge.

Without a doubt, Ms. Kelly would have addressed Bree's coy willingness to slip off that pretty pink sweater, get down to that thin, form-fitting tank top,

eagerly slide right under the dank covers of that bed-built-for-two in a jam-packed motel and all too quickly begin to dismantle the Great Wall of Jonas.

I imagine that Ms. Kelly would be quite pleased and proud of Jonas for choosing the bathtub over the temptation of the bed.

(However, I do question whether or not the sleeping arrangements changed when the restroom confessional was completed...)

However, Ms. Kelly is not available, so I will keep us focused on the work at hand.


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Lessons Continue)

For now, it is business as usual.