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Learn More

Contains details and additional information to enhance your knowledge of the show.

Read about the puzzles that have occurred in OpAphid.
Read about the drops that have occurred in OpAphid.
Follow the major events occurring in the Breeniverse.
Everything You Need To Know About OpAphid
How To Play 
Everything You Need To Play OpAphid
ARG tools 
The tools recommended to participate in an ARG.
Recap/Response Videos 
Fan-made videos that include the drop recovery and summaries.
Profile Updates Archive 
An Archive of updates made to the OpAphid and Tachyon YouTube accounts.
Discuss what's going on with other fans.

Behind The Scenes

The cast, crew, and more news from Operation APHID.

Crew Credits 
Learn about the people who made this show possible.
Learn about the site that OpAphid is hosted on.
Product Placement 
Learn about the sponsors whose products are featured in Lonelygirl15 videos.
Tachyon Soundtrack 
Learn about the music featured in the Tachyon videos.

Additional Viewing

More ways to watch OpAphid.

On YouTube 
View OpAphid on YouTube
On Revver.com 
View OpAphid on Revver