Proving Bree Wrong

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Template:Blog4 Proving Bree Wrong is the one hundred forty-fifth video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


Jonas: Ok so I guess everybody knows I'm a fugitive now. Well its pretty clear to me that the only way I'm gonna be able to prove that I'm innocent here is if I can find some evidence that I'm not involved with the order. Only problem is that the only evidence that I have is inside that house. See, when my parents disappeared all their stuff, all their files, everything was put in storage. My only shot is to break in, get it, and prove that I'm not in the order.

(Through the window, Jonas tapes Daniel making his last movie, then reading. Daniel gets up and looks out the window as if he heard something outside. Daniel goes back inside and appears to have fallen asleep on the couch. Jonas gets in the deck, rushes past the window that Daniel is snoozing by, and goes past the front door of the cabin. Jonas is then going up a dark staircase. It is unclear as to where he is.)

Jonas: Alright, so here's where they stored all my parents stuff.

(Jonas opens wooden door to room with what appears to be construction supplies)

Jonas: What is that?

(Camera pans to what looks like some boxes and old furniture in the storage room. It is unclear what Jonas is referring to.)

Daniel: (offscreen) Jonas?

Jonas: Shit! Ow!

(Camera is unsteady like Jonas is trying to run.)

Daniel: (offscreen) Are you up there? Dude, I'm coming up.


  • The title is a reference to the ever-popular Proving Science Wrong.
  • The fact that this video is posted suggests that Jonas has worked things out with Daniel and/or Bree, or that Jonas was successful in escaping.
  • The beginning was filmed in the bushes that are behind and to the left of Daniel in Is He Out There?.
  • This video reminded many fans of Danielbeast's breaking into Lucy's apartment. The difference is, Jonas owns the vacation home.
  • Daniel may have been on to Jonas in Is He Out There? Multiple times in the video Daniel partly looks over his shoulder. Not only that but if Daniel suspected someone (possibly of danger) was outside it would have been unlikely for him to fall asleep right in front of the window. It would have also been easy for Daniel to spot anything because of his relation to his surrounding and the fact he could have been looking at the LCD. Jonas also doesn't seem to make a lot of noise in this video... meaning Daniel could have been fake sleeping.