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| name        = Sorry, Doctor
| name        = Sorry, Doctor
| number      = 1-44
| number      = 1-44
| image      =  
| image      = Hsaovideoimage_SorryDoctor.jpg
| caption    =  
| caption    =  
| date        = March 11th, 2007
| date        = March 11th, 2007

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HSAO Video 1-44
Sorry, Doctor

Hsaovideoimage SorryDoctor.jpg

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted March 11th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description Needless to say, I am very annoyed with TiKO and my therapist. Our winter course ends tomorrow, and I have so much work to do for my students. (Welcome to Shamrock by Green Sundays)
YouTube Tags mskelly hsa annoyed plan act lonelygirl15
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Sorry, Doctor is the forty-fourth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(In TiKO script) I have just about had it with: TiKO FOUNDATION

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Sorry, Doctor)

Ms. Kelly: (Clip of a needle being inserted into skin; the picture is distorted) Just relax. Take it like I took it. You'll get used to it. By injection the affects last for weeks. But you knew that already, right? But still- what you're feeling (Brown bubbles float around) is not really joy, doctor. But you knew that, too. Needless to say, I am very annoyed with TiKO right now. (Clip of a woman in a darkened office, walking around) While I was floating around there were lessons to be shared. People having no problem breaking into relatives homes, (Bubbles floating around, changing colors) yet deciding not to use fake names at the emergancy room have been held back. (A mans face, eyes closed, with numbers running over it) I'm a patient woman but when it comes to my work, (A different man, shapes running over his skin) my students, my life- I tend to get impatient. (Brown bubbles floating around, then hands, tied behind a person's back. Voices are layered, with the second line garbled) To manipulate them with the ridiculous guidelines and foolish curiculums (End layered voices. A man, tied to a chair, struggling) Don't fight it, it's no use. (A hand, twirling a lock) Just give me the combination. (Brown bubbles) Now, (A woman's hands holding a paper, tapping a pen on it) I think we need to go over a few things. (The man with shapes running over his skin) Hey listen, I- I don't want to tape up your mouth, but I will, (Hands and paper) so just relax. (Man struggling in a chair) I'll tell you what, (A woman walking down a darkened hall) TiKO better realize that they have offended me with their shameful antics, and I hope they understand that getting on my bad side is quite a poor decision to make. (A woman walking outside with a bag in her hand)


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Sorry, Doctor)

Always remember with whom you're dealing