Spreading the Song

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Episode 291/2x035
Spreading the Song


Blogger Jonas
Date Posted September 17th, 2007
URL old.LG15.com
Forum [14040 forum discussion]
Length 2:16
Description These Hymn of One people are real freaks. What the hell?!?! - Jonas
Jonas Jackson Davis
Sonia Raegan Payne
Carl Craig Coyne
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Spreading the Song is the two-hundred ninety-first video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the thirty-fifth video of season two. Spreading the Song is the two-hundred ninety-first video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the thirty-fifth video of season two.


Jonas is taping a house from his car.

Jonas: Alright. I'm here. I don't know who lives here, but this is definitely 9999 13th Street. That was the first coded message in last week's Resistance video. God knows I can't figure those codes out myself, so thanks to everyone who helped me with that. ...It's a nice house. (Video cuts to Jonas) I don't know who the Resistance is, or... what motivates them to do what they do. I mean, I'm pretty sure that they're against the Order, right? (taps wheel of car) There's something else goin on with them. I just can't put my finger on it. I mean, these codes, the information in these codes... I mean, where are they getting this information from? ... That, I need to find out. So far, I'd say that their advice has been helpful. ...So far.

Video begins panning the house again. Carl, Sonia, and another woman exit the house.

Jonas: Carl and Sonia? Are you kidding me? I can't get away from these people.

Carl talks to the woman for a few minutes, then she suddenly turns and runs into the house. She returns with a manilla envelope, which she hands to Carl.

Jonas: (whispering) What the hell... who's that?

Carl and the woman hug, and she whispers into his ear, and then laughs. She waves.

Jonas: (whispering) This is getting...

Carl and Sonia walk back to their car. Carl and the woman exchange waves, and Sonia gives Carl a noticeably angry look. They get in and pull away. Video cuts to Jonas following them down the highway.

Jonas: So Carl and Sonia aren't real big on following the speed limit. Can barely keep up with them. You know who else speeds? Daniel. He's a huge speeder. That is why I always drive.

Video cuts to a view between the trees of Carl and Sonia passing out Hymn of One fliers on the street. A woman puts one in her shopping cart. They pass out a few more. Carl and Sonia approach a homeless man with a sign. Carl heads towards him and Sonia pulls on his arm. The two seem to fight about whether or not to give him a flier. Carl attempts to do so, but the man backs up and finally reaches out and tries to snatch all of Carl's fliers away. Sonia grabs the man's back and tries to pull him off. They scuffle and the man makes off with a few fliers. Carl and Sonia walk away. The video cuts to a neighborhood street where Jonas is parked behind Carl and Sonia. Carl and Sonia are walking to their car and fighting.

Sonia: I would like an apology.

Carl: For what?

Sonia: I stopped that man from assaulting you and you turned on me and accused me of not caring about the homeless...?

Carl: That man is a lost soul. Look, we can help him find his song.

Sonia: Come on, Carl, you really believe we can help that man find his song?

Carl: You have no faith in humanity.

Sonia: (Throws HoO fliers into the trunk) Screw you!

Carl: What did you say?

Sonia: Just give me the keys and get in the car. (She snatches the keys from him.)

Carl: I know what this is about.

Sonia: This is about you not thanking me for helping you.

Carl: No. This is about you being jealous. You're mad that... Jewel's attracted to me.

(Sonia stares at him, agape and angry)

Sonia: Get over yourself, Carl.

Carl: I saw your face when she whispered in my ear. Do you wanna know what she said? She said that we needed to be extra careful on Friday. That we need to treat every delivery with extra care.

Sonia: I don't care about the delivery, Carl.

Carl: Well I care about it. It's our duty to protect these girls from beginning all the way until the...

Sonia: Until what? ...Until WHAT, Carl?

Carl: Until the Ceremony.

Sonia: "The Ceremony." Have you even seen Bree since the Ceremony? Because I haven't. What if those kids are right?

Carl: Oh, shut up, Sonia!

Carl and Sonia get in the car and shut the door and drive away. Camera turns to Jonas.

Jonas: (stunned) Holy shit.

Video cuts to a car with a HoO flier under the windshield wiper. Jonas takes it and the camera looks around and walks down the street. Jonas shows the camera the flier.

Jonas: K, so I ganked one of these of a windshield. Looks like the old H of O's having a singing jamboree on Friday night. ...Yeehaw. Should be a real hootenanny.

Looks around, shakes his head, upset, and turns off the camera.