Strangers, Pin-Monkeys and Luck

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HSAO Video 1-27
Strangers, Pin-Monkeys and Luck

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Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted January 20th, 2007
Description This lesson addresses important rules of safety. Students, you should always be cautious about who you meet. With luck, you might meet some considerate people. However, are you aware of all the risks in the world? In addition, Ms. Kelly shares her praise for Bree and her cohorts for some wise decision-making.
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Strangers, Pin-Monkeys and Luck is the twenty-seventh video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(In TiKO script) Generous Funding provided by: TiKO FOUNDATION

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Personal Saftey)

Events in the life of Bree and her coherts continually allow us to provide our students with meaningful life-lessons.

In this lesson, we will reexamine the results of decision-making especially in the lives of teens.

Scientific research shows that the final stages of human brain growth occur in the frontal lobe.

(An image of a brain turns, then what seems to be an x-ray is taken of the brain?)

This is the part of the brain dedicated to impulse-control and decision-making.

Because physiologically, young people just aren't finished growing yet, we do not scorn them for their underdeveloped brains.

Therefore, these lessons are not to chastise, but instead to help foster personal growth.

Will we focus on the drunken exploits of Daniel, messed up from a night of copious and rather sloppy under-age drinking?

(A clip of a drunken Jonas scratching his butt from Truth or Dare)

No. Although we do have a good mind to call that saloon-disguised-as-a-bowling-alley and give them a piece of our minds

for the way their staff seemed to excel serving intoxicating beverages with such an alarming lack of discretion and concern.

Will we discuss bringing home random, yet delightful and unthreatening young women from bowling bar rooms?

No. And will we state how we support neither unsanctioned gambling nor inviting home unknown, yet charismatic female strangers?

(A clip of Jonas, Bree, and the girl playing poker from Truth or Dare)

We will do no such thing.

However, we would like to address the actions of this mysterious, young woman

who helpfully addressed the needs of a staggering and incoherent Beast. Therefore, we offer the following out of concern:

Pretty, young stranger, you should know by now that cavorting with certain young men can put you at risk.

(A clip of the girl helping Daniel back to the car from Truth or Dare)

Especially if one is a drunken stranger.

And most especially if is said drunken stranger gets into a car containing yet another male stranger with a video camera.

Although one of the young men was too inebriated to do much but collapse into alcohol-induced unconsciousness

and the other was our dear Jonas, who soberly drove into the night (again without a hat) to save his newest chum.

Pretty, young stranger, you did not know these young men when you put your life into their hands by entering that automobile.

Horrible things have befallen countless young women who were too trusting of strangers with video cameras.

Once alcohol and moving vehicles are added to the mix, the probability of unspeakable circumstances rises significantly.

(A picture of the girl)

So pretty, young stranger, consider yourself lucky that you crossed paths with the three young people you did.

Although we at HSA disapprove of the current lifestyle and impulsive escapades of our trio of mansion-dwellers

and their permissive attitudes toward order, structure, interpersonal relationships and internet privacy issues.

We do have some smiling praise for their most recent behavior.

Drunken and depressed Daniel should be commended for not attempting to drive himself home in his wretched state.

(A picture of Daniel with the words 'Good job!' written across the screen)

(A certificate with a ribbon that states 'Good Decision!' and a picture of a smiling female face on it)

In addition to getting Daniel home, Jonas should be commended for allowing, yet another one of his cars to be left behind.

(A picture of Jonas with the words 'Good job!' written across the screen)

(A certificate with a ribbon that states 'Good Decision!' and a picture of a smiling female face on it)

We commend Bree for not involving herself in the potentially damaging portion of the suggestive "sport" that is Truth or Dare.

(A picture of Bree with the words 'Good job!' written across the screen)

(A certificate with a ribbon that states 'Good Decision!' and a picture of a smiling female face on it)

(Imagine all the indiscriminate, clumsy flesh-touching and inept tongue-kissing that has come from this game throughout time?)

(Clip of Bree making a face and turning away from the camera from Truth or Dare)

As for you, pretty, young stranger, use discretion when you venture out.

(Picture of the girl with the words 'Exercise caution!')

Perhaps instead of evenings speant cruising the bowling alley, looking for hapless and unfamiliar people with whom to socialize,

you should begin planning your future. Have you even considered a career path? There are so many option for a gal like you.

Explore your talents, set goals and be willing to take chances in life.

Who knows, perhaps once you figure out where your interests lie, you could be as successful as the likes of such people as:

Whitney Houston, Congressman Brad Sherman, playwright Michael Albanese and even Walter 'Hank' Garland.

It is never to early to start thinking about one's future.


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Personal Saftey)

Be like Bree.

Don't accept needless dares.