The Actions of Several Enemies, Be on Alert.

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OpAdolf Video 0013
The Actions of Several Enemies, Be on Alert.

I See You!

Blogger OpAdolf
Date Posted November 29th, 2007
Description There was a break-out at one of our institutions... The name of the person who betrayed us? Blitzyon.

Our logs show that Blitzyon spent almost an hour on our computers. The data that was on the sheets we recovered could have been printed in a matter of minutes.

In light of recent circumstances, I will be taking a vacation...

But Blitzyon does not deserve to stand here and be a part of the perfect world I'm creating.

Demoralize. Observe.

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Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Jenni Powell and Adam Daroff
Producer(s) PJ Scott-Blankenship
Director(s) PJ Scott-Blankenship
Camera PJ Scott-Blankenship
Vidplay PJ Scott-Blankenship
Story PJ Scott-Blankenship
Editor(s) PJ Scott-Blankenship
OpAdolf PJ Scott-Blankenship
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The Actions of Several Enemies, Be on Alert. is the thirteenth video in the OpAdolf component to the LonelyJew15 video series.


OpAdolf: Last night (Shot of the street from Blitzyon's last video) there was a break out of (Spotlight spots of a ceiling) one of our character development institutions. We've been keeping (Shot of OpAdolf's eye.) an eye on those who wish to destroy us. Thankfully, (Shot of some papers strewn about on a chair.) we found almost all of the stolen items (Shot of the theater from Blitzyon's last video.) in a nearby theater. (Shot of the apartment from Blitzyon's last video.) Although the patient that was kidnapped is still missing, we know that there were various perpetrators (Shot of OpAdolf's eye.) and that they were not all working together. (Shot of the interior of the apartment.) It is of critical importance that we bring them to justice. (Camera focuses on an old phone. Cut to black and ringing is heard along with reversed audio. OpAdolf logo as the audio continues.)