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| name        = The Importance of Gratitude
| name        = The Importance of Gratitude
| number      = 1-29
| number      = 1-29
| image      =  
| image      = Hsaovideoimage_ImportGratitude.jpg
| caption    =  
| caption    =  
| date        = January 26th, 2007
| date        = January 26th, 2007

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HSAO Video 1-29
The Importance of Gratitude

Hsaovideoimage ImportGratitude.jpg

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted January 26th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description With much thanks to RobTomorrow for his insightful comment, we address some of young Bree's recent behavior. Daniel and Jonas have given their devoted help to Bree. However, has she given thanks? HSA also acknowledges and thanks Nikki Bower, ApotheosisAZ, SLF, ColbertNationGirl and Paul for always being so polite, creative and gracious. Thank you.
YouTube Tags gratitude mskelly hsa lonelygirl15 rude lg15
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The Importance of Gratitude is the twenty-ninth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(In TiKO script) Generous Funding provided by: TiKO FOUNDATION

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: The Importance of Gratitude)

Like you, students, educators too should expect to learn and grow from the lesson provided.

Thanks to an insightful and thoughtful comment from RobTommorrow,

(A picture of a bald man with a cigar with 'Rob Tommorrow' written across it)

we feel that we should help your peer Bree by offering her a new lesson.

The Importance of Gratitude

Gratitude should be a part of everyone's life, especially those who are hiding out.

Let us view some examples to see gratitude in action.

NikkiBower: (From Naming Bree's Dad) Thanks for joining me for lunch (Cut to later in the video) Thank you, everyone.

NikkiBower says, "Thank You."

Paul: (From Tales from the Minibar) Thanks for bearing with us.

Paul thanks people.

ApotheosisAZ: (From Lose Weight Fast) Slimming down is now easy thanks to the innovative new program recently invented by world-renowned dietian, Dr. Thomas Immant.

ApotheosisAZ graciously displays gratitude to both products and people.

When we bought our copy of Jonas' amazing new CD (from ColbertNationalGirl Inc.)

Jonas: (From Foosball Battle) I told them I wanted to help them/What was I doing.../Kidnapping, oh yes!/Secretly working for the Order!

the salesclerk kindly said, "Thank you."
We were even asked to return to the store in the future.

Even the most revolutionary simians have offered their praise and gratitude.

(SLF logo) Yay Beer!

Although we condone neither excessive drinking nor the illegal antics of underage alcohol consumption,

and we abhor the thought of such crapulence, we are still impressed with the gratitude they show for this smooth and ancient potable.

Then why does our favorite lonely girl avoid such shows of appreciation or gratitude?

Could it be PMS?


Could it be ADD?

Annoyed with

Or could it be, the most likely of conditions, OCD?


We are not sure.

However, there was a time when your peer Bree was the model of thoughtfulness and appreciation.

(Screenshot of the 'Thanks Gemma' video on Revver)

And now...

Bree: (From Time To Grow Up) The simplest things keep them amused for hours!

She is nothing but ungrateful.

Hopefully, she will remember how lucky she is for having the food, shelter and extensive wardrobe that she sports daily.

Maybe she can remember dumpster-diving...
or Daniel's loyalty to her in dangerous situations...
or Jonas's comfortable home...

Yes, Bree.
It is time to grow up.


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: The Importance of Gratitude)

Thank You