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| name        = To Ease Distress
| name        = To Ease Distress
| number      = 1-43
| number      = 1-43
| image      =  
| image      = Hsaovideoimage_EaseDistress.jpg
| caption    =  
| caption    =  
| date        = March 7th, 2007
| date        = March 7th, 2007

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HSAO Video 1-43
To Ease Distress

Hsaovideoimage EaseDistress.jpg

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted March 7th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description (The Silence from Above by Joseph C Raineri)Decision-making is a most important area of personal growth. Afflicted Zeus made the decision to allow Prometheus to hold his painful and suffering head, which would enable the bastard Hephaestus to crack open the aching skull of Zeus and allow the release of Athena, the goddess of civilization. This decision of Zeus offered so much to so many. Athena was allowed to feel herself emerge, and she decided to touch everything with meaning. As a thankful gesture, she taught Prometheus the wonders of the world: the endless maze of astronomy, the infinite planes of mathematics, the solid and delicate manner of architecture, the wind-blown angles of navigation, the deep, hot imagination of metalworking, the slow explosion of writing. And he, in turn, passed this knowledge to humanity. Lame Hephaestus was able to split open the head of his not-father without fear of retaliation or even castigation for this brutal act. (Quite a reward for a denied child). And Zeus was rid of the continual pounding- that movement in his head of everything that was Athena; an aching skull that roared and exploded with knowledge's magic.
YouTube Tags mskelly hsa distress therapist treatment lonelygirl15
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To Ease Distress is the forty-third video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(In TiKO script) Never question that which is provided by: TiKO FOUNDATION

(Revolving Earth picture, distorted, caption: Ms. Kelly: Ease Me)

Ms. Kelly: (Camera zooms down a road, lights flashing on either side) I really appreciate you seeing me this late (Camera goes to a building) and at such short notice. (Camera following people walking) Yeah, I know, I've been thinking (A woman walks through the front doors of a building) about the treatment, but isn't there another way? (A woman and a man walk down a hallway) I mean I tried to research it, I just couldn't find any information. I mean it sounds a little sketchy, you know I don't want to offend, (Two doors against a sky) but isn't there another way? Yes, I trust you, (Shadows of a woman and man) but that's not it. C'mon, doctor. (A man, resting his chin on his hand) Decision making is the most important area of personal growth. (Shadows of woman and man then an hourglass, changing colors) I know this is not a video lesson and you know you don't have to bring it, (Shadows of a woman and a man) I just want to know that it's safe. Is it neccesary. (Layered voices) Why not? It's not about trust. No! - Why is it such a secret? No, I know. (Layered voices end. A woman's hands rest on her knee Echoed;) You promise? (A man's face looks down, then up; then a river with a first standing next to it, arms outstretched) It doesn't feel bad. (Echo ends. Drops of blue fall against a green background) But I told you, it's nice. It's good. (People dance, with shadows of different colors behind them) Mmhmm. (A woman splashes in the water) Yeah, I guess- I guess it's for the best. (A man made of code goes up through a DNA strand) Yes, I trust you. (A persons hands circle around each other; then a man's face) I do. (A woman splashes in the water; then the man's face) No, (A red hand reaches out) I'm not scared.


(Revolving Earth picture, distorted, caption: Ms. Kelly: Ease Me)

Just remember to relax.

It's so much easier that way.