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| name        = Kaella
| image      = UserForeigncandle.jpg
| first      =
| last        =
| age        = {{age|19890502}}
| birthday    = May 2, 1989
| bebo        =
| youtube    = dearxjamie
| forum-posts = foreigncandle
| actor      =
| color      = teal
| blogs      =
| unseen      =
| extra      = {{contribs|foreigncandle}}
I had been contributing anonymously to LGPedia for quite some time.  I finally decided to register<br>
and get credit for my work.  The things I like to help with the most are transcripts and images.  I also like when I think of a quirky caption for an image.  I've often found myself to be the first person to make pages for new videos.
The one thing that I hate more than anything on LGPedia is when I work very hard on a transcript
<br>only for it to be completely redone by someone else.    I just feel like it's work wasted.  I'm a writer and I've been told I have a way with writing dialogue, so my transcripts tend to be very in depth.
And I spend way too much time here.  :)<br><br>
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