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I am Garfwog. I'm a huge fan of lonelygirl15. Sad to say I wasn't a fan all the way through. In fact, I found about her AFTER the truth was announced. But I finally got my taste of LonelyCrack and now I'm hooked to it. I'm pretty much dedicated to the LGpedia, I love editing this place. Yeah, this is a boring page, I don't really want to update it much though, this is a lonelygirl15 site, but I do more than just LG15, but, I don't really wanna put it all on here. here's a link to my myspace though, [http://www.myspace.com/voldemortsucks click]
[http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Finntroll my youtube account, the Garfwog Headquarters]

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