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| name        = What did we learn?
| name        = What did we learn?
| number      =
| number      = 1- 45
| image      =  
| image      = HsaovideoimageWhat_did_we_learn.jpg
| caption    =
| caption    =
| date        = March 14, 2007
| date        = March 14, 2007

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HSAO Video 1- 45
What did we learn?

HsaovideoimageWhat did we learn.jpg

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted March 14th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description (Sunrise Melodica by Lady Venom) As M... (Sunrise Melodica by Lady Venom) As Ms. Kelly recovers from a disillusioning situation, plots the future and prepares an exhibit of student work from the term, it is time to consider what we have learned. Questions are always easy. Answers, however, can sometimes hide, fade, melt away, or even tempt us in ways we would never expect. Students, thank you for your patience. Your exhibit will be ready soon. Ms. Kelly adores her students because they have given her so much...
YouTube Tags mskelly hsa course ends plotting planning considering lonelygirl15 answers tempt

Music Sunrise Melodica by Lady Venom
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(In TiKO script) We have some plans for TiKO FOUNDATION

Screen turns to black background colour with white text. "We provide for ourselves, now."

We see the usual image of the planet spinning around the sun with a blue background and black tab with white text. "HSA: What have we learned?"
Ms Kelly's symbol is shown on the screen. "Power provides sticky situations," Shot of trees and a late part of a sunset. "and is a wonderful concept until people get involved." Image of Zeus is shown "Zeus and Hera were partners" image of Hera (less detailed than that of Zeus) is shown "but Western history has skewed their stories." Silouet of a woman dancing on the beach with a scarf "Hera has been ascribed womanly attributes leaving her jealous and meek. Sometimes it is easy to accept women this way." Image of water dripping. Image of a ball of flame. "Prometheus has angered the gods again and again" Image of water driping on a puddle. "How many times do we anger our gods, our creators," Image of glowing blue "our providers, if only with questions?" Image of an hourglass with all the sand up top. "I'm still wondering about whether creation really exists." Image of hands holding ___ "Can we really make our own worlds?" Image of blue sky over treetops "If I fashion a blue sky, is it mine?" Image of a window with curtains fluttering in the wind. "because outside my window," return to image of sky over tree tops. "something is hovering" screen turns saphire "and sapphire." show a jigsaw puzzle of a human head with a few pieces missing, as Ms. Kelly talks the pieces go into their proper places. "And if we remake ourselves," Image of double helix and 3D model of human body "are we original?" Images photoshoped together of people preforming (with microphones) "Or do we need to construct" image of elctrical signals going through the brain? "our organs in a new way? I formed a heart, but someone else provided a beat." Image of fanous painting (also shown in A New Beginning) "(I think it was you.)" Image of woman in water with flower petals around her "So I share and return and covet and bleed. But only, the ink ran out,"
so everything is now just in black and white. Airless and constricted. So, will you breathe for me? I’d fill your lungs, if you asked me to. So forget about creating. My fingers are tired from the building, pecking and pushing. Let’s just sit for awhile together, watching our universe spin. I cannot take all the credit for this. You chose the axis. And with a flick of your wrist, you spun energy into motion. I like orbiting with you. I especially like how you allow the seasons to fall into place. Our backs are now to winter, here. Green is beginning to emerge because you willed it. So what did we learn? I am not sure. Time will reveal answers when answers are ready to be revealed.