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These are the unabridged logs of the chat following 8:00 AM - a filtered version can be found here.

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<kmmanofakind>	sleep for 4 hrs?
<ThatFreakinRandy>	I hope I can make it.
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<ThatFreakinRandy>	no, I can't sleep.
<ThatFreakinRandy>	I have to go soon anyway.
<ThatFreakinRandy>	If my grandparents leave, then I'll crash.
<kmmanofakind>	ahhhhhhh nooooooo i cant lose my last texan lol
<ThatFreakinRandy>	bahaha
<ThatFreakinRandy>	I'm staying here
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<Kellylen>	hey taylor
<soccerstar>	Anyone here?
<grace2_89>	Taylor?
<MaddyBot3000>	Hi Taylor
<el_yse>	...
<Kellylen>	were here
<cheddar|cleans>	taylor!
<soccerstar>	hi Kelly!
<kmmanofakind>	Taylor
<Jessi>	Hey Taylor
<grace2_89>	hello!
<Kellylen>	whats going on?
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<Poknish>	TAAYLOR
<kmmanofakind>	Whats happening?
<soccerstar>	hi cheddar, jessi, grace
<pmcc>	hey
<el_yse>	I thought taylor's sn was soccorstar4ever
<virginian9000>	Taylor!
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<bianca23>	taylorr
<soccerstar>	I just saw the video and thank goodness Sarah came to her senses
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<soccerstar>	that's the first thing
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<Mitch_Modern>	hehe im so confused about the last vid
<soccerstar>	but 2nd, OMG they are in so much danger!
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<Mitch_Modern>	omg Taylor!
<soccerstar>	ok Mitch, I'll recap for you
<Mitch_Modern>	hey!
<Babesk8ter>	yah
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<HayleyChina>	how do they get out can u help?
<ThatFreakinRandy>	What's been going on? The last video was so confusing.
<bianca23>	can't you do anything?
<boryalic>	OMG i am so gonna get a LG!% logo tattooed on my forehead!!!
<|DjKira>	OMG when is the next video gonna be ???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1111?!?!?!ONE?!?!EXCLAMATIONPOINTS
<Kellylen>	taylor where are you? are you safe?
<Babesk8ter>	1 hour
<ThatFreakinRandy>	What can we do to kep?
<soccerstar>	We got Sarah's coordinates in the middle of the night
<miiisspickle7>	hey guys,
<virginian9000>	Taylor, what are your plans next?
<soccerstar>	Daniel & Jennie made it the boat
<soccerstar>	it
<boryalic>	i got sarah some coordinates right here
<Mitch_Modern>	Taylor are you okay
<soccerstar>	is some weird Hymnn of One cruise ship or something
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<Poknish>	but where r i?
<grace2_89>	hi BK
<Kellylen>	hey BK
<Kellylen>	<3
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<Poknish>	where r u?
<caravelle>	heya BK
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<bianca23>	Hey BK
<Jessi>	hey BK
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<soccerstar>	I stayed on shore to help out from here
<Broken_Kid>	hey...Taylor's here!
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Taylor, what can we do to help you?
<Mitch_Modern>	thats good
<miiisspickle7>	thats probably a smart idea taylor
<ivib>	help them yaylor
<soccerstar>	I figured that wd be best, now I wish I was there to help!
<Mitch_Modern>	Hey Taylor where is Jack at
<Kellylen>	you can try to help from where you are at
<Mitch_Modern>	you know the teleporter
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<soccerstar>	Randy, unless you're an expert hacker or have a helicopter, I'm not sure
<el_yse>	You can help away from the situation too though
<Traveler12>	yo
<kmmanofakind>	hacker he might be >	)
<bianca23>	what was on that phone from the stranger who helped you (Jerry)
<MaddyBot3000>	haha
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Well do you know what they are talking about by "that machine?"
<virginian9000>	There are helicopters everywhere!
<BlueJaybird>	What's the status now, Taylor?
<soccerstar>	I've been trying to hack the ship's computer
<Jessi>	we just have to figure out how to helpthem Taylor and there are enough of us here to come up with something
<miiisspickle7>	i think it might be the blood transfusion machine..
<ivib>	is there anything we can do 2 help????
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<soccerstar>	no idea bluejaybird, i've lost contact with them
<Mitch_Modern>	Taylor do you know where Jack is
<MichiganGuy>	doesnt the ship have life rafts? cant they use one to escape?
<Mitch_Modern>	Hey Katie!
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<Poknish>	mitch stop
<AlteredJane>	Taylor rent a boat
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<virginian9000>	lol mitch
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<soccerstar>	that's what I'm think Jane!
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<Traveler82>	is taylor in here?
<Mitch_Modern>	wow travelers are piling in?
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<cheddarcheese>	so many travelerz
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<HayleyChina>	speed boat?
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<AlteredJane>	oh and contact NikkiB )
<bianca23>	yeah, renting a boat is a good idea
<AlteredJane>	>	)
<grace2_89>	I think they are coming from nowlive.com
<Babesk8ter>	dang alot of travelers
<boryalic>	so how is greg?
<BlueJaybird>	Everyone found out Taylors here :O
<Mitch_Modern>	ugh
<soccerstar>	There are life boats on the ship right?
<virginian9000>	Taylor, what are you trying to do with the ship's computer?
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<Mitch_Modern>	lol eho told them taylor was in here
<Kellylen>	there should be
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Well keep doing what you do. You'll hack into the ship eventually.
<HayleyChina>	there shud be
<grace2_89>	I would think there are lifeboats
<BlueJaybird>	Ships Must have lifeboats, by law
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<Traveler82>	yes soccerstar
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Yes there are.
<pmcc>	yes
<Kellylen>	i think they should go try and get a lifeboat
<AlteredJane>	great I left nowlive to get away from them
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<miiisspickle7>	there should be, its a saftey requirement
<Jessi>	i hope there are
<kmmanofakind>	You can do it taylor!
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<heyaja>	!autotraveler off
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<soccerstar>	If I can get them to a lifeboat - grace great idea!
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<kmmanofakind>	Hack away!
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<Traveler91>	Go ON taylor
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<ThatFreakinRandy>	Awesome plan!
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<grace2_89>	LOL that TOTALLY wasn't my idea, but thank you taylor
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<saraholic>	We have full faith in you Taylor
<ivib>	we want 2 help what can  we do
<AlteredJane>	a small motorboat should be easy
<soccerstar>	What do you guys think?
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<coolwill100>	Yay Taylor!
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<Kellylen>	its a good idea!
<HayleyChina>	hack the ships computer and make it turn around :p
<kmmanofakind>	Its a good idea
<Traveler83>	?
<miiisspickle7>	but if they all try to get away on the lifeboat.. how long till people notice?
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<el_yse>	that's the best bet, a life boat
<AlteredJane>	absolutely
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<BlueJaybird>	A rowboat is going to leave them Sitting Ducks!
<Traveler66>	whats going on? taylor where are you?
<soccerstar>	Haley I wish I could!
<kmmanofakind>	they need a way out!
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<bianca23>	It's great! do it Taylor
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Good luck Taylor, but please be careful!
<Mitch_Modern>	maybe you can hack into the ships auto piolet system
<virginian9000>	just disable the engine
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<saraholic>	A lifeboat is probably the best possible plan for them
<Traveler82>	ya i agree with bluejaybird
<jvasquez79>	whoa even bk is here
<Poknish>	do u have a blue print of the ship?
<writerdude>	The only logical thing would be to throw everyone overboard and take the boat
<Kellylen>	its worth a shot. its better than what we have now
<Jessi>	I think getting a boat is the only way to save them
*	Traveler46 has joined #LG15chat.
<Mitch_Modern>	do we know who is driving the ship
<Traveler82>	life boat is slow
<caravelle>	hi star
<september2star>	Taylor, can you get into their security system?
<coolwill100>	what about sarah?
<lee123>	Do you know where sarah and the girl might be at
<lee123>	?
<deviantmetztli>	hey john
<Traveler82>	they will be targets more than ever
<grace2_89>	I think the ship is a Carnival ship.... if that helps
<soccerstar>	Ok so hold on a sec, while I keep working... stand by
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<jvasquez79>	whoa even star is here
*	Cloud_ax throws his pokeball at Meowth
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<BlueJaybird>	aye aye!
*	Traveler82 is now known as saral.
<Babesk8ter>	ok
*	Traveler11 has joined #LG15chat.
<coolwill100>	what if they can't find her in time?
*	Traveler17 has joined #LG15chat.
<HayleyChina>	wow so many ppl
<Kellylen>	should we get sarah and the trait positive girl first though taylor?
<Traveler07>	they need to find a way off the boat without the oreder seeing them
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<|DjKira>	this is kira standing by
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<fFranki1993>	nick/Franki1993
<cheddarcheese>	lol
*	Traveler76 has joined #LG15chat.
<chershaytoute>	i think they should...i think they have to, or it all starts again.
*	Broken_Kid__ has joined #LG15chat.
<saral>	taylor i wouldn't go on a life boat... all you'll do is float and then they can shoot at you
<fFranki1993>	nick/ Franki1993
<AlteredJane>	I think they are going to get Sarah
*	Traveler04 has joined #LG15chat.
<BlueJaybird>	Kelly has a point, they should find the trait + girl
<deviantmetztli>	where is taylor right now?!?!
<Poknish>	taylor do you have a blue print of the boat?
<AlteredJane>	TAAG I mean
<grace2_89>	saral - you're right!
<saral>	did taylor leave?
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<lee123>	working
<silverblue>	dude, /nick Frank1993
*	Traveler43 has joined #LG15chat.
<saral>	i know
<miiisspickle7>	whatever you decide to do, just please be very very careful,
<AlteredJane>	She is working
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<deviantmetztli>	she's working on something.
<soccerstar>	but sara how else will they get off the boat??
<saral>	kill them first then take the lifeboat
<virginian9000>	Taylor, Can you do anything to the boat by hacking it? like blowing it up?
<chershaytoute>	taylor is here, but working on something
<kmmanofakind>	They need to find Sarah!
<Kellylen>	taylor im afraid that sarahs life is in danger
<Kellylen>	>	(
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<grace2_89>	scary - they need some kind of motor
<filthyxyouth>	Taylor, you have to convince Daniel to go get Sarah. She was just trying to save you.
*	Traveler33 has joined #LG15chat.
<AlteredJane>	chillax people.
*	Traveler74 has joined #LG15chat.
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<soccerstar>	dont think so virginian
<BlueJaybird>	maybe the answer isn't to get off the boat
<Traveler30>	im on the live chat and some one said taylor was in here is she
<|DjKira>	i would imagine the same way you get off any boat...
*	Traveler74 is now known as Eirlys.
<virginian9000>	oh, ok
<saral>	swimming is prolly better than lifeboats at least then they can dodge bullets under water
<Traveler04>	Is Taylor on here?
<BlueJaybird>	maybe it's to break it from the inside
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<ThatFreakinRandy>	There has to be a safe way to do this.
<AlteredJane>	ugh
<soccerstar>	hopefully Sarah's exlposion worked for now. It'll have to...
<saral>	as apposed to sitting on a raft praying
<lee123>	Taylor Are you on the boat as well?
<silverblue>	eh, jump overboard and hope for the best
<saraholic>	A covert escape on a lifeboat?
*	Traveler76 is now known as sapphire_gurl.
<soccerstar>	What wd you suggest Randy?
<coolwill100>	what about Sarah...your sister?
<bianca23>	wow, crazy
<Poknish>	what did she explode?
*	RichiH has joined #LG15chat.
<deviantmetztli>	does anybody know where sarah is?
<miiisspickle7>	yes randy, there is always an alternitave way
<Traveler07>	They need a way to get off without being seen
<silverblue>	you can all swim, right?
*	Jessi thinks everyone needs take a break
<snl06>	taylor r u on the boat?
<Kellylen>	im worried about sarah
<miiisspickle7>	sarahs on the boat
<chershaytoute>	I don't think swimming is an option - sharks
<saral>	what's the alternative way?
*	Traveler74 has joined #LG15chat.
<Mitch_Modern>	doesn't Jonas's parents own a boat marina
<Traveler04>	TAYLOR I LOVE YOU
<writerdude>	They have to kill Carruthers...or take him hostage with them on a boat...if they get a hostage, they'll be able to get away on a lifeboat...the TRAIT + girl...they won't shoot at the boat if they get her with them
<grace2_89>	taylor - are they already pulled away from the port?
<soccerstar>	Pok, she was targeting whatever equipment they have for the ascension ceremony
<pmcc>	the life boats is the bet we have to go with right now i think
<Traveler23>	can't you cause a distraction on the other side of the boat?
<saral>	your more apt to get shot than ate by sharks
<silverblue>	is it still shark week?
<saral>	promise
<deviantmetztli>	a boat of lifesaver wouldnt work they have guns!
<AlteredJane>	thank goodness for ignore
<coolwill100>	Taylor, what if they can't find Sarah!!!!
<kmmanofakind>	Another diversion?
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<|DjKira>	sharks are actually not as big of a threat as you would imagine
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Guards can't be everywhere. They halv to find a way to slip off the boat without being noticed.
<Poknish>	thats good
<snl06>	Soccerstar, r u on the boat?
<lee123>	Taylor are you on the boat?
<snl06>	taylor
*	Traveler92 has joined #LG15chat.
<|DjKira>	unless you are in recive... you are pretty safe
<Kellylen>	no shes not
*	snl06 has left #LG15chat.
<Kellylen>	she is on shore
<soccerstar>	they'll find her coolwill... right?
*	silverblue STANDS BY
<saraholic>	exactly Randy
*	snl06 has joined #LG15chat.
<ivib>	yeah leave the boat on the life boat!!!!
<Poknish>	taylor who do u think is the ceremony girl?
<AlteredJane>	OK so Taylor, have you accessed the boat's computer?
<writerdude>	They need to get the trait + girl with them on a life boat
<coolwill100>	I hope....
<caravelle>	taylor stayed on shore to help out there
<saral>	they will find sara taylor
<saral>	i promise
*	Traveler92 is now known as nomorelurking.
<soccerstar>	no idea pok >	(
<HayleyChina>	go to the port with nikki b?
<saraholic>	If they can be covert and get off secretively, then they should avoid anyone firing on them
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<Traveler74>	Taylor do you know what Jonas meant when he said that they have to save that girl? what girl?
<snl06>	Taylor, get access to the ship's computer!
<chershaytoute>	from the look of the map, it would also be a very long swill.
<lee123>	theyll  find her
<Traveler07>	They wont leave Sarah will they
<RichiH>	caravelle, soccerstar>	may i ask why there are so many people joining, all of a sudden?
<saraholic>	But if they're noticed, dodging will have to reign supreme
<el_yse>	taylor, the team may leave sarah, they're not liking her very much right now!!
<chershaytoute>	swim.
<soccerstar>	yes Jane, i'm almost there...
<saral>	if ur not on the boat can you take a motorboat to them taylor?
<Franki1993>	taylor they have to keep moving if they stay still the will either be set on fire themselves or found by the order get them moving and trying to find sarah and the girl them get them to get on a life boat
<writerdude>	if they don't have her with them...they will just get shot at...they won't shoot at a trait +
<Mitch_Modern>	Taylor do you have any idea of where Sarah got the explosives from???/
<kmmanofakind>	Cmon sarah you can do it
<silverblue>	!traveler
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<AlteredJane>	great. Then you can find an escape route, no?
<deviantmetztli>	a motorboat isnt safe
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<saral>	somethin a lil faster than a raft from on the boat
<kmmanofakind>	You need to get the blueprints to the ship
*	Phantom[Away] is now known as kindredphantom.
*	kindredphantom is no longer away >	Gone for 1 hour 11 minutes 
<Babesk8ter>	brb i have to eat lunch before the next webisode
<Ever|AFK>	<lyriclyinclined> When come back bring pie!
<soccerstar>	trying... i hope so Jane
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<BlueJaybird>	It's fairly easy to blow stuff up with hospital supplies
<ivib>	But someones probably guarding the ships computer...you need to create another distraction!!!
*	Traveler23 is now known as lobster.
<kmmanofakind>	find them an escape route thru blueprints
*	Traveler46 is now known as megimoo444.
<Kellylen>	its better than nothing though?
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<el_yse>	taylor, the team may leave sarah, they're not liking her very much right now!!
<Traveler33>	hi everyone!
<Franki1993>	taylor get then moving so they dont get caught
<soccerstar>	ya apparently it is bluejay
*	Traveler08 has joined #LG15chat.
<ThatFreakinRandy>	You can do this, Taylor. We know you can.
*	Traveler40 is now known as cooker1119.
<saral>	they wont leave sarah
*	Traveler18 is now known as Angel89.
<saral>	quit telling her that guys
<snl06>	Taylor, it will be OK>
<coolwill100>	Do you know where Sarah is, or your dad?
<soccerstar>	yes Frank that is the best idea
<saral>	they'll get sarah
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<Traveler30>	nick/tryn2help
<chershaytoute>	Everyone is okay with Sarah but Daniel right now, I think.
<BlueJaybird>	it's all the steralisising stufffsss
<kindredphantom>	the ship should have a floor plan, in case of fire
<xAccordianGuyx>	Taylor are you alright?
<snl06>	Do you have access to the ships computer, soccerstar?
<Jessi>	Taylor if anyone can save them it is you
<soccerstar>	i wish i'd gone with them. i'm stuck on the beach
<MichiganGuy>	its simple, they leave the boat in a life raft and have someone meet them with a speedboat
<AlteredJane>	I doubt they'll leave Taylor's sister
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<Mitch_Modern>	sarah is on the boat
*	Traveler14 has joined #LG15chat.
<Poknish>	taylor do u know where you can land on the ship?
*	Traveler07 is now known as Jakers19.
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<saral>	find a boat taylor
<soccerstar>	ok i've got something... hold on
*	Broken_Kid__ is now known as Broken_Kid.
<saral>	one with a motor
*	Traveler61 has joined #LG15chat.
<kindredphantom>	taylor you are fine were you are
<coolwill100>	Well atleast you're safe! >	)
<Kellylen>	taylor are you near LA? or did you go with them to the coordinates
<saral>	that will go faster
<HayleyChina>	aw
<bianca23>	find some people who can help you, like Nikki B
<pmcc>	lol
<Kellylen>	guys shes got something
<coolwill100>	ok
<saral>	than a life raft thing they have on board
<snl06>	Taylor, are you in LA???
*	Traveler61 is now known as cssoinc.
<deviantmetztli>	Nikki B is a good option!
<grace2_89>	I don't know if it matters, taylor, but I think it's a Carnival Cruise ship. I was on one a year ago and it looks familiar
<Broken_Kid>	I agree with bianca...you can't do it alone!
<BlueJaybird>	yeah, find Nikki B!
<lee123>	what did you find taylor?
<snl06>	or are  you in the boat?
*	Traveler36 has joined #LG15chat.
<xAccordianGuyx>	guys she said hold on
<Mitch_Modern>	do I hear an echo:P
<filthyxyouth>	Jonas won't let Sarah be left. He would be dead if it wasn;t for her.
<Jakers19>	Taylor its all on u
<AlteredJane>	calm down guys
<Franki1993>	taylor can you hack into the boat internet stuff and try and find an exit on that ship some how?
<saraholic>	Hold on ya'll
<Kellylen>	i agree grace
<Poknish>	...
*	Traveler30 is now known as tryn2help.
<deviantmetztli>	I think sarah blew up any computers that could of been in that room no?
<snl06>	Guys, is Taylor hacking the computer rite now????
*	grace2_89 high fives kellylen
<kmmanofakind>	yes
<september2star>	taylor- change your font color, I am having a hard time finding your posts
<ivib>	Taylor can you get in touch with the Coast Gard, maybe they can resue you guys
<saral>	i dont think sarah blew up the computers
<Kellylen>	taylor hurry
<Kellylen>	soo we can help
<Mitch_Modern>	soum one needs to activate colors sio we can see taylors words
<virginian9000>	I think Taylor is trying ot right now, yes
<bianca23>	yes, taylor is hacking right now
<snl06>	Taylor's not on the ship though, is she?????
<Eirlys>	she said hold on
<BriarRose>	All she said was hold on guys
<saraholic>	No on the beach
<Mitch_Modern>	they are blending with ever one elses
<saral>	no shes not on the ship
*	lobster is now known as LOBSTER.
<bianca23>	nope, she isn't
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*	Traveler83 has joined #LG15chat.
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<Franki1993>	taylor get them to keep moving and try and hack any systems you can
*	Eirlys thumbs up to Jane
*	mib_whtw16dx has joined #LG15chat.
<snl06>	I'm sorry I missed the beginning of this lol
<soccerstar>	I found them! Posting now
<grace2_89>	YAY
<BlueJaybird>	yuss!
<xAccordianGuyx>	yess!!!!
<HayleyChina>	yay nice one
<Poknish>	YRD
<saral>	yay
<Kellylen>	ohhhh please taylor
<virginian9000>	ooooo
*	baba is now known as baba87.
<kmmanofakind>	GOOD JOB!
<deviantmetztli>	yess
<Kellylen>	good jb!
<miiisspickle7>	YAY!
<snl06>	What did you find, Taylor??????
<Kellylen>	job
<blondefairy1975>	woo hoo!
<saraholic>	YES!
<coolwill100>	YAY
*	Traveler71 has joined #LG15chat.
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Great job, Taylor!
<sapphire_gurl>	yay!!
<Elisabeth>	YAY
<Mitch_Modern>	lol snl I was here at the begging and I still dont know whats going on
*	silverblue waits for the +m
<AlteredJane>	Nic work Taylor
*	Traveler69 has joined #LG15chat.
<Eirlys>	to the forums!!!! away! haha
<filthyxyouth>	Sweet!
<Franki1993>	yay
<xAccordianGuyx>	great job taylor!!!
<kmmanofakind>	We new you cuold do it!
<sapphire_gurl>	good job Taylor
<saral>	way to go Taylor
*	Traveler73 has joined #LG15chat.
*	Traveler75 has joined #LG15chat.
<snl06>	Taylor, what did you find??????
<baba87>	where is tay
<Rasputanian>	>	]
*	Traveler10 has joined #LG15chat.
*	Traveler10 has signed off IRC (Client Quit).
*	Traveler77 has joined #LG15chat.
<saraholic>	Taylor, you rock >	)
<jvasquez79>	I thought taylor's nickname was soccerstar4life
<chershaytoute>	Taylor, as always, you're awesome!
<lee123>	WOo Good job taylor
<Jakers19>	Go Taylor go Taylor its your birthday
*	Traveler80 is now known as bekah.
<Kellylen>	snl she found them!
*	mib_whtw16dx is now known as rosita.
<september2star>	where is she posting it?
*	Traveler02 has joined #LG15chat.
<ashguy1370>	go taylor!!!
*	BrightSilence has changed the topic on channel #LG15chat to Welcome to the official LG15 chat! | LonelyGirl15 finale>	The Ascension is TODAY | Latest vid>	"8:00 AM" (Link>	http>	//www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/?p=661)http>	//www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/?p=661 | Real time IRC character chat logs can be found on (Link>	http>	//brightsilence.no-ip.org/lglog.txt.)http>	//brightsilence.no-ip.org/lglog.txt.
<rosita>	what did taylor find?
<saral>	she needs a faster boat than the one she got
<grace2_89>	(Link>	http>	//www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/search.php?author_id=5214&sr=posts)http>	//www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/search.php?author_id=5214&sr=posts
<soccerstar>	just posted them in the forum
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<grace2_89>	wait
<grace2_89>	that's old
<soccerstar>	i think these are the blueprints for the ship
<kindredphantom>	gj taylor
<Kellylen>	awresome tyalor!
<bianca23>	go taylor!
*	Traveler34 has joined #LG15chat.
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<ThatFreakinRandy>	Thank you taylor for your help!
*	Traveler48 has joined #LG15chat.
<HTMLvis>	CAW! CAW!!
<nomorelurking>	Yay Taylor!
<xAccordianGuyx>	thanks taylor!
<Traveler79>	do you know where the ship is heading?
*	Traveler06 has joined #LG15chat.
<snl06>	TAYLOR U ROCK!
<Franki1993>	taylor your amazing hun!
*	cheddarcheese buys Taylor frozen yogurt.
<baba87>	is she on for real
<saral>	taylor you need a motorboat for the boat and take ppl with you to save them all
<Pariah164>	Thanks Taylor! You rock!!!
<grace2_89>	(Link>	http>	//www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=119&t=18257&p=638752&hilit=#p638752)http>	//www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=119&t=18257&p=638752&hilit=#p638752
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Keep us updated as much as you can. Good luck!
*	HTMLvis flies over to Taylor
<HayleyChina>	tiny blueprints
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*	Traveler42 has joined #LG15chat.
<baba87>	is she on
<soccerstar>	i hope this helps them!
<deviantmetztli>	so we have the blueprints to the ship what now?
<el_yse>	taylor, the team may leave sarah, they're not liking her very much right now!!
<silverblue>	yes, it's really, really taylor
<saraholic>	It'll be a definite help
<Pariah164>	It will!
<saral>	it will
<pmcc>	woot gogogo!!!
<bekah>	TAYLOR???
<kmmanofakind>	You did Amazing Taylor GO GIRL!
<Poknish>	lonelycrackers MOBILIZE
<baba87>	ok
<saraholic>	Any information is good information
<HayleyChina>	thanks taylor
<Kellylen>	i hope so too taylor.
*	Traveler68 has joined #LG15chat.
<Kellylen>	thanks so much
<soccerstar>	at least they'll have a map of the ship and can find somewhere to hide
<september2star>	bye all, good luck! I am off to work!
*	HTMLvis lands gently on Taylors shoulder
<Traveler02>	taylor!!! so they destroyed the ceremony thing?
<saraholic>	At least it's more than they had before
*	Traveler18 has joined #LG15chat.
<xAccordianGuyx>	el, they would never leave sarah. daniels just mad
<Jessi>	bye sept
*	Traveler48 has signed off IRC (Client Quit).
<saral>	good job taylor... now go get urself a boat and rescue them
*	Traveler73 has signed off IRC (Client Quit).
<grace2_89>	thanks taylor!
*	september2star has signed off IRC ("Java user signed off").
<bekah>	TAYLOR???
<pmcc>	hide or get off
<Broken_Kid>	please don't type in all caps
<Jakers19>	Taylor u rock way to go
*	Traveler13 has joined #LG15chat.
<snl06>	srry
<soccerstar>	I'm trying my best...
<Jessi>	Great Job Taylor
*	Traveler71 has signed off IRC (Client Quit).
<baba87>	wait what is her name on here
<deviantmetztli>	caps are serious buisness.
<saral>	brokenkid is my hero
<saral>	lol
<baba87>	o i c
<xAccordianGuyx>	soccerstar
<BlueJaybird>	Congratulations, Taylor >	)
<snl06>	but Taylor is so cool she deserves all caps
<soccerstar>	hide or better yet find a lifeboat!
<Traveler02>	<name> retrospects
<Traveler34>	whats going on?
<Traveler12>	and your doing a good job
<virginian9000>	Thanks Taylor.
<Pariah164>	Aweaome work
<coolwill100>	You're doing Great!
*	Mitch_Modern Taylor do you know who the ceromony girl was?
<ivib>	Make sure you create a good distraction so you'll all make it to the life boats
<soccerstar>	i don't mitch. No idea
<BlueJaybird>	Lifeboats are not the safest way out!
<saral>	a lifeboat isn't gonna save them, it doesn't go fast enuf
<snl06>	no mitch she said she didnt
<deviantmetztli>	taylor do you think a lifeboat is safe? they have weapons
<Poknish>	get a life boat
<saral>	id hide
<BlueJaybird>	better than swimming htough
<deviantmetztli>	they can shoot fromt he boat
<AlteredJane>	And don't forget NikkiB :P
<writerdude>	find a life boat and get the trait + to go with you
<miiisspickle7>	i agree with bluejay
<Jakers19>	They need to find Sarah and the girl then hide
<saral>	hide and kill them one by one
<soccerstar>	what do you suggest bluejay?
<baba87>	hi tay
<Traveler75>	hide
*	Traveler82 has joined #LG15chat.
<BlueJaybird>	i suggest taking it out from within
<HayleyChina>	its a massive ship
<Neavers>	good luck taylor
<snl06>	Taylor, don't go to the ship!
<BlueJaybird>	but that will likely be too dangerious
<vernanonix>	...........i just had a thought.....
<saral>	hide
<grace2_89>	taylor - get something with a motor
<snl06>	Whatever you do, Taylor!
<ivib>	its not many ways left fot them to get out BlueJay. What do you suggest
<Jakers19>	Good idea
<snl06>	Don't go to the ship!
<writerdude>	Taylor!
<deviantmetztli>	Taylor is there anyway you can contact your father?!?!
<snl06>	That will put you in more danger.
<HayleyChina>	theres loads of places to hide right
<AlteredJane>	If you can find out where they are hiding, Taylor, you can get a motorboat to them.
<baba87>	i think you  guys should get on a life boat if its jet but make sure its got gas
<Franki1993>	taylor can you ring sarah and direct her and the girl off the ship?
<Traveler42>	they need to try to find a safety boat and leaveeeeeeeeee the boat
<Kellylen>	taylor be safe today please
<BlueJaybird>	a motorboat would be more condusive to survival
<HayleyChina>	they cant have security everywhere
<phisho|afk>	good idea. can you contact your father?
<Mitch_Modern>	Taylor please stay far away from the action, i don't want you to get hurt
<soccerstar>	No, and I have nothing to say to him.
<Poknish>	Taylor go to the ship
*	mib_9b6dg271 has joined #LG15chat.
*	phisho|afk is now known as phisho.
<filthyxyouth>	Don't contact your father. He'll turn you in.
<nomorelurking>	Get them on a life boat and then hack into the computer to flood the ship!
<snl06>	Tell everyone to find a rowboat and get the hell off!
<saral>	hide or taylor u needta get them cuz a lifeboat aint gonna save them... they will be like helpless fish floating on a lifeboat
*	Traveler74 is now known as a2ndbree.
<Poknish>	you need to help them
*	Traveler95 has joined #LG15chat.
<Franki1993>	taylor ring sarah and get her off that ship
<soccerstar>	after what he's done...the lies, the betrayal
<miiisspickle7>	yeah, stay as far away from your dad as possible
*	Lotusblossom has joined #LG15chat.
<saral>	taylor do you kno who all is on the boat?
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Do all you can for now, but don't try to do more than you can.
<rosita>	taylor, stay away from your dad. definitely
<kmmanofakind>	Have them Blend in Taylor
<soccerstar>	I'll never forgive him
<phisho>	fair enough, taylor
*	mib_qjj3gefe has joined #LG15chat.
<Neavers>	taylor, you should disown him
<BriarRose>	If you get a moter boat you could go and give them a faster means of escape
<Traveler02>	how do i chage my name?
*	Poknish hugs taylor
<snl06>	Taylor, do you know of anyone who can help you???
<phisho>	what about sarah? are you going to forgive her?
<saral>	i think she did disown him
<saraholic>	Well, I'd think they'll be looking on the ship, not in the water
*	Traveler95 has signed off IRC (Client Quit).
*	mib_qjj3gefe is now known as Zakariah.
<Traveler12>	well you wont have to forgive him because he will be dead by the end of the day
<saral>	taylor do you kno who's on the boat?
<deviantmetztli>	You guys need a decoy!!
<Franki1993>	Taylor ring sarah and help her and the girl get off the ship
<snl06>	Someone that can help you find them?
<saraholic>	And by the time they notice them, they'll be too far for them to do any damage to them
<soccerstar>	good idea! I'll tell them to blend in... hard to do when you're running from the order though
<ThatFreakinRandy>	And you shouldn't. Your father shouldn't be forgivin for what he's done
<el_yse>	but, sarah is just as guilty as your dad, isn't she??
*	Traveler47 has joined #LG15chat.
<a2ndbree>	Taylor do you have any idea who that other girk was?
<saral>	besides jenny, sarah, jonas, and beast?
<|DjKira>	travler just type /part nickname
<baba87>	do what your <3 says to do
*	Mode change "+o Lotusblossom" for channel #LG15chat by ChanServ.
<deviantmetztli>	if your going to get off the ship on the boat somebody needs to stay behind as a decoy.
<Traveler42>	Taylor tell them to hide in a safety boat and leave when they have the chance :P
<AlteredJane>	Tell them to wear sunglasses lol
*	Traveler06 has signed off IRC (Client Quit).
<a2ndbree>	girl*	<writerdude>	Taylor?
<Jijendia>	taylor>	Are you entirely sure about your father's intensions... i mean... it might not be what it seems to be
<kmmanofakind>	Knock Out Some Guards
<BlueJaybird>	spare uniforms are EVERYWHERE on boats
*	Traveler18 is now known as Zero1.
<kmmanofakind>	Steal There Clothes
*	Traveler02 is now known as retrospects.
<ivib>	you don't have to forgive him...but maybe you could use your father to help you. Maybe you could trick him?? iinto helping
<cooker1119>	even harder when the order knows who you are
<grace2_89>	do something about jennie's hair... it's a dead giveaway >	-P
<soccerstar>	I tried call Sarah but it just went to VM
<Traveler79>	maybe your dad is in the same position as sarah... he may not be as bad as you think he is- just a thought.
<Angel89>	you need to create some sort of decoy on the ship, and then get them to slip overboard
<saral>	ya, is the other girl worth risking their life to save
<saral>	?
<coolwill100>	>	(
<soccerstar>	what sort of trick?
<retrospects>	what about DB
<snl06>	Taylor, get someone to help you!
<Zakariah>	Do we think Sarah has been captured?
<soccerstar>	and I'm all the way on shore
<HayleyChina>	suited and booted lol
<bekah>	whose on the boat (not HoO)
<snl06>	Nikki B, Spencer, anyone!
<filthyxyouth>	Sarah is not just as guilty. She did it to save Taylor.
<soccerstar>	I hope not Zak!
<Lotusblossom>	Taylor, can you hack into the ships navigation system and set new corrdinates?
<phisho>	taylor, hve you tried nikkib?
<soccerstar>	Maybe she's just hiding?
<miiisspickle7>	yeah, first step should be to disguise themselves
<rosita>	i think we can assume that dad is bad news
<snl06>	or Spencer!
<deviantmetztli>	Nikki B is a good bet.
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Taylor, I just want to say... you have to stop your father from ascention. I think in order to do that, they need to stay on the ship.
<snl06>	Hey could help too!
<Traveler39>	taylor, any idea on who the other girl is?
<saral>	sarah did do it to save taylor, so taylor you should get a fast boat and save sarah
<Traveler47>	Ummmmm....The life boats? And im sure there are MRE's for your survival
<HayleyChina>	ask jerry to help
<Jijendia>	Sarah is fine, I'm sure.
<vernanonix>	Hey Taylor, what are the chances you can hack the ships computer and cause some....problems?
<blondefairy1975>	maybe if they can create another distraction they can get to a lifeboat
<Broken_Kid>	I agree with Randy
<ivib>	umm maybe tell him your going to use a life boat and you need his help but then get off another way since he'd be expecting that???
*	jvasquez79 has signed off IRC ("Java user signed off").
*	Traveler99 has joined #LG15chat.
<lee123>	i miss spencer
<Franki1993>	Taylor can you contact anyone like spencer to come and help
<baba87>	did someone say she blew up the cero room
<Kellylen>	i agree with randy
<writerdude>	TAYLOR (sorry for the caps)...couldn't they use the trait + as a shield to get off the boat with...the order wouldn't shoot a trait +
<snl06>	Taylor contace Nikki B, Spencer, or anyone that can help you!
<kmmanofakind>	Randy is right
<saral>	yeah she blew up the cero room
<retrospects>	they said they took care of it? did they kill the new girl?
<baba87>	thats what i read about the vid
<rosita>	i agree with randy too
<soccerstar>	I agree Randy. He's my Father, but he's got to be stopped.
<phisho>	baba87, apparently they blew up the equipment for the ascension.
<Kellylen>	it seems like escaping is the best bet to stay safe, but they need to stop the ascention
<Rasputanian>	Taylor, I wouldn't worry too much about getting to them physically. You can help more for the time being by staying on the computer.
<Jessi>	I am with Randy
<BlueJaybird>	there are ethical issues with using a young girl as a human shield!
<soccerstar>	I know Jonas and Daniel will do anything to stop it.
<Kellylen>	they stopped the ceremony
<LOBSTER>	hey they could hide the lifeboat and the others would think they left the ship
*	Traveler99 is now known as tastier.
<Kellylen>	now just to stop him from rising
<rosita>	taylor, could you handle if your father died?
<Traveler34>	arent the others on the boat aswell? call them?
<kmmanofakind>	Use Jonas as a bodyshield...they cant kill jonas till after the ascension
<Clarineato>	I agree with everyone who's mentioned calling in reinforecments...Spencer, Nikki B., Anyone
<ivib>	just throwing out some ideas but I would definately use your dad to your advantage right now
<kindredphantom>	taylor he was willing to kill you, he is no longer your farther, you farther died
<snl06>	Taylor, you must get the trait positive girl, Daniel, Jonas, Sarah, and Jenni, off!
<xAccordianGuyx>	Looks like some Elders are gonna fall today >	)
<saral>	lifeboat is a BAD idea
<Poknish>	taylor would you kill your own father?
<ThatFreakinRandy>	He does have to be stopped. After what he's done, he needs to be stopped.
<nomorelurking>	As long as Jonas is safe there is nothing they can do.
<saral>	sry bout the caps
<soccerstar>	Hopefully the explosion will prevet them from moving forward
<baba87>	she blew up the cero room
<Mitch_Modern>	Taylor you need to hack the auto pilot
<soccerstar>	with it.
<deviantmetztli>	Taylor is there anythingyou know of your father that you could use to weigh on his conscience..if there is indeed any hope that he has one
<Franki1993>	Taylor can you get help of anyone else like spencer?
<snl06>	Poknish thats a hard question
<Zakariah>	Taylor, was there anything at your fathers house that could give us any more information about your father?
<|DjKira>	when is bree coming back?
<miiisspickle7>	i think they should try to find sarah and "that girl" first, because sarah has info they might be able to use
<Rasputanian>	Call someone, anyone, that the order wouldn't recognize and send them in, maybe?
<a2ndbree>	Taylor do yuo trust Sarah?
<soccerstar>	*crossing my fingers*
<BriarRose>	Um, Randy, their dad is not Curuthers.....
*	Kellylen stabs kira
*	Traveler67 has joined #LG15chat.
<kindredphantom>	they will most likely have a different place
<coolwill100>	maybe they could could get Sarah, Jennie, and the Ceremony Girl off on the Lifeboats while they stop your dad
<baba87>	but does that mean sarah got hurt
*	Traveler39 is now known as Silverfox768.
<kindredphantom>	a backup place
<soccerstar>	The point now is to get off that darn boat!
<Traveler33>	DO we know anything about the explosion?
<ThatFreakinRandy>	But there father is ascending
*	Traveler10 has joined #LG15chat.
<silverblue>	maybe bree didn't really die the first time, and she's the ceremony girl O_O
<|DjKira>	lol kelly
<pmcc>	lol just take down te whole ship think of it all or most of the elders are on it so blow it up and run ... k kinda upid idea
<cooker1119>	highly unlikely if the ceremony room wasnt ner the engine room
<Traveler10>	hi
*	mib_cqfixauc has joined #LG15chat.
<saral>	taylor can you get a boat?
*	Traveler62 has joined #LG15chat.
<saral>	urself?
<Franki1993>	Taylor get them to find sarah and the girl and uses her as cover
<filthyxyouth>	Her dad would just capture her, force her to tell where the group is, and kill her. Not a good idea. Stay away from your dad.
<Mitch_Modern>	Madonna is Lord Curuthers
<Mitch_Modern>	duh
*	Traveler44 has joined #LG15chat.
<Traveler47>	lifeb oat
<blondefairy1975>	they are sittiing ducks on that boat
<Traveler10>	nick/coley
<kindredphantom>	hopefully the damage is enought to slow the ship
<Jijendia>	Taylor... could you remotely control the boat ?
<Kellylen>	taylor it wont help anything getting off the boat
<soccerstar>	ok Frank I'll tell them
<snl06>	Taylor, get a boat, and an accomplice!
<saral>	taylor can't you use emma as a shield
<soccerstar>	why Kelly?
<deviantmetztli>	come on guys lives are at stake take this seriously!
<kmmanofakind>	look for diving equipment?
<writerdude>	thank you franki...that was my idea
*	Traveler93 is now known as Vogel23.
<saral>	they dont kill trait pos. girls do they?
<retrospects>	are they in mexico watters?
<phisho>	remote controlling the boat would be awesome.
<Traveler10>	hi
<ivib>	How about calling your dad and mnake him think your off the boat so he can alert the others and they might stop looking for you!!!
<Kellylen>	becuase you will just be on the run again
<Zero1>	they need to either find a a life raft and get off the boat or see if they can fine the control room and drive it to shore
<saral>	i mean other than for their blod?
<tastier>	focus on saving yourselves before fighting the order. that's what really matters
<writerdude>	thanks for listening Taylor!
<saral>	blood?
<HayleyChina>	dress in maitenece clothes and get to the lifeboat?
<Zakariah>	we can't get them off the boat until they're together... and we can't get them together until sarah gets in contact
<el_yse>	we need Tachyon in this sort of situation!! lol
*	Traveler10 is now known as coley.
<Kellylen>	they will come after you
<soccerstar>	but aren't we always on the run?
<Lotusblossom>	what about Jerry? Can Jerry help?
<deviantmetztli>	You can't get off the boat now...it will never end that way
<grace2_89>	lol elyse
<snl06>	Taylor, we need to end this Order thing once and for all!
<Poknish>	It needs to end today taylor
<kindredphantom>	perhaps now is the time to finish it
<retrospects>	seriously!!
<soccerstar>	I guess that's why I left...
<Kellylen>	you are, but it has to end
<Jijendia>	maybe without remote controlling it but maybe like... mmm... jam their radar or jam cameras
<snl06>	Do whatever you can!
<xAccordianGuyx>	Taylor, they need to take down Curutthers and your dad before they get off that boat
<Mitch_Modern>	Taylor do you think it's possible that bree is lord curruthers
*	Traveler08 has signed off IRC ("Java user signed off").
<rosita>	this is your chancet to end this
<vernanonix>	Taylor....can you blow up the moon? It would stop the eclipse! ^^
<soccerstar>	I'd like it to
<Kellylen>	you cant be on the run for the rest of your lives
<baba87>	boats are compuerriz now a days maybe you can hack in to iot
<baba87>	it*	<LOBSTER>	dont you have to STOP the ascension?
<BlueJaybird>	you can only run for so long
<saral>	i think you need to get on the boat taylor
<rosita>	and not be on the run anymore
*	Traveler40 has joined #LG15chat.
<Vogel23>	hey Taylor, what if they used flare guns to attract attention?
<saral>	the more the merrier right?
*	Liv has joined #LG15chat.
<Franki1993>	taylor can you track sarah phone?
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Theres no use in running right now. They'll just grow more powerful if they don't act fast.
<|DjKira>	maybe bree is lord caruthers
<Mitch_Modern>	Liv!
<deviantmetztli>	flare guns is a good bet
<kindredphantom>	kill carruthers and put an end to it
<snl06>	Liv, Taylors here@
*	Traveler01 has joined #LG15chat.
<retrospects>	remember the order runds deep!!
<snl06>	just saying
<Liv>	Nice!
*	Mode change "+o Broken_Kid" for channel #LG15chat by ChanServ.
<Liv>	Hey Taylor!
<silverblue>	opaphid could help out
<deviantmetztli>	might cause too much attention though!
<soccerstar>	that's what I'm starting to realize Kelly. Going home just delayed things... it didn't make it go away
<xAccordianGuyx>	Kill Carutthers and your dad
<Jessi>	I agree Randy
<snl06>	Taylor, we love you and we wish you the best!
<pmcc>	LIV whats up
<miiisspickle7>	yeah, you have to stop your father from becoming an elder..
<a2ndbree>	Do you trust Sarah?
<AlteredJane>	Didn't Sarah steal your father's phone?
<coley>	HI
<virginian9000>	*snickers at silver*	<Kellylen>	i think they should try and go after carruthers. to stop it all. but im sure it will be dangerous
<soccerstar>	Hi Liv
*	Traveler92 has joined #LG15chat.
<baba87>	taylor maybe you can hack into the boat comuter and drive it the right way
<snl06>	We really want to help you Taylor!
<kindredphantom>	No More Running
*	Traveler96 has joined #LG15chat.
<kmmanofakind>	Liv Im still alive!
<saral>	everyone has been talking about cassie are you still in contact with her?
<Traveler42>	TAYLOR the cellphone they gave daniel, what did that have?
<maesteg>	bree was actually cryogenically frozen....she's stored next to ted williams
<Franki1993>	Taylor can you track sarah phone anyway?
<Liv>	So am I!
*	Traveler40 has signed off IRC (Client Quit).
<coley>	is taylor on this 1?????
<Traveler82>	taylor, cna you show them where the nearest life boat is. they can leave that way
<tastier>	but it'd be safer to fight the order in your own territory, not stuck on a ship
<LOBSTER>	i'm telling you...hide the lifeboat so they think they've gone away from the boat
<saral>	yes coley
*	Traveler29 has joined #LG15chat.
<Lotusblossom>	good question, T42
<soccerstar>	Hopefully they don't go anywhere near Carruthers. I want them to follow the ship plans and get off that boat!
<Jijendia>	Taylor, whatever you do, whatever the outcome is, you gotta save them and you have to fight with the best of your abilities.
<deviantmetztli>	whats the nearest body of land?!?!?!
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*	bd has joined #LG15chat.
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<Franki1993>	Taylor can you track sarah phone anyway?
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Good luck!
<deviantmetztli>	does anyone know?
*	Traveler63 has joined #LG15chat.
<saral>	lobster, i dont think they will leave nethin ont he boat unturned
<xAccordianGuyx>	NO, they need to kill Carutthers!
*	Traveler50 has joined #LG15chat.
<kmmanofakind>	maybe they should scuba dive out >.>
*	Traveler92 has joined #LG15chat.
<snl06>	Taylor, find a way to destroy the ship~
<baba87>	hack the computer with yours
<Kellylen>	if they leave theyll be on the run again. and have the order chasing them!
*	Traveler54 has joined #LG15chat.
<Traveler47>	where is Taylor?
<kindredphantom>	they need to kill him and put an end to it
<cooker1119>	do we know where they are on the ship?
*	Traveler30 is now known as adamantiumtiger.
<|DjKira>	opahid could totally help out silverblue. that is a great idea
<saral>	shes mia
<saral>	lol
<retrospects>	we thought you guys were still in lufkin..... i was gonna come donw and help cause i have fam there
<bekah>	where arent they on the boat???
<miiisspickle7>	but then once they are off the boat... what are you gonna do to put an end to all this?
<Jijendia>	Taylor, your hacking skills are top-notch, and I am sure you can do something. I am sure you will be strong enough to avoid the worse, and I know you can find a way to protect them.
<|DjKira>	tachyon helped before
<soccerstar>	I tried Frank, but the signals aren't strong enough. She's in the middle of the ocean.
<rosita>	taylor is soccerstar
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<coolwill100>	Taylor, do you have a camera with you?
<Mitch_Modern>	Where is the ship going?
<pmcc>	ya but its darkest befor the dawn
<xAccordianGuyx>	Carruthers and your dad need to be stopped and this is their chance!
<HayleyChina>	maybe a small raft at the back of the boat?
<Jijendia>	but wait...
<Angel89>	if they can find diving gear on the boat then they should take it, create a distraction and slip overboard...
*	Traveler80 has joined #LG15chat.
<saral>	to the lifeboat isn't the prob... its from the lifeboat to shore
<Jakers19>	What happened
<adamantiumtiger>	Its kinda hard to finish him in Lufkin if you're in a boat off the coast of Baja California...
<tryn2help>	taylor do you think shara is ok
<soccerstar>	Not sure Mitch, just out to sea somewhere
<|DjKira>	taylor you should see if you can contact tachyon.
<adamantiumtiger>	Just saying
<saral>	sitting ducks
<Rasputanian>	There is no way that the order won't notice them getting off the boat. There needs to be something to distract them. Or fool them.
<Traveler44>	how can they get off the boat?  Are there life rafts?
<saral>	that's all a lifeboat will be
*	Kellylen stabs kira
<snl06>	Taylor, go to the boat!
<AlteredJane>	ok so you have the coordinates? I mean do you know where the boat is?
<LOBSTER>	doesnt jonas have navigation skills from his dad???
*	Traveler92 is now known as Mercy_Mile.
<Traveler47>	sO USE A LIFEBOAT
*	Traveler80 is now known as rocketchinchilla.
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<Broken_Kid>	please don't type in all caps
<virginian9000>	I'm so loling at kira and silver
<maesteg>	are international rescue nearby? thunderbird 4 could come in handy right now
<snl06>	Go to the boat and get them off!
<ivib>	Call the coast gaurd, repost a kidnapping to get them too the boat!!!
<mib_bczfhxad>	who is the other girl?
<snl06>	You can do it!
<saral>	it doesn't matter... bullets travel faster than lifeboats
<Jijendia>	Taylor, Jonas... he has something in him, looks like a chip or somekind of device of some sort... wouldn't it be hackable too ? I don't know I think i kinda missed the point of that
<Lotusblossom>	Taylor, you need to get near a coast. Hack the ship's navigation system and set new coord.!
<soccerstar>	yeah Jane sort of]
<silverblue>	there's this guy named glenn... i hear he has connections
<snl06>	Get Nikki B or SPencer!
<xAccordianGuyx>	Taylor, they have to take down Carutthers and your dad before they get off that boat!
<boryalic>	I bet LordGreystoke422 would love to help you out soccerstar
<Mitch_Modern>	Wait remember the list of places that were on Lucy's computer
<retrospects>	they just have to be in international watters that what they cant get busted for murder!
*	Jo|BBS is now known as Jo_16_2.
<virginian9000>	hahahaha
*	Traveler07 has joined #LG15chat.
<Mitch_Modern>	what was that islands name
<AlteredJane>	hahaaha
<chershaytoute>	me, too, eric, me, too...
<saral>	ya what about jonas' chip?
<Mitch_Modern>	maybe its going to that island
<Kellylen>	kira i hate you
<Jakers19>	There is no way the order is going to let them get off the boat
<soccerstar>	Accordian, that's too dangerous
<rosita>	haha retro
<Kellylen>	so much right now
<saral>	is that trackable?
<tastier>	wait, do we know why exactly it's on the ship? why exactly do the order need to be on the ship?
<maesteg>	tracey island
<soccerstar>	I want to see them alive!
<chershaytoute>	though...  <COUGH!>
<|DjKira>	you so dont hate me kelly
<Jijendia>	hacking jonas chip to find their location....
<xAccordianGuyx>	but Taylor this is their chance!
<|DjKira>	dont play
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<saral>	so dont let them get on a lifeboat?
<Jijendia>	if they tracked Jonas with this, so could you
*	silverblue laughs
<saral>	!
<kindredphantom>	Taylor if they dont he will only resume the chase
*	Cheecher has joined #LG15chat.
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<snl06>	Taylor, this must be hell for you!!
<phisho>	taylor's right, it's too dangerous
*	silverblue laughs with seriousness, i mean
<Kellylen>	should we worry about getting sarah taylor?
<nomorelurking>	Kira! hiya!
<LOBSTER>	you know jonas won't leave until he at least tries to stop carruthers
<Mercy_Mile>	Taylor, listen to accordian
<boryalic>	5 bucks Cu-Roi will be the first one to the ship
<virginian9000>	Taylor, stay safe. Sacrifice the others if you have too
<phisho>	fighting the Order, yes...but on a boat, isolated, with nowhere to run? bad idea.
<Kellylen>	or can she be ok on her own
<saraholic>	Yeah...Taylor's right about that.
<|DjKira>	heya nomore lurking
*	theonlyink has joined #LG15chat.
<phisho>	we need to bring the fight to land.
<soccerstar>	Yeah I guess you're right. I just want my sister and friends to be ok
*	mib_py02gq2s is now known as Silverwolf01.
<HayleyChina>	isnt their a captains log in the computer taylor?
<saraholic>	It's way way too dangerous to do it now
<rocketchinchilla>	dont they like have the vids made already?
<Mercy_Mile>	if your sister can sucessfully blow up the ceramony room, you can pull this off
<adamantiumtiger>	Its too dangerous, Jonas doesn't have his unloaded gun with him.
<soccerstar>	But they do need to fight. This is their chance!
<rocketchinchilla>	so this is just like fake rp?
<Silverfox768>	any idea who this other girl is?
<silverblue>	gemma lives
<kindredphantom>	damage the boat more
<Traveler44>	I think you need to call in a favor from somewhere...someone has to go get them!
<xAccordianGuyx>	Exactly!
<saral>	it kinda seems to reason that if sarah risked herself for you, then you kinda owe it to do the same for her and get a boat to get her outta there
<soccerstar>	I wish I wasn't left behind >(
<phisho>	rocket, uh, shhh
<Zakariah>	Taylor, by the way, look out for yourself. The Order knows you're alone now. I don't imagine them leaving you alone.
<lee123>	Get off the boat first then worry about the rest after the eclips
<|DjKira>	oh yeah silver, i make sure i only laugh with seriousness
<bekah>	they werent tracking jonas with the chip it was sarah!!!!!!
<Vogel23>	you have to find someone with a boat and go get them!
<HayleyChina>	check the ships logs?
<BlueJaybird>	were you forced to stay back?
<Traveler33>	anyone know where the blueprints were posted?
<coolwill100>	You're doing exactly what needs to be done Taylor!
<rosita>	taylor you can help more on the shore
<virginian9000>	Taylor, will you be making a video today?
<chershaytoute>	i like the idea of bringing the fight to land...and, if there's scuba equipment enough, that really might be a great plan
<Kellylen>	its ok taylor you have us, i know we are all saying different things, but its a start for ideas
<soccerstar>	Zak, do you think I'm in danger??
<silverblue>	it could be gemma O_O
<Traveler50>	poor taylor... but that's where we need you
<Franki1993>	Taylor try and get a boat
<ivib>	HOw can they fight...they don't have any weapons. Get them help..The coast gaurd
<Traveler54>	why were you left behind?
<Lotusblossom>	Taylors, others like Nikki B and Spencer were left behind. Team up with them!!
<kindredphantom>	Taylor you are at your best
<saral>	land is much better
<Traveler01>	Either way...Carruthers HAS to pay some how. He started the shit...and they need to end the shit.
<Kellylen>	i think you are in danger taylor.
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Look, Taylor. I know this is tearing you apart. Just do what you think is right. It's all what you think, and you don't need us to rip you apart. Just go with your heart. Do what is right
<theonlyink>	Can they use a life raft to get off the ship?
<Zakariah>	You're definitely not safe.
<saral>	more places to hide
<el_yse>	They shouldn't escape, they should stay and be all sneaky, and start rampaging!
<maesteg>	the logs won't work...you need the full trees
<tastier>	maybe the others could get the ceremony girl and trade her for freedom!
<baba87>	i sure you are in danger tay
<Cheecher>	thats a good point, the order might take advantage of you being by yourself
<soccerstar>	shit...
*	HTMLvis offers to help send messages anywhere for you soccerstar
<Jakers19>	Ya Taylor The order is all around watch out for yourself
<cooker1119>	zaks right, the order has people everywhere
*	Traveler96 has signed off IRC (Client Quit).
<retrospects>	we need contact to the outside so if anything dose happne we can get help
<heyaja>	o.o
<Jijendia>	thing is, we know the locations of the eclipse, right ?
<grace2_89>	taylor, what?
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Taylor... be careful!
<Traveler44>	what?
<Franki1993>	what?
<saral>	even if you just sent some guns or sumthin to them taylor
<Traveler54>	omgosh whats happening?
<miiisspickle7>	taylor, i think its better that you are not on the ship..
<kindredphantom>	Taylor dont stay in one place for too long
<retrospects>	whats up............?
<mib_bczfhxad>	what?
<xAccordianGuyx>	Taylor, go to a friends house or somewhere safe!
<Jijendia>	so this is a very well defined path to where they could be
<Traveler01>	WHAT?
<saraholic>	Taylor, just watch your back and stay careful
<saral>	whats up?
<chershaytoute>	the eclipse is over
<kindredphantom>	Keep Moving
<vernanonix>	Zak's right....the Order wasn't gonna touch you as long as Sarah helped. Now look what's happening!
<blondefairy1975>	whats happening!
<soccerstar>	ok well then should i move or something?
*	Cloud_ax is now known as Croudu.
<Rasputanian>	Taylor, I'd move to another location
<ashguy1370>	tfr is right
<BlueJaybird>	You need to hide just as much as the others
<snl06>	Taylor, we need a good plan to get them out alive!
<phisho>	yeah, I think you should
<Skunkwaffle>	omg it's crazy in here
<xAccordianGuyx>	go to a friends house!
*	Traveler46 has joined #LG15chat.
<AlteredJane>	yes
*	Traveler57 has signed off IRC ("Java user signed off").
<kindredphantom>	Keep Moving Taylor
<AlteredJane>	GO
<baba87>	\thats your dad for crying out loud they might b looking for you
<bianca23>	taylor, what's wrong?
<soccerstar>	i mean i need to keep in contact withe everyone on the boat
<LOBSTER>	why dont you find that Jerry fellow?
<HayleyChina>	yes move
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Move! Get out of there!
<Zakariah>	stay in plain sight
<Rasputanian>	Move to somewhere public, maybe.
<miiisspickle7>	i would certainly change locations often
<cooker1119>	yeah, move and dont tell us where you are
<Skunkwaffle>	what's happening
<snl06>	Sam will help you!
<el_yse>	taylor, you need to be hidden!  not in plain sight!
<rocketchinchilla>	taylor your in the wrong chat
<Rasputanian>	Like a coffee shop with wireless.
<saral>	get a boat
<xAccordianGuyx>	go to a friends house or somewhere safe! SAMS HOUSE!
<kindredphantom>	move further down
<Skunkwaffle>	oh Taylor's here
<heyaja>	snl, no caps
<saral>	plz
<ivib>	yes!!! they could be tracking you by GPS too. especially your Dad
<Jakers19>	Jst make sure your not out in the open
<Cheecher>	if they know where you are moving is pointless
<Skunkwaffle>	nm
<heyaja>	that's your second warning
<snl06>	srr
<snl06>	y
<soccerstar>	i'm on the beach, just sitting on some rocks, no one's around
*	Traveler71 has joined #LG15chat.
<Kellylen>	no. public didnt help. remember when the watcher chased emma in the mall
<Silverwolf01>	taylor i agree with most dont stay in one location to long they might find yo
<Skunkwaffle>	Kelleylen!
<Skunkwaffle>	hi
<Kellylen>	skunk1
<snl06>	aja srry just i had a sudden idea
<Kellylen>	:D
<coolwill100>	Taylor, do you have a camera with you?
<retrospects>	you may want to bunker down........
<snl06>	geez
<cooker1119>	get into public, where they cant just take you away
<Traveler54>	dont be alone on a beach with noone around! be in a public place
<soccerstar>	i don't have any friends here!
<saral>	you need to be inside somewhere
<Clarineato>	The Order is Always around!
<kindredphantom>	Move Further Down The Beach
<Vogel23>	taylor do not sit out in the open!
<Broken_Kid>	Accordion, don't type in all caps
<heyaja>	snl, but you know the rules
<LOBSTER>	all her friiends are on the boat
*	Traveler71 has signed off IRC (Client Quit).
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Go to where people can see you. Go to safety!
<Mitch_Modern>	Taylor Ithink the ship might be going to Adak Island!
<bianca23>	taylor, go to nikki B or Jerry
<BlueJaybird>	get into a public place
<xAccordianGuyx>	ohhh right
<saral>	find somewhere
<phisho>	yeah, coffee shop, now taylor
<kmmanofakind>	HIDE in the rocks
<soccerstar>	man you guys are right
<Traveler44>	maybe you can send an anonymous tip to the coast guard that there are drugs on board!
<rosita>	go inside, don't be in plkaine view
<Rasputanian>	Go to a coffee place. They have free wireless and there's always people around.
<Zakariah>	the beach is the WORST place to stay
<BlueJaybird>	they won't attack there
<snl06>	Taylor, what about Sam?
<Cheecher>	Go to an area with people around
<silverblue>	stay on the beach!
<Jakers19>	Get to some cover u never no when the order will show up
<Skunkwaffle>	Kellylen, can't talk here come to safer ground
<kindredphantom>	Find a Populated area
<ivib>	keep moving but don't tell anyone where your going. Its not safe to trust anyone right now\
<soccerstar>	hide in the rocks??
<miiisspickle7>	yes, make sure your around people
*	Traveler26 has joined #LG15chat.
<rosita>	er, plain view
*	Traveler26 is now known as september2star.
<snl06>	Isn't Sam your friend?
<soccerstar>	haha
<Poknish>	taylor wat does S.S. Hathor's song mean?
<ivib>	even Sarah totally
<Franki1993>	Spencers your friend Spencer c
<silverblue>	sunbathing is good for you
<Zakariah>	only go to the beach when they are on their way back
<phisho>	NO. Coffee shop
<theonlyink>	find someplace safe
<Silverfox768>	is there a lifeguard station u can hide at?
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Good luck! Do what you think is right...
<lee123>	taylor if your alone on a beach then your ok
<kmmanofakind>	GET out of plain view atleast
<|DjKira>	make yourself a drink taylor
<kindredphantom>	what else is on the beach taylor?
<soccerstar>	I have to stay at the shore in case they get on a lifeboat. I have to wait here for them.
<bianca23>	yeah, go to spencer!
<tastier>	i think suggesting hiding places is useless here. the order could be amongst us
<sapphire_gurl>	yeah, not a good idea to be alone at a time like this....
<maesteg>	latte is the only answer
<coley>	wow alot of stuff at once
<el_yse>	i agree, go to a inconspicuous coffee shop
<chershaytoute>	wasn't Hathor mentioned when they went to that museum?
<Franki1993>	*can help
<|DjKira>	let the others solve it, they left you behind anyway
<lee123>	u should be able to se them coming
*	Traveler57 has joined #LG15chat.
<snl06>	Traveler01, no caps!
<Poknish>	taylor wat does S.S. Hathor's song mean?
<Lotusblossom>	Contact Evergreen like Jennie did! :D
<Kellylen>	taylor whats the chance that they land at your beach though
<Silverwolf01>	guys let her post
<silverblue>	vitamin a is totally good for you
<LOBSTER>	isnt there anyone on the beach?
<el_yse>	or, mcdonalds has wifi too..
<blondefairy1975>	she's not the one in the line of fire yet
<Cheecher>	a beach with no one else around?
<theonlyink>	Can you call Sarah or something?
<baba87>	well i would keep a close eye round where your are and figure out an ecape while you sitting there talking to us  because you never no if someone is watching you with out you know
<Jakers19>	Taylors right she has to stay there
<Kellylen>	the coast is big
<Mitch_Modern>	ADAK ISLANd! I think thats where the ship is going taylor
*	Traveler27 has joined #LG15chat.
<Mercy_Mile>	The beach is too dangerous Taylor....
<Vogel23>	is there a lifeguard tower around? try to break into one?
<silverblue>	i vote for staying on the beach
<grace2_89>	hathor was part of the egyptian stuff.... wasn't it?
<soccerstar>	It's an Eqgyptian reference I believe
<BlueJaybird>	Hathor was an egyptian goddess
<retrospects>	heck yeah!! just think if there are all those order-ites on the boat.......who is watching to make sure no one is there when the dock
<Mercy_Mile>	you guys go there all the time
<Jakers19>	Taylor can u get some one there with u
<phisho>	is the eclipse visible from adak?
*	mib_66yslcla has joined #LG15chat.
<kindredphantom>	Mitch you are likely right
<bekah>	ya just stay on the beach but hide
<Mercy_Mile>	the order might be expecting that
<soccerstar>	I'll walk a bit Vogel and see what I can find
*	Traveler09 has joined #LG15chat.
<HayleyChina>	hide under pier?
<snl06>	Taylor, they're going to be found soon, we need to do something soon!
<snl06>	Really soon!
<Liv>	Be careful, Taylor!
<Mitch_Modern>	Its the only lication they havnt been to taylor
<Cheecher>	why do you not call Sarah's friend from the order that spoke of the prophecy
*	Traveler28 has joined #LG15chat.
*	Traveler28 has signed off IRC (Client Quit).
<ThatFreakinRandy>	You do that. Keep in touch!
<BlueJaybird>	Good Choice Taylor
<soccerstar>	no piers around Hayley
<kmmanofakind>	Be Really Careful!
<BlueJaybird>	Be careful!
*	Traveler50 is now known as anarchyames.
<Silverwolf01>	becareful
<Poknish>	well then maybe it means something that could help us
*	Traveler70 has joined #LG15chat.
<rocketchinchilla>	yeah taylor, the order will get you! , even tho you already made all the vids and its over and done with. OMG RUN TAYLOR go to a coffe shop or sumfin
<HayleyChina>	oh >	(
<phisho>	be careful, taylor
<ThatFreakinRandy>	and please, stay safe!
<tastier>	the SoccerStar has to keep shining!
<baba87>	carefull make sure you have something to run too so you can hide
*	Traveler44 is now known as shawnslovingwife.
<Silverfox768>	is there anyway you can call sarahs friend, the one thats been helping her?
<mib_bczfhxad>	be careful
<Kellylen>	taylor stay safe please
<kindredphantom>	just be carefull taylor
*	mib_peiodcjm has joined #LG15chat.
<miiisspickle7>	taylor, have you seen the first part of the prophecy yet?
<coolwill100>	Do you have a camera??
<snl06>	Taylorl, contact Jerry!
<tasder>	tylor
<shawnslovingwife>	call the coast guard!
<chershaytoute>	here are the blueprints>	(Link>	http>	//www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=119&t=18257&p=638752&hilit=#p638752)http>	//www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=119&t=18257&p=638752&hilit=#p638752
<kindredphantom>	don't take unessary risks
<boryalic>	Soccerstar maybe you just need to go outside and kick some balls around for a bit to clear your thought process
<theonlyink>	Yeah! Call Sarah's friend! That guy who was doing stuff for her.
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<xAccordianGuyx>	STAY SAFE Taylor >	)
<Rasputanian>	I'm still sticking with my coffee place idea. I work at a coffee place too, Taylor. You know it's a good place to be for now.
<soccerstar>	thanks everybody! i'm going to keep sending these blueprints to daniel and jonas... hopefully they pick up a signal
<Mitch_Modern>	yeah he's right taylor go to a public place, or an internet cafe
<snl06>	OK, Taylor
<deviantmetztli>	they need jonas....perhaps we could use jonas as a decoy!
<Silverwolf01>	stay some place where their might be police cause tehy wont want a public scene
<coolwill100>	ok
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<tastier>	good luck taylor!
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Good juck!
<miiisspickle7>	stay safe taylor,
*	silverblue laughs at rocketchinchilla
<snl06>	We wish you the best!
<Kellylen>	should we try posting it in the forum for them?
<kindredphantom>	hopefully they will
<HayleyChina>	nice one i hope they get them
<Jessi>	stay safe Taylor
<Liv>	Good luck!
<shawnslovingwife>	ohh. good idea  about jrry, but how do you find him?
<BlogGirl14>	good luck
<adamantiumtiger>	Good luck!
<|DjKira>	peace out taylor. hope you get a good tan
<grace2_89>	thanks, Taylor! stay safe! keep up the good work!
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<Clarineato>	G'luck Taylor
<anarchyames>	stay safe!!!
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<kmmanofakind>	Good Luck TaYLOR!
<chershaytoute>	take care, taylor
<saraholic>	Yeahh...definitely remain persistent with the blueprints
<lee123>	Good luck taylor :D
<Silverwolf01>	look what happened to salenas when his crap went pub
<Mitch_Modern>	bye baby
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<alexis>	good luck taylor.
<baba87>	good luck and hope you all make it safly
<nomorelurking>	Good Luck Taylor!
<saraholic>	And good luck!
<Mercy_Mile>	be careful taylor
<sapphire_gurl>	Good luck taylor!!!
<filthyxyouth>	Bye Taylor!
<soccerstar>	and i'll move my spot. thanks! i'll be in touch soon. say a little prayer for everyone on that boat
<phisho>	bye
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<Kellylen>	good luck we are here if you need us
<miiisspickle7>	>	)
<filthyxyouth>	Good uck!
<phisho>	of course
<snl06>	Taylor, be safe!
<Traveler01>	Be safe Taylor!!!
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<Rasputanian>	Good luck!
<Zakariah>	Will do.
<ashguy1370>	good luck
<Vogel23>	good luck taylor!
<saraholic>	We're all praying!
<rosita>	good luck taylor <3
<snl06>	We don't want to lose you!
<kindredphantom>	go now
<HayleyChina>	take care!
<tasder>	hi
<el_yse>	say a big prayer, actually
<Liv>	Alrighty!
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<baba87>	bye
<Mitch_Modern>	Love you babe!
<theonlyink>	GOOD LUCK!
<anarchyames>	we will!!
<lee123>	byes
<Lotusblossom>	^5 Talor
<Jakers19>	Good luck and stay safe
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<BlogGirl14>	Bye!
<soccerstar>	thank you! BYE!
<BriarRose>	Bye!
<kmmanofakind>	BYE!
<vernanonix>	GLGLGLGL!
<Jessi>	abe carefull
<Clarineato>	bye
<HayleyChina>	byeee
<kindredphantom>	ttfn
<miiisspickle7>	BYEE!!
<el_yse>	bye taylor
<silverblue>	love you babe?
<writerdude>	Bye Taylor
<BlueJaybird>	Farewell!
<Liv>	Bye!
<Silverwolf01>	gl taylor
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