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Episode 535/3x125
8:00 AM

This may really be our finale...

Blogger Jonas
Date Posted August 1st, 2008
URL youtube.com
Forum 18268|3=lg15}}
Length 1:12
Description Thanks to your advice, Sarah was able to create a distraction and help me escape. The others found the boat and Sarah blew up the ceremony room... but then she disappeared. We need your help to get off this boat! The Order knows we're here! Send any ideas or information to us at http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15.
Location(s) S.S. Hathor's Song
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 danielbeast daniel jonastko jonas sarah taylor jennie grand ascension season finale boom
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Marcello Daciano
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Joshua Hale Fialkov
Story Tom Pettit, Blair Singer, Jim Campolongo, Amanda Goodfried, Miles Beckett, and Joshua Hale Fialkov
Editor(s) Kevin Schlanser
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Jonas Jackson Davis
Jennie Melanie Merkosky
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8:00 AM is the five-hundred thirty-fifth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the one-hundred twenty-fifth video of season three. It is part two of The Ascension, the lonelygirl15 series finale.


(Daniel is running across a deck covered in loungers. Text reading "8:00 AM" is in the upper right corner. A series of explosions and gunshots are heard as he runs. Cut to an upper deck where Jennie turns the camera on Jonas.)

Jonas: Go!

(Jonas runs after Daniel. Cut to several shots of the boat as Jonas runs. Explosions and gunshots continue. Cut to Daniel jumping to a lower deck outside of a cabin. He begins to run as the boat's foghorn sounds.)

Daniel: Jennie, run!

(The camera turns as Jennie runs after Jonas. Cut to another scene as they run along a deck containing emergency equipment. Gunshots continue as Jonas peers the camera over the railing to view the boat's bow. Cut to Daniel running up a flight of stairs. Flashes can be seen behind his heels, presumably gunfire Jonas runs after Jennie and Daniel. And explosion is heard nearby and the boat rocks, causing Jonas to fall to the ground as splashes are heard. He picks up the camera and continues running. Cut to the inside of a cabin area. Daniel runs around a corner and ducks into a darkened cabin.)

Daniel: Is there a light?

Jonas: I don't know.

Daniel: Does anybody see a light?

Jonas: I don't know; hold on.

(The sound of the door closing is heard.)

Daniel: I can't see anything.

Jonas: Yeah! I think I got it. I think I got it.

(Light slowly flickers into the room and Daniel turns to Jennie.)

Daniel: Jennie, are you okay?

Jennie: Yeah.

Jonas: You guys okay?

Daniel: You alright?

(Jonas turns the camera on himself as he catches his breath.)

Jonas: Thank you, Sarah. Thank you.

Daniel: Jonas, we still gotta get outta here, man.

Jennie: They're gonna find us!

Jonas: Yeah, but they can't do the ceremony now, okay? And that is all that matters.

Daniel: Yeah, but-- You don't think that they're still d--

Jonas: I doubt it; I doubt it. That thing? That machine? Is toast. Now all we gotta do, is we gotta find Sarah and that girl, and--

Daniel: No! Sarah made her decision.

Jonas: What are you talking about, man?

Daniel: She made her decision!

Jonas: She saved us, okay?

Daniel: Yeah, whatever.

Jennie: Daniel...

Jonas: Listen, we're gonna get outta here. Alright? I mean, it's gonna be cool. Taylor will think of something. It's gonna be fine.

(The camera turns to Jennie an cuts to black.)



Taylor joined chat on August 1st shortly after 8:00 AM PDT. The log below is color-coded to highlight Taylor's lines, as well as lines Taylor referenced. The full log can be found 8:00 AM/Full chatlog.

*	Traveler96 has joined #LG15chat.
*	Traveler96 is now known as soccerstar.
<soccerstar>	Anyone here?
<Kellylen>	were here
<cheddar|cleans>	taylor!
<soccerstar>	hi Kelly!
<Jessi>	Hey Taylor
<grace2_89>	hello!
<soccerstar>	hi cheddar, jessi, grace
<soccerstar>	I just saw the video and thank goodness Sarah came to her senses
<soccerstar>	that's the first thing
<Mitch_Modern>	hehe im so confused about the last vid
<soccerstar>	but 2nd, OMG they are in so much danger!
<soccerstar>	ok Mitch, I'll recap for you
<soccerstar>	We got Sarah's coordinates in the middle of the night
<soccerstar>	Daniel & Jennie made it the boat
<soccerstar>	it
<soccerstar>	is some weird Hymnn of One cruise ship or something
<soccerstar>	I stayed on shore to help out from here
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Taylor, what can we do to help you?
<soccerstar>	I figured that wd be best, now I wish I was there to help!
<soccerstar>	Randy, unless you're an expert hacker or have a helicopter, I'm not sure
<BlueJaybird>	What's the status now, Taylor?
<soccerstar>	I've been trying to hack the ship's computer
<soccerstar>	no idea bluejaybird, i've lost contact with them
<AlteredJane>	Taylor rent a boat
<soccerstar>	that's what I'm think Jane!
<soccerstar>	There are life boats on the ship right?
<grace2_89>	I would think there are lifeboats
<soccerstar>	If I can get them to a lifeboat - grace great idea!
<grace2_89>	LOL that TOTALLY wasn't my idea, but thank you taylor
<soccerstar>	What do you guys think?
<HayleyChina>	hack the ships computer and make it turn around :p
<soccerstar>	Haley I wish I could!
<soccerstar>	Ok so hold on a sec, while I keep working... stand by
<saral>	taylor i wouldn't go on a life boat... all you'll do is float and then they can shoot at you
<soccerstar>	but sara how else will they get off the boat??
<virginian9000>	Taylor, Can you do anything to the boat by hacking it? like blowing it up?
<soccerstar>	dont think so virginian
<ThatFreakinRandy>	There has to be a safe way to do this.
<soccerstar>	hopefully Sarah's exlposion worked for now. It'll have to...
<soccerstar>	What wd you suggest Randy?
<Poknish>	what did she explode?
<soccerstar>	Pok, she was targeting whatever equipment they have for the ascension ceremony
<coolwill100>	Taylor, what if they can't find Sarah!!!!
<soccerstar>	they'll find her coolwill... right?
<Poknish>	taylor who do u think is the ceremony girl?
<AlteredJane>	OK so Taylor, have you accessed the boat's computer?
<soccerstar>	no idea pok >:(
<soccerstar>	yes Jane, i'm almost there...
<AlteredJane>	great. Then you can find an escape route, no?
<soccerstar>	trying... i hope so Jane
<BlueJaybird>	It's fairly easy to blow stuff up with hospital supplies
<Franki1993>	taylor get then moving so they dont get caught
<soccerstar>	ya apparently it is bluejay
<soccerstar>	yes Frank that is the best idea
<soccerstar>	i wish i'd gone with them. i'm stuck on the beach
<soccerstar>	ok i've got something... hold on
<soccerstar>	I found them! Posting now
<soccerstar>	just posted them in the forum
<soccerstar>	i think these are the blueprints for the ship
<soccerstar>	i hope this helps them!
<soccerstar>	at least they'll have a map of the ship and can find somewhere to hide
<saral>	good job taylor... now go get urself a boat and rescue them
<soccerstar>	I'm trying my best...
<soccerstar>	hide or better yet find a lifeboat!
*	Mitch_Modern Taylor do you know who the ceromony girl was?
<soccerstar>	i don't mitch. No idea
<BlueJaybird>	Lifeboats are not the safest way out!
<BlueJaybird>	better than swimming htough
<soccerstar>	what do you suggest bluejay?
<deviantmetztli>	Taylor is there anyway you can contact your father?!?!
<soccerstar>	No, and I have nothing to say to him.
<soccerstar>	after what he's done...the lies, the betrayal
<soccerstar>	I'll never forgive him
<saraholic>	Well, I'd think they'll be looking on the ship, not in the water
<saraholic>	And by the time they notice them, they'll be too far for them to do any damage to them
<soccerstar>	good idea! I'll tell them to blend in... hard to do when you're running from the order though
<ivib>	you don't have to forgive him...but maybe you could use your father to help you. Maybe you could trick him?? iinto helping
<soccerstar>	I tried call Sarah but it just went to VM
<soccerstar>	what sort of trick?
<Zakariah>	Do we think Sarah has been captured?
<soccerstar>	and I'm all the way on shore
<soccerstar>	I hope not Zak!
<soccerstar>	Maybe she's just hiding?
<ThatFreakinRandy>	Taylor, I just want to say... you have to stop your father from ascention. I think in order to do that, they need to stay on the ship.
<soccerstar>	I agree Randy. He's my Father, but he's got to be stopped.
<soccerstar>	I know Jonas and Daniel will do anything to stop it.
<soccerstar>	Hopefully the explosion will prevet them from moving forward
<soccerstar>	with it.
<soccerstar>	*crossing my fingers*
<soccerstar>	The point now is to get off that darn boat!
<Franki1993>	Taylor get them to find sarah and the girl and uses her as cover
<Kellylen>	taylor it wont help anything getting off the boat
<soccerstar>	ok Frank I'll tell them
<soccerstar>	why Kelly?
<Kellylen>	becuase you will just be on the run again
<soccerstar>	but aren't we always on the run?
<soccerstar>	I guess that's why I left...
<rosita>	this is your chancet to end this
<soccerstar>	I'd like it to
<Kellylen>	you cant be on the run for the rest of your lives
<Liv>	Hey Taylor!
<soccerstar>	that's what I'm starting to realize Kelly. Going home just delayed things... it didn't make it go away
<Kellylen>	i think they should try and go after carruthers. to stop it all. but im sure it will be dangerous
<soccerstar>	Hi Liv
<soccerstar>	Hopefully they don't go anywhere near Carruthers. I want them to follow the ship plans and get off that boat!
<Franki1993>	Taylor can you track sarah phone anyway?
<soccerstar>	I tried Frank, but the signals aren't strong enough. She's in the middle of the ocean.
<Mitch_Modern>	Where is the ship going?
<soccerstar>	Not sure Mitch, just out to sea somewhere
<AlteredJane>	ok so you have the coordinates? I mean do you know where the boat is?
<soccerstar>	yeah Jane sort of]
<xAccordianGuyx>	Taylor, they have to take down Carutthers and your dad before they get off that boat!
<Jakers19>	There is no way the order is going to let them get off the boat
<soccerstar>	Accordian, that's too dangerous
<soccerstar>	I want to see them alive!
<phisho>	fighting the Order, yes...but on a boat, isolated, with nowhere to run? bad idea.
<soccerstar>	Yeah I guess you're right. I just want my sister and friends to be ok
<saraholic>	It's way way too dangerous to do it now
<soccerstar>	But they do need to fight. This is their chance!
<soccerstar>	I wish I wasn't left behind >:(
<Zakariah>	Taylor, by the way, look out for yourself. The Order knows you're alone now. I don't imagine them leaving you alone.
<soccerstar>	Zak, do you think I'm in danger??
<Zakariah>	You're definitely not safe.
<soccerstar>	shit...
<soccerstar>	ok well then should i move or something?
<soccerstar>	i mean i need to keep in contact withe everyone on the boat
<soccerstar>	i'm on the beach, just sitting on some rocks, no one's around
<soccerstar>	i don't have any friends here!
<BlueJaybird>	get into a public place
<kmmanofakind>	HIDE in the rocks
<soccerstar>	man you guys are right
<soccerstar>	hide in the rocks??
<soccerstar>	haha
<soccerstar>	I have to stay at the shore in case they get on a lifeboat. I have to wait here for them.
<Vogel23>	is there a lifeguard tower around? try to break into one?
<grace2_89>	hathor was part of the egyptian stuff.... wasn't it?
<soccerstar>	It's an Eqgyptian reference I believe
<soccerstar>	I'll walk a bit Vogel and see what I can find
<HayleyChina>	hide under pier?
<soccerstar>	no piers around Hayley
<soccerstar>	thanks everybody! i'm going to keep sending these blueprints to daniel and jonas... hopefully they pick up a signal
<soccerstar>	and i'll move my spot. thanks! i'll be in touch soon. say a little prayer for everyone on that boat
<soccerstar>	thank you! BYE!
*	soccerstar has signed off IRC ("Java user signed off").