a running start

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OpAdolf Video 0006
a running start


Blogger Miep
Date Posted October 16th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description now i can finally stop wondering how I'm going to get in contact with you =)
YouTube Tags Blitzyon Opadolf nazis jews jan busy bethany stuffed time warp
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Jenni Powell and Adam Daroff
Producer(s) PJ Scott-Blankenship
Director(s) PJ Scott-Blankenship
Vidplay PJ Scott-Blankenship
Story PJ Scott-Blankenship
Editor(s) PJ Scott-Blankenship
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a running start is the sixth video in the OpAdolf component to the LonelyJew15 video series.


Text: so this is the first time I'm using this account.

and I closed my first account. (after my last assignment, I learned my lesson)

it's nice to have fallen into a job that'll keep me on my toes and constantly moving...

...but I fear that is just a big misunderstanding.

at least that's what those around me are forcing themselves to believe but how can they expect me to be so ignorant?

thankfully, I've made some friends plenty of interesting people here. every week i learn something that I never knew thanks to them.

...if and when i get that rare free moment, I hope to have the energy left to actually put that knowledge to good use! (double optimism)

all autumn, the weight of my day-to-day demands has kept me feeling like I am being crushed into a flat pan, doomed to fade away

[irony noted]

at least it's helping me find the energy for the obstacle course I think i'll do well this year.

i am trying to approach it as my ability to keep up with these challenges directly reflects qualities of my inner self...

...and my inner self has a fierce determination to be able to dance the polka with the one I love.

right now, nothing sounds better than an actual commitment I could use the excuse to try out some nice moves i've accuired

but given that i was so overwhelmed with busy work yesterday that I had to be reminded that I have a little friend waiting for me...

I am going to try and keep my expectations realistic. Believe me, I know that the closest i may get is snapping a few pictures outside the doors

I am glad at least that I found the time to write a little tonight.

i should remind myself to do it more often

I've had a long day, so i'm off to let my mind focus on things that actually might solve so much on my side of things

[and believe me, if i could help make it happen i would]

but I'd love it if i could pass the next round within the month.

but given my track record as of late, i haven't been so hot with most of my tasks...

[I most sincerely hope I'm due]



[Please tell the 'rents that I'm thinking of them, i miss you too...kinda]