After Party

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Flock Video 0059
After Party

Alcoholic Dolce Lattes, anyone?

Blogger Cynthia
Date Posted April 16th, 2008
Description I feel like crap, but thought I should let you all know what's been going on around here.

Oh and whoever turned the camera on while I was asleep, you're so dead :p.

YouTube Tags drunk hungover lg15 the chosen flock

Cynthia Jenna Altringham
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After Party is the fifty-ninth video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It is the eighteenth video of Season 2.


(Cynthia is lying asleep, when she gets several instant messages. She wakes up, puts her glasses on, then looks at the computer)

Cynthia: Holly! (Puts her head back on her pillow) Since someone so kindly turned the camera on for me, thought I'd better update you all on how I've been. It was Holly's birthday party last night. She had some big fancy do in some hall. It was an open invitation so I didn't know most of the people there, and I doubt she did either. We got kicked out of there about 1am, and came back here for more drinks. (Shows a bottle of Bacardi) So now, I have the hangover from hell. It's nice to know Matt's thinking of me, though. (Holds up a note that reads "Babe, After last night, I think you'll need these. Love you") Anyway you um, probably all wanna know what I'm doing about the whole Alessandra and Paul thing. Truth is, I'm not. Paul's parents have done a television appeal to find out about his whereabouts. As far as I know, no-ones come forward to say they've seen him. The police came round to interview us all. They asked me if I had heard from him or knew anything about where he could be and I said no. (Takes a tablet, and grimaces) I mean come on, who's gonna believe he just ran away with some girl we used to know, because her religion supposedly tried to kill me, and is now after them. I'd probably end up in the looney bin. (Sips some water) You know this party was the first step towards me getting back to normality. I've gotta forget about Alessandra before I go insane. But it doesn't mean I miss her any less. Gonna try and get some more sleep. Maybe I'll talk to you guys soon. (Cynthia lies down and goes back to sleep. Camera switches to footage of people at the party)