Aftermaths of Afterthoughts

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Aftermaths of Afterthoughts
Blogger Sarah
Date Posted November 11th, 2008
12:46 PM
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Aftermaths of Afterthoughts (also known as Not Buying It) is a text blog posted by Sarah directly after the video We Are The Resistance and directly before the video POW!.


Maggie’s video. That was nice. Really nice.

As an afterthought.

Sure, it’s great that she’s finally getting attached to us. Seeing the Resistance as actual people rather than an idea. But it doesn’t change the fact that the way she’s behaving now is totally hypocritical.

We were sucked back into this because of her. More precisely, sucked back into it because of her lies. There is no Hymn of None. There is no back-up army. It’s just a tech-saavy chick with a Charles Bronson complex. The only thing that’s for real in all of this is that our enemies are growing.

Not us. Them.

The Order was bad enough. But Lifesblood Labs just adds all kinds of craziness to the mix. And they didn’t even know who we were until Maggie dropped them on our doorstep. She’s put us and herself in more danger than ever. And now she just wants to pretend it’s all for the best?

I call bulls**t. It’s not for the best. Jonas and I, we were totally fine to get on with our lives. And Reed, talk about the ultimate sucker getting sucked in. As pissed as I am at him right now, I can’t help but feel more sorry. He was the most sane and normal of all of us. And now, he’s EXACTLY like us: on the run, no real life, no family, maybe even no future. It’s not fair, especially to him.

No matter how many love letters Maggie writes to to us, it won’t make any difference regarding how I feel. Which is to say, pissed.

I’m getting the feeling that she’s having a more negative than positive effect on the group. Now Jonas is being all antsy about going to Boston. Probably for her sake. Not wanting to put her in jeopardy (you know how he gets whenever a pretty Trait-Positive girl puts butterflies in his tummy).

Or maybe I’m over-analyzing all of this and should just shut up. Then again, I have a problem doing that. Shutting up. I think I just need to talk to someone about it (someone other than my oh-so-buddy-buddy travel companions right now).

I’m gonna pop into chat at 2 PM (PST) today, right before we hit the road one last time for Boston. If you guys wanna join and talk things through (i.e. calm me down), I’ll be there.

The Maggie of it all is really bothering me. And I want to know that I’m not alone.


PS - I made a "We Were Just Fine Until You Showed Up" Playlist on iMeem. Mean? Maybe. Cathartic? Most definitely.


Sarah entered chat at 2 PM PST. Below are filtered logs that only show lines spoken by characters.

<skyisempty>	so am I wrong for being pissed at Maggie?
<skyisempty>	somewhat?
<skyisempty>	why somewhat?
<skyisempty>	Haup - who should I redirect my anger toward?
<skyisempty>	thanks traverse
<skyisempty>	thanks filthyyouth
<skyisempty>	rach
<skyisempty>	exactly
<skyisempty>	Jonas is already getting way too distracted by her
<skyisempty>	they keep sneaking off every now and then, 'just getting a cup of coffee' or 'taking a walk'
<skyisempty>	its all so shady
<skyisempty>	snl06 - obviously
<skyisempty>	so what should I do to get him back on track?
<skyisempty>	Party - Reed SAID he didnt sleep with her, but whatever
<skyisempty>	he's a guy
<skyisempty>	they lie
<skyisempty>	hahaha, lol filthy
<skyisempty>	Toad - since when am I the one in charge though?
<skyisempty>	its so weird having to be taskmaster all of a sudden
<skyisempty>	casadestars - I do want to fight, but I dont want to be the only one committed to doing it
<skyisempty>	EVERYONE is getting distracted
<skyisempty>	thanks Mitch
<skyisempty>	exactly Rach
<skyisempty>	I need everyone to stay on task
<skyisempty>	britta - same here
<skyisempty>	filthy, thats bad language... but possibly warranted :)
<skyisempty>	britta - thats right
<skyisempty>	how did Maggie escape after all? I don't trust her
<skyisempty>	or at least, I think I don't
<skyisempty>	Poknish - that wasn't very nice, and you know I can't stop
<skyisempty>	go for it Haup
<skyisempty>	thats right monkey
<skyisempty>	Always have love for you Hogies
<skyisempty>	lalalola - you might be right
<skyisempty>	what would you suggest?
<skyisempty>	Jazmyn, that seems a bit convenient though, doesnt it?
<skyisempty>	that she cant remember?
<skyisempty>	I DO!
<skyisempty>	lalalola - its impossible to get Jonas to watch old videos, he's in this whole moving forward phase, which I cant blame him for to be totally honest
<skyisempty>	Deviant - EXACTLY!
<skyisempty>	Maggie lied
<skyisempty>	thats the bottom line
<skyisempty>	growing army my @$$
<skyisempty>	snl - punching in the face is a bit extreme, but we'll definitely need to keep a closer eye on her I think
<skyisempty>	aeth - why do you think Maggie is okay?
<skyisempty>	CuteSanity - I hadn't thought of that
<skyisempty>	you could be right
<skyisempty>	pmonkey - seriously, its Jonas's addiction, he needs to stay away from TP girls
<skyisempty>	Liv - maybe, I can sorta see that POV, but its still wrong in this kind of situation, where truth is such a precious commodity
<skyisempty>	a2ndbree -- I agree
<skyisempty>	(creepy username btw)
<skyisempty>	caravelle - i hope thats true
<skyisempty>	snl - I want to talk to Maggie, but she never has anything to say
<skyisempty>	she speaks in fragments
<skyisempty>	except to Jonas
<skyisempty>	and Jonas wont tell me what they talk about
<skyisempty>	he just calls me nosy and tells me to go somewhere else
<skyisempty>	Hogies IS creepy, thanks monkey
<skyisempty>	I just need someo backup here, maybe you guys should bug Jonas on his profile page
<skyisempty>	message him to stop being an idiot and start leading again
<skyisempty>	and yeah, good question - whatever happened to beaumont?
<skyisempty>	yet another important question maggie cant answer
<skyisempty>	a2ndbree -- Reed IS going to Boston unfortunately
<skyisempty>	he's in the other room now
<skyisempty>	but I aint talkin to him
<skyisempty>	fortunately Estelle is long gone
<skyisempty>	they said their goodbyes and have been texting nonstop
<skyisempty>	caravelle - I do trust Reed, he's just a bit too clueless to be evil if you know what I mean
<skyisempty>	Traveler12 - I know, I told him to stop texting her
<skyisempty>	so did Jonas
<skyisempty>	so at least Jonas and I agree on that
<skyisempty>	MissMurder - Maggie remembers Beaumont obviously, but she cant remember what happened to him
<skyisempty>	whether he helped her escape or... worse, or whatever
<skyisempty>	lalalola - I dont think Estelle is a plant, just a b***ch
<skyisempty>	LilBro- Maggie has her own harddrive and laptop that she works on, thats where she gets her footage
<skyisempty>	its all stuff she's had from long ago
<skyisempty>	exactly, wear, WHERE is he
<skyisempty>	Monkey - of course I'll hang out with you in Boston
<skyisempty>	seriously, are any of you coming out on Friday?
<skyisempty>	I may need backup if Jonas and the others bail
<skyisempty>	I'll be in the public gardens at the George Washington statue (by his horse) at 11 AM
<skyisempty>	I really hope I can meet some of oyu guys there
<skyisempty>	clara - yes, Friday, in Boston
<skyisempty>	public gardens by the George Washington statue
<skyisempty>	Traveler96 - we're looking for this 'curebox' thingy, we got the location and date from the last Willow Woods video
<skyisempty>	Accordian Guy: NO
<skyisempty>	I'm getting more and more nervous about Boston
<skyisempty>	I really think I'll be alone in this by the time we arrive
<skyisempty>	everything feels like its falling apart
<skyisempty>	thanks Hogies
<skyisempty>	Traverse - once we have the curebox, I guess the plan is to figure out how it works... IF it even works
<skyisempty>	its far fetched, but its a risk we have to take if it means we can end all this
<skyisempty>	AccordianGuy - I want you guys to meet us on Friday so we have some backup
<skyisempty>	who knows if it'll be another trap or something
<skyisempty>	its time to see if we really do have an army
<skyisempty>	Missmurder - no guns
<skyisempty>	especially no jonas + guns
<skyisempty>	thanks Mitch
<skyisempty>	Monkey - you are loved
<skyisempty>	there
<skyisempty>	now get off my back
<skyisempty>	heh
<skyisempty>	:)
<skyisempty>	Mitch - Emma is safe
<skyisempty>	dont worry about her
<skyisempty>	aeth - I'm definitely bringin my mace
<skyisempty>	thats for sure :)
<skyisempty>	Monkey - my favorite movie is The Hunger
<skyisempty>	if you havent seen it, check it out
<skyisempty>	its HAWT
<skyisempty>	Mitch - even though Estelle is gone, it seems like Maggie is taking her place as far as distractions go
<skyisempty>	sarah87 - getting maggie drunk is an impossibility, I dont think she even knows what booze is
<skyisempty>	haha, desertfae, im not going to drug maggie... not yet anyway :)
<skyisempty>	september - I doubt Reed is in the order, but if he is, then I have a real reason to kick his ass, so either way, cool
<skyisempty>	Mitch - where we go after Boston is a mystery, depends on whether this cure thing works or not
<skyisempty>	snl - I want to kick reeds ass for being a stupid boy, thats why
<skyisempty>	Accordian - no Daniel, no how
<skyisempty>	thats a recipe for trouble
<skyisempty>	Haup - if the cure works, the next step is to find as many TP girls as we can and make them not TP anymore
<skyisempty>	hahaha, thanks Brandi
<skyisempty>	Kindred - that may be true, but it also brings us closer to taking down the Order
<skyisempty>	if they dont have any TP girls to hunt, they can't thrive
<skyisempty>	crap, I gotta run
<skyisempty>	Jonas needs to borrow the computer
<skyisempty>	thanks for talking this through with me guys
<skyisempty>	I really hope I get to see some of you in Boston
<skyisempty>	love you guys too!! thanks :)
<skyisempty>	seeya :)