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<Renegade15> how about you exert a little more control over yourself?
<Gossip|Bot> The Five Hottest Stars of Web Series
<FH14> Was that directed towards me Gade?
<FH14> hai Weave twins!
<SibyllaWeave> well well well what do we have here?
<mitch_traitor> pun intended gade
<Renegade15> very intended
<Renegade15> don't make me kick you
<mitch_traitor> for being evil?
<XavierWeave> I thought we left you screaming on the floor in Sibylla's room
<Gossip|Bot> oh dear
<Renegade15> and a traitor
<Gossip|Bot> Ms Weave no less
<mitch_traitor> sorry wrong mitch Sib
<Gossip|Bot> how is ur web spining
<mitch_traitor> this is mitchcontrol + evil
*      mitch_traitor is now known as mitchcontrol
<mitchcontrol> now I'm good again
<Renegade15> see? the good ones have the goatees
<XavierWeave> Still. I thought we left you in a dying heap
<mitchcontrol> We will stop you Xavier
<FH14> How's Chloe? Find her yet?
<mitchcontrol> Where is Chaz!
<mitchcontrol> don't know do you
<Jaz> Hello Xavier, Sibylla
<mitchcontrol> They've out smarted you too once again
<XavierWeave> It's been a long time my dear Jaz
<SibyllaWeave> Chloe has gone walkabout
* FH14 watches Jaz go all fangirl and pass out
<mitchcontrol> Xavier, you have not the spine to find the last trait positive girl
<FH14> *girls
<mitchcontrol> (in Aus)
* Jaz smacks the hell out of FH14
<mitchcontrol> nope there is only one left
<FH14> I feel no pain
<Jaz> Oh please Mitch
* FH14 evil laugh
<mitchcontrol> oh wait
<mitchcontrol> yes 2
<FH14> 3
<mitchcontrol> ?
<FH14> they have Jayde though
<FH14> or did you lose her as well?
<XavierWeave> Slap her again FH14 I think she liked it
<FH14> Um...
<mitchcontrol> lol
<FH14> Jaz slapped me
<mitchcontrol> :P
<mitchcontrol> Xavier, when is your acension?
<SibyllaWeave> that's the point.
* Renegade15 is pretty sure Jaz would win if both slapped >_>
* Jaz smirks
<XavierWeave> Would love to see it no less
<Jaz> You think
<Renegade15> yepp
<SibyllaWeave> Xavier really now
<mitchcontrol> Sib you better control your man
<XavierWeave> Oh sorry, have you finished shipping me off yet?
<Jaz> Something wrong Sibylla dear?
<mitchcontrol> Is Jayde still alive?
* FH14 looks in Jaz's head. He sees Sibylla and Xavier tied up and Jaz holding a riding crop
<FH14> Okay, now that I got that out of my system
<FH14> I second Mitch's inquiry about Jayde
<mitchcontrol> Yeah I'm not invisible
<mitchcontrol> was starting to think u muted megade
<XavierWeave> as I said.  If I had my way... she wouldn't be
<mitchcontrol> you bastard
<mitchcontrol> I loved her
<FH14> Jayde?
<Jaz> Oh please, a bastard for wanting JAYDE dead...
<FH14> really?
<Jaz> she should have been the first
<mitchcontrol> oh wait
<FH14> Mitch, standards
<FH14> please
<SibyllaWeave> You all love the traitors don't you
<mitchcontrol> yes
<mitchcontrol> well just me anyways
<FH14> Mitch and jayde should have little spiteful babies together
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<FH14> um, bye Sibylla?
<XavierWeave> HA entertaining
<XavierWeave> she's gone to enquire about my flight details
<XavierWeave> I get the impression she's trying to get rid of me
<Jaz> My goodness... she left ubruptly
<mitchcontrol> If you lay one finger on her, Bray will do something
<Jaz> wow spelling fail
<FH14> *abruptly
<Jaz> abruptly
<Jaz> thanks
<Jaz> smartass
<mitchcontrol> lol
<FH14> mitch, not likely. I don't see Bray or Chas doing much for Jayde
<mitchcontrol> no one can correct Jaz? omg the apocalypse
<XavierWeave> oh lay a finger on who Mitch?
<XavierWeave> Jayde?
<mitchcontrol> yes
<Jaz> For all we know they've hooked up by now, to ease each others sorrows
<XavierWeave> too late
<mitchcontrol> NOOOO
<FH14> Jayde's dead? 
<XavierWeave> Bray doesn't care for Jayde anyway
<FH14> Why didn't you tell us?
<FH14> We could have had a party!
<FH14> It would have been glorious!
<mitchcontrol> Well I love her
<XavierWeave> don't you realise why Bray is acting all needy to find Antonia and see if she's alive?
<FH14> Um, Because he loved her?
<XavierWeave> No Jayde isn't dead yet
<mitchcontrol> because Bray is Whipped
<mitchcontrol> like Bella from twilight
<mitchcontrol> >.>
<Jaz> Is she suffering at the very least?
<FH14> Jayde is more like Bella actually, a bitch who has trouble letting go.
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<Jaz> Bella isn't whipped, at least not properly, she's just a sniveling idiot
<mitchcontrol> omg jaz:P
<mitchcontrol> sad but true
<FH14> Bray watched Toni die, so it's given he'd have some psycological issues with moving on
<XavierWeave> Ah twilight.  Such a fantasy novel.
<mitchcontrol> We will rescue Jayde
<FH14> Mitch, you can rescue Jayde. I'd rather watch her get fed on by Order Vampires
<FH14> We will keep Chas, Bray, and Chloe safe
<XavierWeave> we may have slipped a rumor to him...
<Jaz> Its so cute all this "we" when you have no plans but to watch the videos and the aftermath at home
<FH14> The twitter thing Xavier, or something else?
<mitchcontrol> Xavier, you remind me of that blonde dude from the first movie, the one with the video camera
<mitchcontrol> just saying >.>
<mitchcontrol> just as evil too
<FH14> Mitch, you seriously watched twilight?
<mitchcontrol> both
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<FH14> wb Sibylla
<mitchcontrol> watched it this weekend
<mitchcontrol> anyways back on topic
<SibyllaWeave> Xavier now!
<mitchcontrol> we will find Jayde and rescue her
<XavierWeave> must go apparently
<Jaz> Safe journey Xavier
<SibyllaWeave> doubtful mitch
<FH14> bye
<mitchcontrol> You are wrong
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<mitchcontrol> you will be stopped sibylla
<SibyllaWeave> Poor Bray... thinking that with Antonia's death there may have been another death with her
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