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Episode 7/1x007

I feel like somebody's watching me...

Date Posted February 10th, 2009
URL dailymotion.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 1:55
Description ...
Location(s) London Clinic, Ola & Daniel's apartment
YouTube Tags n1ckola windows londyn
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Marcin Męczkowski
Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, Amanda Goodfried, and Kamil Przełęcki
Vidplay Jakub Kossakowski
Story Zdzisław Miśkiewicz
Music Paris Music
Ola Ania Narloch
Nurse Grace Sexton
Jeffrey Harris Terry Clark-Ward
Daniel Paweł Parczewski
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Apartheid is the seventh video in the N1ckola video series.


(N1ckola intro is shown. Footage of Big Ben and a carousel horse is shown with a purple overlay. Cut to Ola walking on the sidewalk outside of a Clinic. Cut to inside the Clinic, where Ola walks up to the nurse at the front desk.)

Ola: Good morning.

Nurse: Good morning. Can I help you?

Ola: Yes. I cut myself. (Holds out her thumb.) The cut is quite big and my blood coagulation is low, so-

(Cut to security camera footage coming into focus.)

Nurse: Okay, I see. If you just take a number and take a seat somebody will be with you shortly.

Ola: Okay, thank you.

(Ola starts to walk away from the desk and looks around. Dr. Jeffrey Harris enters and looks up at Ola.)

Dr. Harris: Hello ma'am, would you like to come with me?

Ola: I thought I had to wait.

Dr. Harris: (As he leads Ola into the Clinic area.) Yes, these people are waiting for their appointments at the moment, but you look like you need a blood test, okay, because there could be an infection. So we should deal with this straight away. Alright?

Ola: Okay.

Dr. Harris: So, If you'd like to come over here, I've got a questionnaire for you to fill out. (Hands Ola a clipboard with a stack of papers on top.) We need your personal information - your name, your address, your telephone number, and your mobile telephone number, of course. You'll have to wait for your test results, so, um, we'll be in touch with you alright?

Ola: Wow. What service. Are we being filmed or something?

Dr. Harris: Of course not, but nowadays, in these modern times, no one's got time to relax.

Ola: (Giggling.) Okay.

(Ola leans over to fill out the paperwork. Pan to Dr. Harris looking a bit uncomfortable. Cut choppy footage of a man following Ola out of the Clinic, and Daniel turning around in his apartment. Credits are then shown.)