Bad Timing

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Flock Video 0054
Bad Timing

I hate it when people call in the middle of vlogging...

Blogger Ananda
Date Posted February 20th, 2008
Description Sorry, guys. Life's been CRAZY! I didn't have time to edit this, so I just put it up.
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Ananda Brooke Curtis
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Bad Timing is the fifty-fourth video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It is the thirteenth video of Season 2.


Ananda: Hello everybody, and welcome back once more to my Youtube account. Today I'd like to talk about mentors. People who make (phone rings) a real difference in lives. (ring) These people can be (ring) family, they can be friends, (ring) just- (Switching out of Art Show Mode) Just a second. I have to get this. (picks up phone) Hello? Jerr Residence ... No, he is not here right now but this is his daughter Ananda, can I help you? ... Oh, is he a child psychologist too? ... Well, he's at a meeting right now. Um, I'm not sure when he'll be back. Do you want to leave a message? ... Sandra (thinking) I think I may have gone with a Sandra to summer camp ... I didn't really see her much, she hung out with a group that they kept separate from us. ... I think they were on some sort of rigorous study program ... I only talked to her once but she seemed really nice ... Wow, do you think that they'd want to see my videos? ... Well, oh thank you, thank you so much ... Okay (cough) ... It was nice talking to you ... Bye (hangs up). That was a really nice lady. I'm out of time so, um: Mentors are really really important people in your life. You should thank the mentors that are in your life. Bye.


  • This video confirms that Ananda is part of The Flock