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Screencap of "whitegreenwhite"

Breeiswaiting is a YouTube user that released only one video to date, entitled "whitegreenwhite". It was released on October 13, 2006, the day after Bree was supposed to do The Ceremony, and was accepted as the first response to that video on YouTube. While the video makes no direct allusions to Cassie, the account title and tenor of the video seemed to be a purposeful clone of the cassieiswatching style. The video appears to direct viewers to a potential drop site in Topanga Canyon.


While the video appeared to garner little interest when it was first released, Nikki Bower later claimed that this video directed her to the place where she located the box with the Watcher symbol on it. Given Nikki Bower's de facto canoncy, some have suggested this video was the Creators' attempt to create an ARG surrounding lonelygirl15 - these allegations, however, have never been confirmed.

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