What I Found at Topanga Canyon - NBR 2

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Episode 2/1x002
What I Found at Topanga Canyon - NBR 2

It's a box.

Blogger Nikki
Date Posted November 5th, 2006
URL youtube.com
Length 3:13
Description You'll never believe what I found...
Location(s) Topanga Canyon
YouTube Tags nikki bower lonelygirl15 lg15 danielbeast gemmers19 thelema cult banana
Production Credits
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Director(s) Amanda Goodfried
Camera Amanda Goodfried
Vidplay Amanda Goodfried
Story Amanda Goodfried
Editor(s) Amanda Goodfried
Nikki Alli Danziger
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What I Found at Topanga Canyon - NBR 2 is the second video in the lonelygirl15 mini-series Nikki Bower Report.


(Nikki is driving while speaking to the camera in the passenger seat.)

Nikki: So, after my last video I got a lot of tips, and I am back here in Topanga Canyon to retrace the footsteps of Bree and the cult. (Bites into a banana and speaks with her mouth half-full.) This is what I call multi-tasking. Yeah... even investigative reporters get hungry! (Takes another bite.)

(At Topanga State Park.)

Nikki: (reading a large sign) "Dead Horse Parking Lot." Is there like a Dead Human Parking Lot; is that the next one?

(Standing in large field by a gate.)

Nikki: So, here we are at Topanga State Park... we made it... and I've done my research, and it is 34 degrees latitude and a 118 degrees longitude... wondering if that has any significance. I am ready to go find some more clues. (Begins to walk along path into field whilst talking.) OK this is super creepy, cuz... really, it's just like... really, really, desolate. (Stops walking.) So, in some of the messages that I got from you guys, I was told to look for (makes a face after each strange item) unusual feathers... candle wax... toenail clippings... blood. But what I'm really hoping to find, is the barn where Daniel hid. Getting back to longitude, I was told in a private email message, that longitude may have more significance than we think. And it may have to do with footsteps.

(Cut to elsewhere in the field.)

Nikki: (out of breath) OK. I'm on step one hundred from the trail; we're gonna keep going on. (Video speeds up as she walks the rest of the way along the path.) It's the bridge. (Softly counts as she carefully steps across.) Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. (Gets excited.) One of you guys told me to keep my eyes out for the bridge... this is the bridge.

(Nikki is now down in the dry creek bed.)

Nikki: There's something to this bridge... I'm not quite sure where... I'm gonna look... (video speeds up as she walks around and then goes under the bridge) OK. I'm under the bridge. (Points to a metal beam that has graffiti on it.) As you can see it says it upside down: "Don't take." I won't take anything. Just lookin'. Look-don't-touch. I know that rule. (Reads writing on another beam under the bridge.) "Don't use." OK, I'm officially creeped out. Nikki Bower creeped. Creeped out! So clearly, if we find anything, don't take it, and don't use it. Those are, uh, words of wisdom to live by really. Don't take, don't use. Mmm. We're going to go check out the ceremony site. (Walks out from under the bridge.) Unless this rock sculpture is something of interest. I didn't notice that before. So I see something. I gotta admit, I am a little nervous. But... I guess this is what I came to find, right?

(Nikki reaches behind the rock sculpture and brushes away some dried leaves around a small wooden box.)

Nikki: Oh! Oh! (Picks up box.) It's a box! (Accidentally knocks over some of the rocks.) Oh! Oh! (Looks at front of the box and is taken aback.) OK! It's a box. (Shows front of box to the camera. The top has an eye symbol engraved on it.) So I came to Topanga Canyon to find something. Um, I just found a little box, and it had like this... insignia or sign on it... it was kinda burnt in. What was inside was... was a little weird. And that bridge said "don't take" and "don't use." So, don't-take-don't-use, don't-take-don't-use!