Daniel Dumped Me

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Daniel Dumped Me

No, seriously, I have a purity bond! Scouts' honor!

Blogger Lonelygirl362436
Date Posted January 18th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description I'm really bummed right now. Daniel left me for another girl. What should I do?
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast epic movie spoof girl lonely sexy hot carmen electra funny

Music All OK by Something For Rockets
Velvita Carmen Electra
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Daniel Dumped Me is the first blog in the lonelygirl362436 video series. Velvita and her boyfriend break up over apparent deep spiritual differences.


Velvita: So I'm feeling a little bit blue today. Daniel dumped me. There was this big party, and Daniel said I shouldn't go, but I went anyways. I got to the party, and I went upstairs. He was in one of the bedrooms with this girl... kneeling in front of him... praying. She must not have been praying very well because he kept saying "Harder! Harder!"

(Velvita lets out a deep sigh of frustration.)

Velvita: I don't get it. I pray hard. (All OK by Something For Rockets starts playing in the background.) Why do you like her praying better? Did she... do something differently with her hands?

(Cut to brief musical montage.)

Velvita: I think I'm a pretty well-balanced girlfriend. What's wrong with me? I'm smart and well-mannered. I guess I do have pretty strict parents. Oh yeah... pills and the shots, then there's the whole purity bond and devil-worshiping cult thing. Times like these require deep conversations with best friends.

(She crawls over to her bed which is covered in dozens of stuffed animals and has conversations with many of them. The music plays again.)

Velvita: Well, that didn't help. I really don't know what to do. Bye.

(A short teaser appears for the film Epic Movie and the words www.myspace.com/epicmovie appear on screen.)


  • While this room is very similar to Bree's room, it is clearly a different room. The doorknob is different and in Bree's room the bookcase aligned with the door, while in this room, either the bookcase is narrower or the wall is deeper.
  • When praying some people believe that proper use of the hands is also very important.
  • It is also obvious that the girl Daniel was with was not praying, she was engaging in some sort of sexual intercourse, because of Daniel's remark, "Harder! Harder!"
  • The song All OK by Something For Rockets was also used in the canon video A Peace Offering (and P. Monkey Boogies).