Drop 6 (Petaluma Revisited)

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Drop Location

Tachyon uploaded a new video, Gemma? [Part I]. This lead to a drop at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California.


The drop was retrieved by Luv2LuvEm.

It contained four items:

And an SD memory card containing one locked RAR file.

The "Thank You" Card

A Hallmark greeting card that says “Thank You” on the front and has monkey faces on it. The inside has no printed greeting, but has written:

54 48 41 4e 4b 
59 4f 55 2e

Which translates to:


The SD Card

File name: 6d617463686d616b6572
Solution: Hexadecimal for "matchmaker"
File size: 0.38 KB
Password: WarPylol
Contents: Text document titled "72696e676162656c6c3f" which translates to, "ringabell?" Inside was a Base64 code.
When translated from Base64->ASCII->HEX->ASCII, it said:

I told you she looked familiar!
(even though I can't spell, you got my meaning)

email me: language.lessons@gmail.com

and have that decoder ring standing by! :)

Brother in Person

The first drop went MIA and Luv and her brother met "Brother" in person. [1]

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