Fallen Angels

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Fallen Angels
Created by Tempest Pictures
Charlie Gregory Austin McConnell
Harmony Katherine Pawlak
Detective Allen Marsh

Fallen Angels is the name of a book series written by Gregory Austin McConnell that was made into a television pilot by Tempest Pictures in early 2009. The pilot stars McConnell, Allen Marsh, and Katherine Pawlak.

The official description from the tempest pictures website is as follows:

For Charlie Wade, life has been a bullet-train roller coaster that doesn't slow down and always twists and turns. He has spent the last 3 years of his life in a cell. After being released from juvenile detention, Wade skips probation and moves to the smallest town he can find: Munich, Kentucky. There, he saves the life of a girl named Harmony Wallace, and his life changes forever.

The Pilot is currently in screener circulation, traveling around to various film festivals across the country. Several different cuts of the pilot have been made, and the crew is currently looking for proper distribution of the series as a whole.

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