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Gemma Crowley (gemmacrowley) is a character in the Acrowleyorder Film Series based upon Gemma who is believed to be dead in the original LG15 Series.

The Creators of Acrowleyorder have stated early in the series that Gemma Crowley might not be the same Gemma that appeared in the LG15 Series. This appears not to be true as several references to Gemma in the official LG15 series make it very clear that the character’s past experiences are quite similar. At this time it is believed that Gemma Crowley is a parallel universe version of the original Gemma who was killed in the LG15 series.

It has also been noted that the character of Gemma Crowley, the best friend of the leader of the OoD or Order of Denderah, is a great grand daughter of Aleister Crowley and has romantic feeling for Jonas. It is been speculated that she had a relationship with Jonas, an event which did not take place in the official LG15 world.