High Complexity: A John Cusack Puzzle

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Profile Update

Around 5:45am PST, Tachyon had a profile update, which read:

"Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn."


Lately, I am not having the easiest time with the situation i am in. But i can handle it, right? What other choice do I have?


Oh, and if you think you can beat Stalin (because he's a punk)... http://the-K12.redirectme.net/

And at the very bottom, under the 'About Me' section, was this:

d3c0d3 4 k3y / c0d3d 1n70 l337 5p34k 17 3qu4l5 'T'

First Quote

"Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn."
Is from “Better Off Dead” (1985) –the same year that the movie from Tach’s last profile quote was produced. This movie, like “The Sure Thing,” also stars John Cusack.

The Leet Speak

The leet speak:
d3c0d3 4 k3y / c0d3d 1n70 l337 5p34k 17 3qu4l5 'T'
Translates to:
decode a key / coded into leet speak it equals 'T'

It is believed that perhaps the number '7' will be key for a code later on because 7 coded into leet speak is 'T.'

The Craigslist Post

The redirectme link brought us to yet another craiglist site:

Bagged like my favorite character in Mallrats. - w4m

After Mallrats, I finally watched that crap mid-90s movie on cable. The one you love with the dude from Dogstar. 
I can't believe you actually spent your hard-earned money on something that awful! I am still going to keep quoting 
that one line from the trailer though. Ask me how I do it, that's totally my answer!

If you check the page's source you get the following color codes and a hidden link:

"000000" "000000" "636173" "73616e" "647261" "206875" "676865" "732020" "000000" "000000" "706f6c" "795b61" "6d6f72" 
"6f7573" "5d2073" "75625b" "6d6973" "736976" "655d3f" "205b75" "207769" "736821" "5d2020" "000000" "000000" "75206d" 
"617920" "62205b" "726f75" "67686c" "795d20" "333231" "383620" "6b696c" "6f6d65" "746572" "732061" "776179" "206275"  
"747420" "657965" "206361" "6e2063" "207961" "000000" "000000" "747572" "6e2069" "74206f" "757420" "676f20" "5f2033" 
"362033" "342020" "000000" "000000" "537570" "657242" "6f7920" "666974" "747920" "666f27" "000000" "000000"

The color code's hex turned out to be:

cassandra hughes 
poly[amorous] sub[missive]? [u wish!] 
u may b [roughly] 32186 kilometers away butt eye can c ya  
turn it out go _ 36 34
SuperBoy fitty fo'

Mallrats Character

Tachyon was referring to TJ Quint (Played by Jeremy London in the movie) Quint means five -- Tachyon was trying to tell us that this puzzle with be bagged five times. You can see that there are five different parts to the hex message from the craigslist posting. Each line is a clue that will tell you how to decode the message.

Cassandra Hughes

A character in a British show called "Hex".

Decode from Hex and proceed

poly[amorous] sub[missive]? [u wish!]

Poly-alphabetic substitution
Vigenere Cipher
Clue: d3c0d3 4 k3y / c0d3d 1n70 l337 5p34k 17 3qu4l5 'T'

Decode a key / coded into leet speak it equals 7

Any imporant numbers to Tachyon?
10033 = 7
Into leet iooee

Use iooee as the key and proceed.

u may b [roughly] 32186 kilometers away butt eye can c ya

32186km = 20000 miles
Similar to lyrics in an NSync song called “Digital Get Down.”

Digital language = Binary

Decode and proceed

turn it out go _ 36 34

Similar to a Rob Base song called “Turn it out (go 'base')”
Base 64

Decode and proceed

SuperBoy fitty fo

In the comic "SuperBoy," issue #54, a character called "Hex" is turned from a man to a woman.
Hexidecimal again
Decode and interpret

The Fake Picture

Within the craigslist page's source code, a hidden link was found:
If followed, this link led to a blank .jpg file named '4U'. This actually happened to be a RAR file, and within it was a file named "havefun."
It was encoded several times (hex then base64 then binary then hex where the letters were encoded with a Vingere cipher and finally ASCII), but the hex was finally discovered. It can be viewed here:
Then, once that was decoded from Hex, a message was discovered:


That reversed is:


Once cleaned up (Thanks to sphinx), it comes out to be:

Did I ever tell you that as a child I always wanted to go to Disneyland? I would pester my parents, but they kept saying we couldn't travel that far "because of my sister's obligations." I hated her for that. I hated her so much.

I bet you know what that's like--in fact, I know you do. It keeps you awake at night, that anger that you can't let go of...all because someone drilled into your head a sense of inferiority.

It isn't that the other person is better than you. It's that the situation helps you convince yourself that they might be, and you’re deathly afraid that they are.

Knowing what you dealt with awhile back really helped me put things in perspective. It helped me make peace with that part of my past, because I realized that my sister was never the enemy. There are other people to blame for creating that situation, but I also blame myself for not even trying to do anything about it except act like a spoiled brat.

But your situation is different in many ways…it’s almost the opposite actually. Although from what you’ve told me, maturity was neither of your strong suits (so at least we have that in common). Still, I know that how it all played out left a really bad taste in your mouth that you’ll probably carry around for the rest of your adulthood (the same way I held onto mine to the point where it almost ruined what little childhood I could cling to).

And yes, you can at least feel better about blaming yourself for the mess you got yourself into because a lot of it was actually your fault. (I may suck at sympathy, but writing it out really does wonders for my own issues LOL).

However, there might be an opportunity for you to resolve some of these feelings that you are still carrying around, or at the very least maybe settle the score. I’ll tell you more about it in a few days, once I do a little more research, because I want to be absolutely sure--plus there's another pressing task at hand that needs to be dealt with, once and for all.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise, and you shouldn’t get your hopes up yet, but I will tell you this much: We’re not going on vacation and no one is going to Disneyland, but if what I suspect turns out to be true, well...it damn well proves that it’s a small world after all.

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