Hot pink feather boa

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Eat it Daniel, eat it!

The hot pink feather boa is one of Bree's favorite accessories and a recurring prop in her early videos. It can be seen hanging on her door knob in First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails, and she introduces it by name in her second video, Purple Monkey. She likes to wave the boa in Daniel's face, much to his annoyance. The Other Monkey's raving lunacy has been flamed by the preference Bree shows to her boa.

Along with her eye brows and P. Monkey, the hot pink feather boa has become one of Bree's signature elements.

She appears to have abandoned the boa when she and Daniel ran away in the video On The Run. The boa has not been seen or heard from since. It is possible that the boa has become The Other Monkey's only friend.