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The brows that changed the face of YouTube

Breebrows is the term for Jessica Lee Rose's iconic eyebrows (supercilium). Their distinctive shape and immaculate maintenance have been the focus of much discussion since the earliest lonelygirl15 videos. In the comments section of Bree's second video, Purple Monkey, a poster asked Bree about her eyebrows to which Bree responded:

Seems to be a lot of debate about my eyebrows. It's kinda like the "shoes" and "no shoes" followers in the Life of Brian

Breebrows are much farther apart than typical eyebrows, very thick toward the bridge of the nose, arcing broadly around the eye, and tapering down sharply toward the cheek. The unusual but flawlessly maintained eyebrows led to speculation that Bree was receiving professional makeup in her videos. In reality, Jessica Rose herself is a makeup artist.

After the video School Work in Summer... BLECHH!!!, a commenter asked: "Are those eyebrows painted on? It looks like you fell asleep and someone just brushed them on with a cheap paintbrush."

Bree responded, "I fact it was Owen, my turtle...really I'm a clone from another planet and when they were trying to make us clones look more human they had to paint on our eyebrows separately :)"