House Arrest

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Episode 0033/1x033
House Arrest

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Blogger Bree
Date Posted September 10th, 2006
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Description Big surprise, my dad was waiting up for me when I got home...
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast dad grounded house arrest lemons lemonade sad
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House Arrest is the thirty-third video in the lonelygirl15 video series.[[Category:Bree's blogs| 00033]]

House Arrest is the thirty-third video in the Lonelygirl15 video series.


Bree: (appears sitting in her chair; there is an electric juicer on her bed and a bandage on her left shoulder) Hi. So, I'm up here in my room again because I'm grounded. That's a juicer, for juicing things. Anyway, to make a long story short when I got home last night my Dad was waiting up for me. He said that I couldn't leave the house for two weeks. But you know what? I don't care anymore. (cut to Bree holding up a lemon in her left hand, a marker can be seen in her right hand) Because you know what you do when life gives you lemons?

(fast forward musical segment in which Bree draws on the lemon)

(Bree holds the lemon up to the camera and we see she has drawn a face and the word "DAD" on it) You make lemonade.

(fast forward musical segment in which Bree cuts two lemons and juices them into a bowl)

So, I got to meet a lot of Daniel's other friends at that party. They asked me a lot of questions. It was kind of like...they thought I was his girlfriend or something

(fast forward musical segment in which Bree juices some more lemons, holding up one to show it's rotten on the inside.)

I really liked this girl Andrea and her boyfriend Paul; they were really They invited us to come out with them again tomorrow night. I said that we'd come if we weren't busy (Bree says the next three words in a funny voice) proving science wrong, and I think I'm gonna go. Even if it means sneaking out again.

(fast forward musical segment in which Bree throws out the lemon peels, adds sugar to the juice, and pours it into a tumbler)

I guess I just realized at the party that maybe there's some things that I've been missing out on, just by always listening to what my parents say. So, from now on if they're not gonna say yes and it's something that I wanna do, I know where the tree is, I know how to climb up and down it and I know what time they go to bed. I'm still going to do preparations for the ceremony, I still believe what I believe and I just don't see the problem with going out with Daniel a little more and having fun with his friends, because they're really cool.

(fast forward musical segment in which Bree drinks the contents of the tumbler and sits on her bed, reading)

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