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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a network in which people can discuss all aspects of the LG15 Universe, including discussion and drop-monitoring of related fan ARGs. IRC consists of separate networks and servers which allow users to connect with each other. Users can join one or more “channels” that are each devoted to a different topic.

IRC Basics

How to Connect

The easiest way to access IRC is through a browser-based portal such as or the Freenode Java Applet. Select a username and the channel you wish to join to log in. For more advanced users who want greater functionality from IRC, instructions for downloading and installing the one of the IRC clients is listed below.

For quick access to the official LG15 chat, go here:

Usernames and Registering

Each user on IRC is known by a username, or “nick”, such as Danielbeast or P_Monkey. To avoid conflict with other users, it’s best to use a nick that is not too common. You can either log in using your nick or change it once you are logged in. To select or change your nick, type:

/nick newnick

where “newnick” is the username you want to use. It is important that you register your nick so that other users may not use it. Also, some servers have unregistered user policies that prevent unregistered users from connecting to particular channels or sending private messages. To register your nick, type:

/msg nickserv register password

where “password” is your desired password. Now, each time you log on, you should indentify yourself by typing:

/msg nickserv identify password


Channel names begin with a # such as #LG15chat. A user can be in several channels at once. To join a channel, type:

/join #channel

with the channel name in place of “channel”. Channels are run by channel operators who control and enforce the channel rules. If you need help, a channel operator is a good person to ask.

Channels associated with the LG15 Universe are:

  • #LG15chat -- official chat for everything lonelygirl15 and Kate Modern
  • #maddison -- for all in-game discussion of redearth88 and maddisonatkins
  • #outofgame and #oogtalk -- for out-of-game discussion for all games
  • #hymnofone -- for discussion of LG15 videos
  • #katemodern -- for discussion of KM videos
  • #breefm -- for chat with listeners to breefm
  • #lg15roxbury -- a room for trivia
  • #recentchanges -- for all LGPedia-based discussions
  • #TeamEMMA -- a room created for Emma and Katherine Pawlak fans to hang out and chat


Commands and text are typed in the same place. By default, all commands begin with the character / . It is highly recommended that you learn basic IRC commands. It will make you more self-sufficient and improve your experience with IRC.

Basic Commands

Command What it does
/nick newnick Changes your username to “newnick”
/msg nickserv register password Registers your nick with the password “password”
/msg nickserv identify password Uses your “password” to identify you to the server
/join #channel You join the channel #channel
/me does action You emote; everyone in the channel sees ‘’*yournick does action’’
/msg username message Only user “username” sees your message
/query username Opens a private conversation with “username”
/ignore username Supresses output from “username”
/leave #channel You leave the channel #channel
/quit reason You quit IRC completely with the parting message “reason”


  1. Do not attack any user. Treat each other with respect.
  2. Spamming and flooding are not allowed.
  3. Typing in all caps, LIKE THIS, is considered “shouting” and should be avoided.
  4. If you are warned about your behavior by an operator, please heed this warning. If you do not, you may be kicked from the channel or, upon further infractions, temporarily banned.

Common Chat Terms

  • FTW: For The Win
  • FTL: For The Loss
  • PM: Private Message
  • TY: Thank You
  • NP: No Problem
  • WB: Welcome Back
  • AFK: Away From Keyboard
  • BRB: Be Right Back
  • BBL: Be Back Later
  • ATM: At The Moment
  • IRL: In Real Life
  • IMO: In My Opinion
  • TBH: To Be Honest
  • IIRC: If I Remember Correctly
  • IG: In Game
  • OOG: Out Of Game


Some frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I emote?
A: To emote, type: /me action here

Q: How do I join another chat channel?
A: To join another chat channel, type: /join #channel

Q: Why does text from other users sometimes appear in red?
A: In the Java Applet, when another user types your nick, the text is highlighted. It is a feature to indicate when someone is talking about you or trying to get your attention. It is also referred to as a “ping”.

Q: What is a “ping”?
A: A “ping” is an indication that another user has typed your nick. It can be either sound, highlighted text, or both, depending on your client.

Q: Why does my username have a number after it?
A: Your username may have a number after it if you are disconnected and rejoin. This is called ghosting. You can remove the ghost by typing: /msg nickserv ghost username password, and then change your username back by typing /nick username. You can only do this if you have already registered your nick!

Q: How do I change my password?
A: You can change your password by typing: /msg nickserv set password newpassword, with your desired password in place of “newpassword”.

Q: I’m so confused! Where can I get help?!?
A: This is a good place to start! Read through the resources available on LGPedia. If your question still isn’t answered, ask one of the channel operators and they will help you. There are some online resources that might be useful, such as and the Freenode FAQ.

IRC Clients

For more advanced users who want greater functionality from IRC, the following provides instructions for downloading and installing the one of the IRC clients.


Chatzilla is an easy-to-use IRC client/add-on for Mozilla Firefox. It works for both Windows and Macintosh. You can download it here:

Once downloaded, it will appear in your menu bar in Firefox. Go to Tools –> Chatzilla, click Freenode, and type /join #channel


mIRC is the most popular IRC client for Windows. It is, however, noted for its difficulty in use. Less experienced users should consider using Chatzilla (see above) before using mIRC. Download the mIRC client at and install it with the default settings. Follow the directions to setup mIRC found here:

Once the program is installed, the “mIRC Options” dialog will pop up. This is where you configure your settings. You can also access the “mIRC Options” dialog through the menu bar by selecting Tools -> Options. On the left side of the dialog box is the “Category” tree. Use it to navigate through the Options dialog.

Category – Connect
In the appropriate fields, type in your name, email address, nickname and alternate nickname.

Category - Servers
In the “IRC Servers” select Freenode. If Freenode is not in the server list, hit the "Add" button, then input the following information in the corresponding fields:

  • Description: Freenode Main
  • IRC Server:
  • Port: 6667
  • Group: FreeNode
  • Password: Do not add a password.

Click Add. Return to the IRC Servers list and select Freenode.

Category – Options
Click on the "Perform" button. Check the “Enable perform on connect” box. In the “network” field, select Freenode then hit the "Add" button. In the “perform commands” field, type /join #channel hit the return then type /msg nickserv identify password. If you have not yet registered, you will need to register a nickname and then go back to add this so you'll have a password. Click OK to return to the Servers form. Click OK again to close the Options dialogue.

Log On
Click the connect button on the mIRC task bar (yellow lightening bolt icon upper left). You should now be logged into Freenode and #channel.


IRCle is the most popular Macintosh IRC client. You can download it here:

After starting up IRCle, you will see several windows appear. In order to configure your chat session, you need to look at the Connections window first: Scroll through the preset connections to find the server you want, or select one to reconfigure; Double-click the connection you want to configure, or select it and click the button.

If you are willing to purchase a Macintosh client then Snak is extremely versatile and good:

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