I Probably Shouldn't Post This...

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Episode 21/1x021
I Probably Shouldn’t Post This…

How many religions?

Blogger Bree
Date Posted August 15th, 2006
URL youtube.com
Length 1:30
Description Today was really crummy because Daniel came over and we were supposed to work through our problems, but instead we got in a big fight. It sucked. I'm still mad... urrrghgh!
Location(s) Bree's bedroom
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast fight parents religion llama argue mad girl weird bree chipmunk
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, and Greg Goodfried
Producer(s) Miles Beckett
Director(s) Miles Beckett and Mesh Flinders
Story Miles Beckett and Mesh Flinders
Editor(s) Miles Beckett
Bree Jessica Lee Rose
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
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I Probably Shouldn’t Post This… is the twenty-first video in the lonelygirl15 video series. This video is correctly called "I Probably Shouldn’t Post This…", with a punctuation apostrophe (right single quotation mark) instead of a typewriter apostrophe and an ellipsis () special character instead of three separate periods - it resides here for easier accessibility. Bree and Daniel have a fight about Bree's religion.


Bree: (alone at the beginning) Okay, so, I invited Daniel over to talk about a few things, um... Basically, I think that the video he posted was really mean, and the video I posted was really mean, and we just need to figure some things out so that we can still be friends. So, anyway, he will be here soon. (Bree nods.)

(Cut to camera closer to bed. Daniel is sitting off to the right side.)

Bree: Why are you being weird like that?

Daniel: I'm not being weird like anything.

Bree: Yes you are, you're being... (Bree shakes her hands in the air in a frustrated gesture.) (cut) Daniel...

Daniel: Seriously, what's going on? I don't get it.

Bree: You just posted a video basically saying that what I believe in is really weird.

Daniel: I've--didn't po-- I mean, I did post a video, but I mean--

Bree: (talking over Daniel) Yes, you did. (cut)

Daniel: (gestures toward the camera) Does this have to be on? (cut) Yes, we are talking,...

Bree: (talking over Daniel) Yes, we are talking.

Daniel: ...we're talking with the stupid camera on.

Bree: I-- (cut) The things that bothered you about it, and why it's now becoming a huge problem in our friendship.

Daniel: It's not a huge problem!

Bree: (talking over Daniel) Yes it is!

Daniel: I don't...I don't consider any of this a huge problem.

Bree: Well, I do!

Daniel: Okay, that was just a response...

Bree: (talking over Daniel) Because you...

Daniel: It was just for other people! It's just irritating.

Bree: For other people but you couldn't even tell me? You couldn't call me and tell me, "Look Bree..."

Daniel: (talking over Bree) I'm not... I wasn't trying to-- (cut)

Bree: (rolls eyes) The whole world has seen everything already.

Daniel: Okay, so it doesn't matter. Can you turn it off anyways? (cut) --[unintelligible] not...

Bree: Because you were posting videos and telling people that it's weird and that my, basically saying that my Dad is a jerk, and that you don't like him anyway?

Daniel: That wasn't cool when he-- (cut)

(Bree silently turns her back on Daniel, cut to camera now held by Daniel.)

Daniel: You always want the camera on? I'll put the camera on. Go for it, talk. (cut) Why all the sudden do you not want to talk?

Bree: Because-- (cut)

Daniel: A second ago, two seconds ago, you wanted me to talk to you. (cut)

Bree: It's something that I believe in, and why is it just such a big deal to you?!

Daniel: Whatever... (Daniel turns away)

Bree: This is my religion!

Daniel: (turns back to her) Okay!

Bree: It's my beliefs! There's a million fucking different religions in the world!


  • While all of the videos in the series are excessively edited, this particular video is one of the most noticeably edited, with sentences and words being repeatedly chopped off in the middle.
  • It's apparent that Bree is very sensitive about her religion, because this is the first time that she is heard to swear. It is also the first appearance of the word "fuck" in the series.
  • Fans were very skeptical of the idea that a girl would video a fight with her boyfriend, much less post it on the internet. This and other inconsistencies caused fans to suspect that lonelygirl15 was staged, and indeed it was. Brian Flemming cited the sequence as the moment lonelygirl15 jumped the shark.
  • The happiest moment of The Other Monkey's desperately lonely life were those brief seconds where Daniel's strong hands held him ever-so close.
  • In May 2007, this video crossed the threshold of receiving 1 million views on YouTube.