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Since the formation of the Lonelygirl15 and the community that surrounds it, there have been many community content creators that have come and gone taking their content with them. Some of these creators were of significant note, such as Kemlite, the mysterious Marine that some suggest might have been the PM behind CassieIsWatching, while others like...Ummm what's his name..that didnt make a big impact. This page is for them..those that have fallen, but may return. This is our way of remembering them and helping them to say, "I was here!" Welcome to the ash heap of history.

Kemlite-a mysterious Marine that some suspect may have been the Cassieiswatching puppet master.

Maccaboy17- A Revver responder that started as a responder to LordGreystoke422's videos and started his own fight against the order with his 3 videos. Suddenly, his account was deleted and nothing more heard from him. Did the Order get him? Or more likely, did he get in trouble for discharging a firearm in the UK? We may never know.

  1. 1 Chasing the Order in Britain
  2. 2 Where my tips led me
  3. 3 Attacking the Order

WatchingCassie-An early cassie sleuther noted for her audio deciphering skills.