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Cassie ("itscassie")

First Appearance
Last Appearance
um, hi bree.
Person information
Age Deceased(?)
Birthday March 2
MySpace itscassiemyspace
YouTube itscassie
Revver itscassie
Portrayed by Renee G.
List of Itscassie videos

Itscassie is a YouTube user who claims to be the Cassie mentioned by Bree. Her videos are generally dark both literally and figuratively. In them, she whispers because she claims that nighttime is the only time she has that is safe to make her videos, as she is held captive by the Order. While having little control over her situation, it does supposedly give her inside information at times.

Although there is no direct evidence that Bree watches the videos, Cassie acts as though she is in contact with Bree, who is supposedly watching them all, but avoiding acknowledging them out of concern for Cassie's safety. Various information from the main series has been integrated into the itscassie series, including the use of Enochian, mysterious injections, discussion of the kidnapping of Bree's parents, references to Watchers, and of course integration of what little information Bree has divulged about Cassie.

In the early videos, very little is seen of Cassie's surroundings, or of Cassie herself. Aside from the videos being made in the dark, Cassie wears a wig that covers not only her hair, but much of her face. Shortly after an appearance on's chat room on December 21st, Cassie began appearing without the wig, claiming it had been taken from her room by the Order. Oddly enough (and commented on by Cassie herself in later videos) despite members of the Order occasionally confiscating things from her room, she is allowed to keep her computer and webcam.

The itscassie videos have not been confirmed to be in any way related to LG15 and there is controversy on the subject. The itscassie videos are extremely choppy, dark and mysterious. Some suspect this to be the same Cassie from the OpAphid videos, though due to the limited footage of her an accurate comparison is not possible. A few fans thought early on that Cassie might be played by Jessica Lee Rose, but since losing the wig and showing more of her face, it has been completely disproven.

New characters have been added, including Aima, Cassie's roommate, and the Freaky Girl from the closet who claims Aima is a killer.

The Itscassie series is over, having ended in Cassie's apparent death. The creator of Itscassie made behind-the-scenes videos based on fan questions which started in July 2007 and ended in August 2007.

Other Clues

  • In itscassie's videos, there is a reoccurring footage of a television, with no channel on. Just a fuzzy black and white screen, with static sound.
  • ICEnochian.gif
    The Enochian in the first video spells "death".
  • Cassie mentioned that she had a headache in the chat room, and that she had to go lie down. Also discussed were the shots, which Cassie also takes, just like Bree did. She said that she liked her wig, and wouldn't say anything else about it.
  • In sneaking out, itscassie's description was 'The order cant hold me back much longer.'
  • Cassie's name could refer to Cassandra, the psychic who warned Troy of their impending doom at the hands of the Greeks, but was not believed, in the story of the Trojan horse.
  • Some fans have noted that her claimed inability to post in the daytime, and the apparent fact that she fainted the two times she had a video in bright light may suggest that Cassie is unable to stand brightness.
  • In Investigating, she says Jonas is hiding something from Bree.
  • Cassie's morse codes from videos Lab Rat to Deleted Scene spell out the word "Enemy "

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