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Shhh! Don't Let Him Know!

Welcome to the Secret Society of Jonas Fans!

The only requirement for membership is to sigh when viewing a Jonas Photo and replace membership notice with Shhhhh in any IC posts.

This page is a community page. Any member is free to post on this page, especially those with ideas to share for future projects!!



FanClub JonasWall.jpg Sack36, Founder, President

FanClub Breeandjonas.jpg CRYISME, Vice President, Feather Fan Holder

Jonasbreekiss4.JPG Eucebo, Chief Graphic Artist

    FanClub Eviljonas.jpg MayhemII, no.1 CGA helper

0209-Jonas-Torso.jpg Mindinflight, Official Body Oiler

0185-JonasCarryingBree-Cropped.jpgAponi, Grand Master of Praise

Regular Members


Total member count: 32 Woohoo!

Offices yet to be filled

  • Master Grape Peeler
  • Designer of the Solemnity (NOT ceremony!)
  • Captain of the Guard
  • Lord High Wine Steward
  • Official Bed Warmer (that's Bed, not Bod!)

The Finer Points of Jonas

(Keep it clean, girls!)

  • Cleft chin
  • The way he tried to run the Order's car down.
  • Blue eyes!
  • His Gun!
  • Skateboarding!
  • His cute laugh!
  • Dr. Phil-esque attitude
  • His female voice imitation
  • His fake British accent
  • His Muscular Arms
  • How he always spouts pop culture references.
  • How his hero is Max Headroom.
  • His sensitivity
  • His ability to forgive.
  • His amazing dancing
  • His adorable smile
  • His sexy voice
  • His curls
  • His awkward sense of humor
  • The way he furrows his eyebrows when he's sad
  • His amazing sense of direction.
  • How he claims Daniel gets them lost.
  • His love for Bree.
  • The Mission Alpha vid, need I say more?
  • How he can fight Carl with a spatula and still win.

Our Most Cherished moments with Jonas

(Feel free to post yours!)

  • Wanna get pizza? -- User:Sack36
  • No, I mean, we don't know what this girl's capable of. She could have flames that shoot out of her eyeballs or something crazy. -- CRYISME
  • I don't care! I don't care! I don't care! You can't come in! I don't care! -- ladysolitary85
  • Gimme a coffee, and pancakes - MayhemII
  • I think she (Bree) probably kisses like a dead fish -- MayhemII
  • Look, I made sandwiches. I know-I know they're not egg salad, but...peanut butter, right? Huh? Chunky. -- mindinflight
  • Whoa... wait, we're not talking about me. I'm okay, trust me. We're talking about Aunt Fornicator down there. -- mindinflight
  • I do. Because I like to watch people come and go. Look, they come, and then they go. -- bree_is_awesome
  • Heh, that was working? Wow, I don't know my own powers! -- bree_is_awesome
  • A boo-..A boom box?- Anonymous
  • Would you rather be dumber than you look or look dumber than you are? -- watching_watchers
  • (in his female voice) Maybe he could open up his own salon -- julz_rulz
  • OK, so maybe I over-reacted... a little bit. ---Sack36
  • Two words: shaved nuts. --JustAnotherLonelyGirl.
  • Yowza --Anonymous
  • You're a bitch. --Anonymous
  • I'm not calling him uncle. I don't care if they have fifty, sixty kids; I am not calling him uncle. --Anonymous
  • So tell me, uh, what are you doing later? --jonas_is_my_drug
  • That's it, shake it out, let's go! --GemmaIsHawt
  • I hope she (Bree) is buying me something. Hot chocolate? --anothersoccerstar
  • You, uh, you trimmin' the lawn there, skippy? --neatolikeacheeto
  • Yeah, I'm sure she'll be here to tell all the newbies how great her life is now she's with the H of O. --iluvjonas
  • Just act normal....I guess --heartfeltapology
  • See, that's B.S. right there. Texas, friend. Come on, give me a break. I mean, they weren't even part of the Union for what, like ten years they were their own country and then they were forced to join the United States. Forced. --dontmesswithtexas
  • They're probably not doing to much talking if you know what I'm saying. --jonas sista
  • She looks cute though. And she's golden. --spencer's girl
  • ..............(saying nothing in Speak To Me!) --ineedjonas
  • I love you Bree! --blackandblue
  • "Last year, I put on a Santa hat, and uhhh, I think my left sock, and skated around--"
  • And....uhhh. I suck at this don't I"? --Obsessedfangirl
  • (After Daniel asks him WHY he has a GUN in MEXICO) Because we're in Mexico? --Hart

Most Recent Photos

Jonas Pictures

Jonascollage.jpg 0209-themorningafter-Jonas.png JacksonHeadshotinBath.jpg 0201-Jonas-headshot.jpg 0201-Jonas3.jpg 0204-JonasGrabbingBree.jpg 0224-Jonas-cropped.png

Jackson Pictures

Jackson7.jpg JacksonHeadshot2.jpg Jackson.JPG 

06281Jackson1.png 06282Jackson2.png

Current Projects

  • Getting Jonas to post!
  • Increasing Club membership without letting Jonas know.

Future Project Ideas

  • Ideas?! Jonas T-shirts for all his admiring female fans