Learn from Bree: Disobey and You Will Pay

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HSAO Video 1-10
Learn from Bree: Disobey and You Will Pay

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Are you ready to obey yet?

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted November 27th, 2006
URL youtube.com
Description {Quiz: Spot the three spelling errors.} Disobey and you will pay. We explore your peer Bree's recent behavior to see what NOT to do. {Quiz Answer: If you found per say (per se), occured (occured) and lamb (lam), you've done a great job! If not, you can join me in detention, where we'll both spell out these terms 100 times each.
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Learn from Bree: Disobey and You Will Pay is the tenth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: Training Video #6: Obedience)

The Neccesity of Obedience

Learn from Bree's Mistakes

It has come to our attention that a student, rumored to have participated in our program, has found herself in grave danger.

It is poor business practice to divulge the confidentiality of students. It is an even worse practice to acknowledge rumors.

So we won't.

We decided to use her actions as a prime example of how disobedience destroys.

We do not believe in blaming a victim for circumstances that he or she cannot control.

However, we are instead viewing her situation as an exercise in consequences.

The young woman you know as Bree stands as a good example of what can happen if you do not follow the rules.

The following 10 points can help you, students, stay focused on the path of purity and saftey. Unlike your peer, Bree.

1. Do not disobey your parents.

Bree's troubles began once she shared her first video blog without her parents' knowledge. She knew that they wouldn't approve.

Instead, she continued broadcasting her personal and familial information.

2. Do not sneak out of your house. Your parents set boundaries for a reason.

Bree snuck out of her house on several occasions, goig as far as meeting in a public park at night.

Where did this devious behavior lead to, but a life on the lamb?

3. If your parents forbid you from seeing someone, it is in your best interest to listen to them.

Bree should have left well enough alone and stopped seeing the young man who was so influential in her downfall.

I am not blaming him, per say, as he obviously never had the opportunity to experience structure and rigor growing up.

He certainly could have used a program like HSA as a foundation.

And for associating with this young man, Bree has found herself sleeping in cars and shady hotels.

He is a beast, indeed. Bree should have just listened to her parents in the first place.

None of these unfortunate situations would have occured.

4. Do not question authority.

If Bree would have severed ties with Daniel, and pursued a restraining order to prevent him from stalking her,

she would have been comfortably at home with the ceremony completed reveling in the orderly joys of family.

5. Use authority to help you.

When Daniel posted his "breaking and entering video," Bree should not have called his friend Paul to see if he was okay.

She should have called the police.

However, life is for learning valuable lessons. If you find yourself in a woeful predicament, like your friend Bree,

you should use her mistakes to learn valuable life lessons.

6. If you are doomed to an existence of sleeping in cars and seedy motels with young men who are older than you,

at least keep track of your money.

Pay for seedy hotel rooms by the night. The desk attendants at these shady locations are used to this practice.

Don't be embarrassed to pay by the night or by the hour, even.

After all, if one is like a renegade fugitive,

there is no point about getting all high and mighty about being judged by a desk attendant at some sleazy motor inn.

7. If you are worried about money to support the transient life you have chosen for yourself, be frugal.

Don't go to the movies. Don't go hiking in far off locales. The money saved on gas alone can afford more nutritious foods.

Eat off the dollar menu. It's not neccessarily nutritious, but who on the run has time to consider healthy choices.

8. If you are hiding from people, please do so in a manner appropriate to fugitives.

Not to sound repetitive, but, don't go to the movies.
Don't go hiking.

You are on the run, not on vacation.

And if you decide that you need to get out more because being on the run can be an awfully boring set of affairs,

realize that you could always wait to be found. That would be your best bet.

Folks are more understanding than you would imagine. They only want what is best for you.

If you find yourself in dire straits having spent your money on movie tickets, beef jerky and tiny puppet-sized dress shirts,

realize that Boy Scout handbooks are not helpful.

Find a yard sale or a book swap and see if you can exchange it for something more useful such as a coupon book or a bus schedule.

10. When on the run, pack accordingly.

Stuffed animals are called stuffed animals because they can be easily stuffed with all sorts of parphernalia and devices.

In addition, no one ever knows if these animals will rebel, run amuck or hold press conferences pointing out your foibles.

Hopefully, these 10 points will help you see the error in Bree's ways.

If she would have just followed her family's plan, maintained order and stopped rebelling, she could be at home

baking cookies with her caring parents and basking in a life of purity.

Think about it.

Always plan accordingly.
Always obey.

Your life may depend on it.

(Revolving Earth picture, caption: Training Video #6: Obedience)

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Are you ready to obey yet?