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This page, like most of the wiki, is a work in progress. Suggest changes to the policy at the talk page.

Who can nominate?

Any editor of the LGPedia can nominate an article for deletion. To nominate an article, add the deletion template by typing {{delete|reason for deletion}} at the top of the page. The deletion template adds a link to the talk page for the article, further arguments for deletion should be added to the talk page.

What is the process?

Articles that have been marked for deletion automatically appear at Category: Articles marked for deletion.

Only admins of the LGPedia can delete pages. Pages that only contain inflammatory content, are hateful, are clearly advertisements or spam can be deleted without discussion. Other pages will typically go through a discussion process of no less than one week. For larger articles, this discussion period can be extended.

If there is no consensus, the issue will be put to a vote.

What about merging?

Other times, rather than deletion, a page should simply be merged into another page. For example if there were a page on Bree's eyebrows and Breebrows it would make sense to merge the content. To nominate an article for a merge use the merge template by typing {{merge|Page to Merge with|reason for merge}}

For example, for the page Bree's eyebrows, you would type {{merge|Breebrows|This page is redundant}} or some similar reason. Articles nominated for a merge automatically appear at Category: Proposed Merges. Once the article has been successfully merged, the no-longer used page can be deleted.