lonelygirl15 Season Finale 4 of 12 - 11 am

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Episode 248/1x248
lonelygirl15 Season Finale 4 of 12 – 11 am

We've gotta move!

Blogger Taylor
Date Posted August 3rd, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 1:36
Description Now what?
Location(s) Santa Monica
YouTube Tags bree daniel danielbeast girl lg15 lonely lonelygirl15
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, and Yumiko Aoyagi
Producer(s) Amanda Goodfried
Production Assistant(s) Ian Schwartz
Director(s) Mesh Flinders
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Vidplay Miles Beckett, Jan Libby, Yumiko Aoyagi, and Mesh Flinders
Story Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, Jan Libby, and Yumiko Aoyagi
Editor(s) Colin Hargraves
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Jonas Jackson Davis
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Taylor Becki Kregoski
Spencer Maxwell Glick
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lonelygirl15 Season Finale 4 of 12 – 11 am is the two-hundred forty-eighth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. This video is correctly called "lonelygirl15 Season Finale 4 of 12 – 11 am", with an em-dash instead of a hyphen - it resides here for easier accessibility.


Jonas: We've been in here for an hour. I think we've gotta move. We've gotta move.

Spencer: No it's not a good idea, he's still out there.

Taylor: No if we stay in here eventually he's going to find us.

Sarah: Yeah and if we go out there he's going to find us.

Taylor: Shh, Sarah.

Jonas: Listen, listen, he's walking across the thing right now. This is our chance, okay?

Taylor: Okay

(Watcher walks across a bridge above them.)

Taylor: What do we do now?

Jonas: Wait. He's right on us, this is our chance. Go, go, go, go, go!

(They run through the building looking for an exit.)

Daniel: There's a door!

(Daniel jumps through a window, and tries to open the door - it's locked.)

Daniel: Go back!

Sarah: Spencer, take the camera.

(Sarah has run another way, and become separated from the group.)

Taylor: Come in. Come on, come on! Go, go!

(They enter the room and shut the door. It's completely dark.)

Daniel: Close the door. Is it locked?

Jonas: No, it doesn't lock. The door doesn't lock. Shit!

Taylor: Wait, where's Sarah?

Daniel: What?

Jonas: Oh my god, Daniel I think she's still out there.

Daniel: What the hell?

Taylor: We've gotta go find her.

Jonas: No, no way. We're not going out there the Watcher's out there.

Taylor: She's my sister!

Daniel: She'll find us.

Taylor: How is she going to find us, Daniel? Do you really give her that much?

Daniel: What are you talking about?

Taylor: So you'll risk your life for Bree, but not for my sister?

Daniel: It's not like that. What's she doing anyway?

Taylor: Fuck you. That's my sister out there.

Daniel: Stay back!