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Longitude 140W
Longitude 140E

In his Happy Thanksgiving video, Jonas explains that his parents were sailing around the 140th Longitude when they were lost at sea. The 140 Longitude might refer to either the 140th West Longitude or the 140th East Longitude, both of which run North to South. Shown to the right are two images from Google Earth that show the 140th Longitudes.

It should be noted that the 140th West Longitude and 140th East Longitude are not continuous. Two lines of longitude that match up must equal 180 when added. So, if one were traveling along the 140th West Longitude line, it would contiguous with the 40th East Longitude line (140+40=180).

In this comment posted on the Lonelygirl15.com site, one user made these observations:

"The writers should really do a little more research on their subjects. I’m a sailor and can tell you no one - NO ONE - says "They were sailing on the 140th longitude."
Jonas implies his parents bought a SatNav before leaving six years ago. The SatNav (a navigational instrument) was made obsolete by the GPS which was available over 10 years ago. No ocean-crossing sailor would buy a SatNav over a GPS.
Now if the writers meant to say SatPHONE, that would mean they could have made a phone call to anyone in the world. Why on earth would they call a Humboldt County RANGER station? Ranger station? Get real.
The assumption is that they were halfway to Hawaii (if they were “sailing on the 140th latitude”), so no VHF radio would have covered the distance to Humboldt (it’s a line of sight radio, much like FRS). Any other marine radio would have been picked up by the Coast Guard, not a Ranger station.
If Jonas’ family was so rich, it’s unlikely they would have been sailing the boat across an ocean themselves in the first place. They would have hired crew, at the very least, and mom probably would have stayed home and flown in when the boat arrived. Shall we even ask why they left their young son at home instead of taking him along? Oh right, because then there wouldn’t be a new character to add."