Looking For Daniel

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Template:Blog3 Looking For Daniel is the one hundred twenty-fourth video in the Lonelygirl15 video series. Bree and Jonas go searching for Daniel, who still has not come back.


(Bree is in the passenger seat of Jonas's car while he drives)

Bree: So, Daniel never showed up and...we got worried. We went over to the bowling alley where he was, you know, last seen.

(Cut to moving shot of the road, and inside the bowling alley)

Bree: (voiceover) I guess Daniel was drinking with this guy who comes in a lot. He's a local. The bartender said that Daniel left with him.

(Cut back to Bree; the car is now parked)

Bree: I just got a text from Daniel. It says, "no good." What does that mean? I tried calling him but... he didn't pick up. (sighs) At least I know that he's okay.

(Cut to Jonas walking towards the camera across the parking lot)

Bree: Any luck?

Jonas: A little.

(Camera pans around parking lot, past a man with a white van. Bree and Jonas get back into the SUV. Cut to Bree; the car is moving again)

Bree: We were gonna go home, but Jonas got the address from the bartender for where that guy lives. Where is it again?

Jonas: Uh... it's up in the mountains.

(Bree gives a somewhat worried look to the camera and sighs. Music then plays over a montage of shots filmed out the car windows. It has begun to rain. Aside from the other cars, we see a person riding a bicycle on the side of the road and later a cross possibly on top of a church. Suddenly, the music and images stop, and there are several seconds of black.)


  • While Bree is waiting in the parking lot of the bowling alley, a man in a blue shirt standing by a white van can be seen in the background. He seems to be watching Bree and Jonas. Later, while they are on the road, a white van can be seen slightly ahead of them. (Pictured below)
  • Some fans have suggested that Jonas's vagueness in answering Bree's questions is suspicious, while others have defended that he might not want to say certain things on camera, knowing that they may be followed. Either way, it seems likely that all that Bree says is hearsay from Jonas, as we never see her enter the bowling alley.
  • Also, Daniel's disappearance could be reminding Jonas of his own parent's disappearance.
  • Part of the final driving scene was filmed on the 101 Freeway in Woodland Hills, CA.
  • It's not clear at all how Bree got to a computer to post this video.
  • The strange tag Hamster has appeared, without explanation, in seven other Bree videos, one Jonas video and one OpAphid video.
  • It is not clear who owns the cellphone. If it's Bree's, this is the first time that we have knowledge that she's has a cellphone.
Did the watcher uniform change?
Is Jonas following the white van?