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Whatever Happened To lonelygirl15? Probably not the reaction some of you want but it's all I've got...
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M, or Mother, is a mysterious character that broke into the lonelygirl15 YouTube account and posted a video featuring Bree, which was the relaunch of lonelygirl15 in 2016. The description section of the video read:

M said:
Something tells me you'll forgive me for breaking in here. But hey, campsite rules, right?

Did you think that because they were quiet this was over? Isn't that when you're supposed to worry, when the guys in suits and symbols disappear all at once? They didn't go anywhere, kids. You did. The world doesn't just freeze when you close your eyes.

I know, you've got a lot of questions. Questions deserve answers. It's the only thing that satisfies them and I have many. But are you here, or am I talking to myself? I guess you could say I'm the lonely girl, now.

Sorry. Bad joke.

But if I'm going to stick my neck out, I have to know that it's worth it. That you're here, that you're still resisting. That you're ready to fight and put it all on the line. Maybe then we might see more of each other.

And if you do show up, I promise, soon enough, we'll have plenty to talk about. But for now... this should keep you occupied.


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