My Advice Is Better Than Sophie's!

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Flock Video 0019
My Advice Is Better Than Sophie's!

Let's PARTY!

Blogger Cynthia
Date Posted June 9th, 2007
Description No offence to your advisor, but I know you WAY better than her so I think you should just listen to me, and I say let's PARTY! =p
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Cynthia Jenna Altringham
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My Advice Is Better Than Sophie's! is the nineteenth video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It was posted in response to Horrorlass's video, My 'Advisor'


(A screen appears which indicates that this is a private video.)

Cynthia: Okay, let me get this straight. So you're going to be an elected official, a CEO, or an investment banker. Okay. (Cynthia nods and tries to keep a straight face, but eventually cracks up.) I mean, no offense, babe, but it's hardly you, is it? I mean, you've not even got the name for a job like that. People who are CEOs or whatever, they've just got boring names like Margaret or Hilary. A name like Alessandra, I can imagine you working in some exotic locations with interesting people, not in some office with some guy called Norbert. Someone found out about us being snuck in and told Matt's boss and he went mad. Matt thought he was going to get sacked at one point, but his dad knows the owner of the club, so he kind of got him off on a light warning. But, Matt's been working, trying to make up for it, since, but um, I've managed to convince him to have today off, so that is why I am getting ready, (she applies a blackhead removal strip to her nose) 'cause I haven't seen him in ages now. One of the other things Matt had to do was to call my parents and tell them where I was. Funny enough, they didn't take it too well, so I got grounded for two weeks. Would've responded to this video earlier, but I've been watching Big Brother. It's kind of addictive, and I hadn't watched it before, but I thought I'd give it a chance this year, and it's pretty cool. It'd be interesting to go on there, though, me and you, Paul, and Dawn, and Holly. I think we'd do really well on there. Of course, I think I'd vote Paul out 'cause he's a bit pathetic. Anyway, on the subject of houses, um, my parents are going to be at some weekend training... thing next week, so I've invited a couple of people around. Mainly girls, we're not really having a party, I think my parents'd find out from the neighbors if I did. But we're going to have a sleepover and I thought you could bring some horror movies, because I don't have that many. Um, so, I hope you can come, and haven't got some big CEO meeting or whatever. (She laughs) Just, um, comment me back, or respond, and perhaps I'll see you soon. (She waves.) Bye.