My Ingenious Plan Worked!

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Flock Video 0013
My Ingenious Plan Worked!

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I finally feel like a proper teenager.

Blogger Alessandra
Date Posted May 7th, 2007
Description Well I told you I'd let you know how I got home Cyn, thanks for a great night out!
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My Ingenious Plan Worked! is the thirteenth video in the The Chosen Flock video series.


(A screen appears which indicates that this is a private video.)

Alessandra: Alright, mates. This is just a quick video to say thanks very much for inviting me on Friday. The gig was awesome. I haven't had that much fun in ages. It was just really good to catch up with you and all the other guys. I mean, I know that I've been contacting you a little bit, but I don't have any contact at all with like Holly, Dawn, Pete, or Paul. He's a bit more chatty than I remembered him being. But he's still really really shy. So yeah, everything went off without a hitch. And I don't think my parents noticed that I was gone at all. After your boyfriend dropped me off, I got the night bus back into town and got off by the park and walked back to my house. I mean, my parents had no idea I was gone. But, they were a bit suspicious about how knackered I was the next day. I'm still quite knackered actually. But I'm really glad I went. Tell Paul I've still got his jumper. He lent it to me for the trip home and I don't know when I'm going to get it back to him. Hopefully next time I see you guys. Yeah, it will be really really good to do that kind of thing again sometime soon. I don't know when I'll be able to do that. I don't get much opportunity to do that kind of thing. But I wish I could, because it made me feel like I was being a proper teenager. Sometimes I miss out on that kind of thing. I mean, I mostly just hang out with my parents and religious leaders and people like that. There's nothing wrong with them. I'm not sad. But you need to hang out with people your own age. I appreciate that now. This is just a quick one because I've got to go now and have a family meeting. With my mom and dad. I don't know what that's all about really. Last time we had one was when they told me we were moving away from the old neighborhood, so I don't know what it's going to be about. But we'll find out. Okay, I'll keep in touch and I'll speak to you soon!


Video Comments

Cynthia said:
Hey Alessandra :)

Glad you had such a good time. Can't do a video as my parents found out I went out, so I've been grounded (I'm round Paul's 'doing homework' - he says hey by the way). My parents don't know you were there though, don't worry :)

Love you! :D