My Surprise For Daniel

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My Surprise For Daniel

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Blogger Lonelygirl362436
Date Posted January 24th, 2007
Description Daniel's coming over and he sounds really excited . . . I hope he likes my surprise!
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lonely girl carmen electra epic movie danielbeast daniel

Music Mercurial Girl by Five Star Fall
Velvita Carmen Electra
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
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My Surprise For Daniel is the third blog in the lonelygirl362436 video series. It was posted in response to Time To Grow Up.


(Velvita is wearing her safari hat)

Velvita: Well, Daniel saw my last video and he's coming over in a few minutes. He sounded really excited.

(Suddenly, Daniel is on the bed behind Velvita.)

Daniel: So, how about that surprise?

Velvita: Are you ready?

Daniel: (Nods excitedly, kicks off his shoes, and lies back on the bed.) I am ready to explode.

Velvita: Great... did you bring your boots?

Daniel: (incredulous) Boots?

Velvita: Yeah, we're going hiking. (She pulls out a picnic basket) Look, I made egg-salad sandwiches.

Daniel: (shakes his head in anger and sits up on the bed, he starts putting his shoes back on) This is ridiculous. I'm not getting what I want out of this relationship.

Velvita: Well, what do you want?

(Daniel looks at Velvita and raises his eyebrows suggestively. Fade to black, the words, "1 minute 43 seconds later" appear on screen. Cut back to the room. Daniel is lying on the bed with his pants off, looking worn out. The bed is unmade, the lamp is knocked over and all the pictures on the wall are askew. Velvita is smoking a cigarette and wearing different clothes.)

Velvita: Well, I don't think my purity bond survived that.

Daniel: (breathless) I barely survived that.

Velvita: (talking to a stuffed seal) How do you think I did Mr. Seal? (she holds Mr. Seal up to her ear and pretends to talk to him.) He says 7 out of 10. I lost three points on the dismount. Well... that's it for today. Bye.


  • Some believe that Danielbeast confused the details of this event in the Bree And I Hooked Up video, when it was actually him hooking up with Velvita. Honest Mistake.