Mystery Box

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Episode 25/1x025
Mystery Box

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Don't look at me, I'm just a clueless professor.

Blogger Maggie
Date Posted October 15th, 2008
Length 1:16
Description The following was found by one of our operatives. And it is exactly what we are looking for.
Location(s) Willow Wood Auctioneers
YouTube Tags amateur blood box cult cure extreme fun jonas lg15 lonelygirl15 mystery reed resistance sarah willow woods
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, and Amanda Goodfried
Line Producer Lynn Kramer
Production Assistant(s) Andrea Aguilar and Travis Prow
Director(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Assistant Director(s) Ram Paul Silbey
Camera Kevin Schlanser
Head Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov
Vidplay Joshua Hale Fialkov and Jim Campolongo
Story Joshua Hale Fialkov and Miles Beckett
Editor(s) Jerry Pyle, Yusuf Pirhasan, James Renfroe, and Christopher Ryder
Music Supervisor Seth Jacobs
Anat Javan Paras Maniar
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Mystery Box is the twenty-fifth blog in the LG15: The Resistance blog series.


(The Willow Wood Auctioneers logo swirls around on the screen. Music plays. Fade to Prof. Anat Javan in front of several Crowley artifacts.)

Anat Javan: Hello. I'm Professor Anat Javan of Willow Wood Auctioneers. Welcome back to our video collection and catalog of the Crowley Collection. Today is Item #42.

(Javan picks up a box from the shelf next to him.)

This item is an interesting twenty-first century discovery, thought lost since 1301. It was found by Mr. Crowley, just north of Denderah.

(An illustration is shown on the screen.)

This item is thought to contain a cure for a rare blood condition that has afflicted many young people throughout the ages. There is a certificate of authenticity, number 714, issued on the 18th of October of last year by W. Martins and Associates of New England. Due to the uniqueness of this item, it will be available for auction and viewing for our select members, such as yourselves. This will happen on the 14th of November at 11:00 in the morning. As is our practice, this location has already been disclosed to those of you who can attend this very exclusive event. Bidding on this item is expected to be swift, so we do recommend that you arrive early and dress comfortably.

(The music begins playing again and the Willow Woods logo appears back on the screen.)


  • Soon after the video was posted, it was updated with a message from the Hymn of None:
Hymn of None said:
We, the Hymn of None, will be available in the lg15 chat room HERE at 7 PM PST (10 PM EST) this evening to discuss this breakthrough with you. Spread the word. Join the fight. Speak to us. Tonight.


As promised, the Hymn of None joined chat on October 15th, 2008 at 7:00 PM PST. Below are filtered logs that only show lines spoken by characters.

<HoN>	we are difficult to reach, slick, but we are always watching
<HoN>	and we are grateful for your support
<HoN>	we have many operatives
<HoN>	our network is larger than you may think
<HoN>	Traveler - we are not at liberty to say who we employ
<HoN>	the only thing that can be said about those who work with us is that they are dedicated to fighting those who harm innocents
<HoN>	Mitch - Maggie is part of our group, as is Bree, as is Gina, as is Nadia, as is every Trait Positive girl who has been unjustly sacrificed over the years
<HoN>	Greta - you can trust me because you have no reason not to
<HoN>	We ask a lot of you, this we are aware of, but know that your patience will be rewarded
<HoN>	Brittt - you're correct
<HoN>	lets talk about the box
<HoN>	noah - I want to talk about today's post
<HoN>	We believe the cure device is in the box
<HoN>	We must find it
<HoN>	Broken - yes, in the box may be a device that will rid the body of a trait positive gene
<HoN>	We are not sure what it is exactly, but we assume like Lifesblood's "strandbox" it is a medieval device that can be harnessed for good
<HoN>	Kevin - No, the auction is now in an undisclosed location
<HoN>	but we do not know where
<HoN>	We do believe, however, that the Willow Woods video holds the key
<HoN>	QtheC may have been onto something earlier today
<HoN>	We believe the video holds a code or meet that tells its viewers where they may be able to bid for the box
<HoN>	Obviously we were not supposed to discover this video
<HoN>	but we did
<HoN>	because we are everywhere
<HoN>	KellyLen - Yes, we believe the numbers hold the destination
<HoN>	but we cannot yet make sense of them
<HoN>	What happened to Bree and Gina has been happening for decades, over a century even -- only now do we possess the ability to combat it
<HoN>	it has taken many years to gather our resources
<HoN>	Kyle - what do you mean
<HoN>	please elaborate
<HoN>	Fallen - the video has been sent to Jonas and Sarah, but they too are lost
<HoN>	we have yet to crack the code
<HoN>	Traveler - we trust Sarah because she too has something to fight for: redemption
<HoN>	Veela - as far as we can tell, Reedy has simply been an observer until now
<HoN>	Veni - We believe the code is somehow embedded within the Willow Woods video
<HoN>	possibly to do with the numbers listed, as QtheC suggested earlier today
<HoN>	noahmann - how do you know reinforcements are not already with our group? :)
<HoN>	Maddz - you don't have to like us, but you DO choose to listen to us
<HoN>	caalan - once we have deciphered the location hopefully we will know where this cure device resides
<HoN>	once we possess the cure device we can ensure the Order dies
<HoN>	if there is no trait positive girl, there is no Order
<HoN>	caalan - whether the device is legitimate is a question we have too, which is why it MUST be recovered
<HoN>	Courtney - it is our belief that this device works through the bloodstream to cleanse it of the atypical gene
<HoN>	Slick - WHO told the location?
<HoN>	the auction in Chicago was a set-up, we believe this to be the real thing
<HoN>	Selen - We have all kinds of technichians in our group
<HoN>	Timothy - what do you doubt?
<HoN>	Timothy - we believe this to be the real thing because the video we found today was not made public; it was not for distribution on any public server or domain as the previous was
<HoN>	it was found by one of our operatives
<HoN>	Veni - Yes, we must figure out the numbers
<HoN>	Kevn - We will reveal ourselves when the time is right
<HoN>	Lost - the numbers are in today's video, spouted by the doctor
<HoN>	if we string them together, we must have some sort of code
<HoN>	but what kind of code?
<HoN>	and to where?
<HoN>	we need direction
<HoN>	as in North, South, East, or West
<HoN>	Thank you Veni for posting the numbers
<HoN>	those who have the transcripts, are there any directional words or patterns to the doctors phrases?
<HoN>	such as north, south, southwest, etc.
<HoN>	blondefairy - we have sent Jonas, Sarah, and Reed east already
<HoN>	because we believe that is where the auction is to be
<HoN>	Traver - Our numbers are strong, that is all you need to know
<HoN>	W Martin and Associates
<HoN>	W as in West maybe?
<HoN>	the New England area?
<HoN>	noahmann - what are answers are you looking for? We thought we were all in search of the same thing - a cure.
<HoN>	noahmann - we are not here to help you, we are here to help the trait positive population -- you have enlisted in this army and the time has come to do your part
<HoN>	as you have been these past few weeks
<HoN>	Cascadestars - It is the Order who underestimates US
<HoN>	Kevin - We are looking into the car raid, but is our belief that LifesBlood Labs has been on track to find Reed, Jonas, and Sarah, as well as the FBI
<HoN>	Luccal - the book referred to a device that was placed in the fountain of youth -- which can be a substitue for any sort of fluid, namely a bloodstream
<HoN>	if the device cleanses the stream, then we must believe it is a cure to the purity of the gene
<HoN>	Kyle - I am a girl, and a boy, a man, and a woman, I am many
<HoN>	Slick - If we can find the device, then we will prove whether it works
<HoN>	Greta - We have looked into the symbols, we cannot discern anythign specifically at this time
<HoN>	Audra - We will determine the safest way to test the device once it is in our possession
<HoN>	Cascadestars - I have ten minutes left
<HoN>	let us focus on the location
<HoN>	the numbers listed in the video
<HoN>	We suggest looking for directional patterns in the dialogue - n, s, e, w, etc
<HoN>	bri4177 - the numbers in the video MAY in fact be coordinates
<HoN>	thank you bri4177 - we are looking into this now
<HoN>	alexis - longitude and latitude, good thinking
<HoN>	We must go now
<HoN>	Thank you for your help
<HoN>	And thank you for joining the fight
<HoN>	We will post an update as soon as we have one