Objective Assigned

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Episode 5/1x005
Objective Assigned

Mason's Dramatic Poses: The Sequel

Blogger Mason
Date Posted January 21st, 2010
URL youtube.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 1:50
Description Knowing yourself is just as important as knowing who to trust.
Location(s) Paris
YouTube Tags lg15 lonelygirl15 outbreak resistance bree daniel jonastko danielbeast mason crystal will order shentek hymn of one episode objective assigned morse
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Director(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Director of Photography Gregory Austin McConnell
Story Gregory Austin McConnell
Editor(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Mason Gregory Austin McConnell
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Objective Assigned is the fifth video in the LG15: Outbreak video series.


(Slow, black and white version of the pan of a Parisian street from "Forgotten". Black-and-white footage of the Eiffel tower from "The Key". Cut to footage of Mason with an off-white background pointing a gun at someone behind the camera-view. As he fires, there's a fade to white. Cut to closeup of Mason blinking. Cut briefly to a full view of Mason sitting down and looking around. Closeup of Mason's mouth.)

Mason: Where am I? (Closup of Mason's eyes) How did I get here? (Cut to full view of Mason)

Voice: You're in a safe place, and we have another job for you Mason.

Mason: I can't remembe-

Voice: You can't remember who you are. That's okay. You've been damaged Mason but we can help. First you must complete another objective.

Mason: Who are you people? Why am I here?

Voice: We are the Resistance, Mason, and you're going to help us. (Cut to fooatge of Mason loading a gun. The speech continues into voice-over.) You're here because you chose to be here, don't you remember?

Mason: (Footage of a bottle of pills) No.

Voice: Well, we'll fix that soon enough. (Cut to full view of the pills and the gun on the table.) But first, it's time for you to go to work.

(Cut to black)

Mason: I understand.

(Morse code is heard as the footage from the video is shown backwards in black-and-white. Text appears onscreen: ...et regarda dehors au lever du soleil...)


  • At the end of the video is shows a phrase in french that translates to "...and watched the sunrise..."
  • The morse code heard in the video translates to "The target's name is Will Powers. Make sure you are armed." For more information, see LG15: Outbreak puzzles.