Welcome to SHENtek

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Episode 6/1x006
Welcome to SHENtek

No offense, but you guys clearly have TRUST ISSUES.

Blogger Will
Date Posted January 26th, 2010
URL youtube.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 4:06
Description Thought I'd film myself at work today, but things didn't EXACTLY go as planned.
Location(s) SHENtek
YouTube Tags lg15 lonelygirl15 outbreak resistance bree daniel jonastko danielbeast mason crystal will order shentek hymn of one episode three welcome to
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Director(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Director of Photography Lance Little
Story Gregory Austin McConnell
Editor(s) Gregory Austin McConnell
Will Lance Little
Mason Gregory Austin McConnell
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Welcome to SHENtek is the sixth video in the LG15: Outbreak video series.


Will: Hey, guys! I don't think that I've properly introduced myself to you all yet. I'm Will. I'm Crystal's neighbor. I'm not that into video blogs, but ever since I made that one for her, you guys have been... watching it, like, over and over again. So I figured I'd make another one. That way you all can get to know me a little bit better, and I can lay a lot of this nonsense to rest. (Will opens a soft drink can, and drinks from it.)

You know, I've been watching your videos online, all of the things that you guys have... been saying about me... and it's- it's pretty messed up. I mean, c'mon, guys! You don't- you don't even know me! Yet you're all so quick to assume that I was the one that broke into Crystal's apartment. No offense, but you guys clearly have trust issues.

(Cut to sped-up video of Will watching his computer and appearing bored.)

"Will, you're in danger!" "Crystal, you're in danger!" "Is Crystal part of the Order?" "Is Crystal trait positive?" I have no idea what you guys are talking about. You all just happened to stumble upon my video, and suddenly I'm supposed to be up to speed with all this weird overly-attentive crazy paranoid talk? (Smiles awkwardly at the camera.) You're sending me messages wanting to know everything about me, and, yet, I'm declared the creepy one? So, in order to clear my name among the internet masses, and to make sure that if someone happens to look me up online, they won't find a whole bunch of people accusing me of being a weird stalker guy with hamburgers full of roofies, I have decided to give in to your demands and reveal all of my secrets to you.

(Cut to footage of the parking lot and exterior of the SHENtek building. Will voices over the footage.) This is where I work. I'm a programmer among the many offices of a multi-million dollar (Cut to the spinning SHENtek logo.) research and development company SHENtek. They pay me an average sum of money to sit around and make sure their servers are up and running, (Cut to several clips of on-screen server stat readouts.) and that everyone's email accounts are all working soundly. Do I have any inside information about everything the company is planning? No. Do I really care that they have helped design some of the greatest technological advancements (Cut to a shot of a list of hundreds of files running.) of the last decade? No. It's a job. And I do it. Honestly, it's not as cool as they make it seem (Cut to Will.) in all the commercials.

My name at the company is logged as William H. Powers, and I sit in office 14F on the east side of the office building. Now, why would I reveal this potentially damaging information to you? To prove that I'm not a harmful criminal living in the shadows patiently, secretly plotting to kidnap the blonde-headed beauty next door. Not that she's a beauty, a-and she doesn't- she doesn't live next door. (Shrugs.) So...

(Cut to Will finishing his soda and pulling the tab from the can. He tosses the can away and begins working. Cut to Will looking bored. He grabs the camera and turns it toward his monitor.)

Look! Boring numbers. (Several hundred lines of text are seen streaming on the monitor. The text inexplicably stops as the fire alarm is heard overhead. Will looks around incredulously before grabbing his keys and the soda tab and heads out into the hall. Cut to Will heading down a stairwell. On his way, he passes Mason heading upstairs. Will proceeds to the outdoors. Cut to Will carrying the camera in front of him outside. Cut to footage of cars in the parking lot covered in snow. Cut to Will returning to his office. He sits back at his desk and turns the camera on himself.)

Well, that's enough filming for one day. (Will sighs as he looks off-screen and turns off the camera.)


Mason passing Will on the stairs.
  • Mason can be seen passing Will on the stairs.
  • The mention of "hamburgers full of roofies" is in reference to several comments made about the video "I Got Jacked".
  • Despite the description stating that the events of the video took place the day it was posted, they actually took place the day before, with Will explaining the circumstances in "Headaches, Back Pains, and Hardware Failure." Out of game, Gregory Austin McConnell stated on twitter that the video was originally supposed to go up a day earlier, but technical difficulties prevented this.